Secret Intentions

Luke Hemmings: The natural bad boy of the school, lead guitarist in a hit band, and the guy every girl dreams of being with. Ashton Irwin: Luke's bestfriend, the band's drummer, and now a step-brother. Christina Grande: Your typical good girl, Ashton's new step-sister, and now major crush on Luke Hemmings. When Christina moves in with Ashton and finds out he has a connection with Luke her world changes, it becomes filled with tours, drama, and a lot more. Will Christina find the love of her life through her brother's best friend or will a third party interrupt the new couple's romantic bliss? Find out in 'Secret Intentions' *WARNING!!!! HEAVY SWEARING AND MATURE CONTENT*


57. Chapter 57

* * *


I threw my suitcase out the window and grabbed my phone off my bed. I climbed onto the tree branch closet to my window. I took one last over the room. I had left all of the pictures of us together and the necklace he had given me. I quickly scrambled down the tree before Luke broke down the door. I loaded up my car, tossed my phone in the passenger seat and started the car and quickly drove off, speeding down the street as tears streamed down my cheeks. I never wanted to see him again, I hated him, but at the same time, it was Luke. The love of my life. I came to a sudden stop as the black suv in front of me slammed on their breaks. My phone slid off the seat and fell in the floor boards. I ignored it and kept going. I began driving to Drew's house. I hadn't seen her since I left for tour with Luke, but I still considered her my best friend. I pulled into an intersection and drove out. I heard my phone ringing, I looked down and saw Ashton's name flash across the screen.

I reached down to try and grab my phone. I had my fingers wrapped around it and I answered the call as I sat up, but before I could even say hello, my screaming pierced the air as I saw a semi-truck speeding down the road and the driver wasn't slowing down. I don't remember what happened next. I felt the metal of my car door crush in on me and my air bag deploy and my car flip. I remember how everything seemed to stop as my car went airborne with me inside of it. I remember how all I could think of was Luke. The car slammed into the ground and I opened my eyes as I saw the glass from my windows spread all over the road. The car was crumpled around me and I hung upside down. The phone had slid up the car and into the backseat. I strained my arm to reach it, but my arms were trapped between the door and my seat. I heard Ashton's voice, followed by Luke yelling and crying in the background.

"Chris? Chris? Hello, Chris? What happened? Are you okay? Chris, dammit answer me!" He shouted at me.

I saw faint flashing lights and I heard ambulance and probably fire truck sirens. I began to drift off as I smelled something strange surrounding the car. I saw a man approach my car and grip my arm and the everything went black.

* * *

I squinted as I strained my eyes open. My eyes adjusted to the light as I realised I was in a bright white room. I turned to my side and winced as I breathed in sharply. I saw Ashton sitting in a chair asleep. I squeezed his knee and he jolted awake.

"Chris! You're awake!" He shouted.

I saw a nurse glare at him and he quickly became quieter.

"Water..." I managed to choke out.

Ashton jumped to his feet and handed me my water cup. I gulped down the water and breathed deeply. Ashton squeezed my hand and tears fell down my cheeks, no one had told me how badly injured I was or exactly what had happened to put me in the hospital.

"Christina?" I looked up and my heart stopped.

He stood there in the doorway, his eyes red and puffy from crying. Luke Hemmings was standing there in the door way....

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