Dancing With the Devil

Hi I'm entering this in the Everything Fanfiction Competition so here it goes... This is a story about a girl named Sky she was always on the honor role, a straight A student, well pretty much a good girl. Then she meets Luke a guy from a broken home with a rough childhood that's just not quite normal he give everyone he's around a weird vibes he stalks Sky and falls for her but what happens when he finds out she has a boyfriend will Luke go Psycho over his love or watch her fall deeply in love with another guy...


1. Alone

Quick A/N All these chapters are unedited for right now so please ignore mistakes thanks for reading

I feel the tears steam down my face as I watch my boyfriend Brett drive off to boarding school.

Well this is a great way to start off my senior year I think to myself. Brett has to go to boarding school for a few months because his parents think he isn't focusing on his school work enough.

So they sent him away for 2 months so he will have less "distractions", or in other words his parents hate me and him being around me. They say I'm a 'bad influence" because of the way I dress, even though I've had the highest grades in all my classes all of high school.

Its not my fault I would rather wear ripped jeans and Nirvana tees instead of skirts and dresses. Sorry not sorry.

Well this school year is going to be hell I think as I walk to my car and pull out of Brett's drive way. You see I don't have many friends and since Brett just left for boarding school I guess I will be spending quite awhile by myself. Great.

As I pull into my drive way and walk into my house I see a note on the kitchen table that says

H ey, Sky sorry but we had to take a last minute business trip see you in a week there is money on the counter sorry again Love you lots I'll miss you Mom <3

  "Of course they are on a business trip why wouldn't they be," I mutter to myself.

  I run up the stairs to my room and grab my purse. Might as well have some fun while my parents are gone.

I get in my car and drive to the nearest mall. I'm not much of a shopper, but my parents aren't even in the same country might as well buy a few band tees.

I grab a Nirvana shirt with the sleeves cut off and a Black Veil Brides hoodie cause I mean who can resist Andy Biersack. 

I check out and swipe my dads credit card. I know you must think I'm a 'Daddy's Girl' but I'm far from it he gave me the card for emergencies only but I mean this is a band merch emergency. What are they gonna do fly back to Australia and hunt me down.

As I walk to my car I can't shake the feelings that someone is watching me. I'm probably just being paranoid who would want to watch me anyway, if you haven't noticed my life's pretty boring.

I walk to my beat up SUV and pull out of the parking lot. As soon as I walk through my front door I throw my  Hotopic bag on the couch and run to my room.

I change into shorts and a tank top and lay on my bed. I feel my eyes get heavy and soon enough I drift into a peaceful sleep.    





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