Dancing With the Devil

Hi I'm entering this in the Everything Fanfiction Competition so here it goes... This is a story about a girl named Sky she was always on the honor role, a straight A student, well pretty much a good girl. Then she meets Luke a guy from a broken home with a rough childhood that's just not quite normal he give everyone he's around a weird vibes he stalks Sky and falls for her but what happens when he finds out she has a boyfriend will Luke go Psycho over his love or watch her fall deeply in love with another guy...


3. Mine

*1 Month Later*

Sky's POV

I groan making baby dinosaur noises as I hear the loud beeping of my alarm clock.

Thank god it's Monday said no one ever.

I quickly run to my bathroom and change into some black shorts with a white Blink 182 shirt.

I throw my blonde hair into a messy bun and finish my morning routine.

I hear a car horn outside my house.

That's weird my parents already left for work.

I run outside barefoot to see who it is.

"Hey hot stuff!" I hear a familiar voice yell from behind me.

"Brett!" I scream hugging him.

"Missed you baby girl." He says smiling.

I crash my lips onto his.

We both pull away smiling.

"Are you coming back to school here?" I ask hopeful.

"Sorry sweetheart but I'm only here for a few days, then back to boarding school." He sighs.

"Well that sucks," I laugh dryly.

"I know," he whispers hugging me.

"Did u see that!" Brett yells out of no where.

"See what?" I ask laughing at his random outburst.

"I could've swore I just seen a figure run through the woods..." He replies seriously.

"Maybe it's slender man here to eat your soul." I say in a spooky voice giggling.

"Maybe," Brett laughs giving me a kiss.

As much as I don't want this to end I have to go to school.

So I pull away from him.

"Hey I got to go to school," I whisper sadly.

"It's fine I'll talk to you after school..." Brett says giving me one more hug before driving away.

I run back inside and check the time damnit I only have 5 minutes to get to school. I quickly slip on my grey vans and run to my car.

I make it to school without even 30 seconds to spare. I run to my first period class math....

Let this day of hell begin I think to myself.

Luke's POV

As I'm sitting behind a bush I wait for Sky to leave for school as always.

But before she comes out a strange car I haven't seen before pulls into her drive way, and honks the horn.

I watch Sky walk out barefoot looking cute as always I smile to myself.

She will be mine before long.

I'm broken out of my daydream by a loud shriek.

I look up and see Sky running into a guys arms.

"Who the hell is that!" I think to myself. Feeling my blood boil.

As if it couldn't get any worse she kisses the guy and giggles.

I feel tears brim my eyes as I feel jealousy course through my veins.

They will pay for that I think smirking. NO ONE messes with anything that's mine and NO ONE cheats on me.

Without thinking I run out of the forest towards my car. I look back one last time and see Sky hugging the guy and giving him another kiss.

I feel tears stream down my cheeks.

Once I reach my car I break down I start crying out of jealousy, anger, hatred, and sadness.

I drive to my small house I inherited from my mother when she passed. I don't like thinking of her though it makes me angry and sad and mostly unstable which is definitely not good at the moment.

Once I'm inside my house I break.

I scream at the voice, "YOU LIED YOU SAID SHE WAS MINE." I sob.

Yes Luke she is yours that's why you must get rid of that guy he's taking what's yours and we can't let him do that can we?

The voice says. And for once I agree with the voice in my head.

"I must get rid of him." I say coldly, "She's mine."

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