Secret Intentions

Luke Hemmings: The natural bad boy of the school, lead guitarist in a hit band, and the guy every girl dreams of being with. Ashton Irwin: Luke's bestfriend, the band's drummer, and now a step-brother. Christina Grande: Your typical good girl, Ashton's new step-sister, and now major crush on Luke Hemmings. When Christina moves in with Ashton and finds out he has a connection with Luke her world changes, it becomes filled with tours, drama, and a lot more. Will Christina find the love of her life through her brother's best friend or will a third party interrupt the new couple's romantic bliss? Find out in 'Secret Intentions' *WARNING!!!! HEAVY SWEARING AND MATURE CONTENT*


53. Chapter 53

N E X T   D A Y

C H R I S 


I feel so full of energy for some reason!I skipped to the backstage.

"Good Afternoon Jonas!"I said cheerfully.

"Afternoon Christina! Why are you in such a good mood?"He asked.

"I don't know, I just have a lot of energy".

"Good, You'll need that fire for the show! Come on let's do your makeup".

We walked into my dressing room and i sat in the hair, in front of the mirror.Jonas started doing my makeup.While he was doing it i put on my gloves and i looked at all the ears i had.i smiled because Luke had gotten me the white cat ears.I grabbed them.After Jonas was done i put them on.

"Ready Girly?"He asked.

"Ready as i'll ever be"I smiled.

* * *

"I feel like my heart is stuck on Bumper-to-Bumper, Traffic i'm-"I sang but my mic cut off.

I tapped it.Nothing.I heard some music in the background.I turned around and saw texts.The person they were talking to was a girl named zayzay.

Person:Hey zayzay

zayzay:Hey Lukey

It better not be my Luke.They were Texting how he was going to go on a the tour bus and have sex until she could barley walk.he was calling her babe.The Mic turned back on the sound of my heavy breathing filled the room.Words appeared on the screen.

Sorry we had to tell you this way but Luke is cheating on you...I tried to tell you but you wouldn't listen...I'm sorry, just know i'm here for you and the guys are, also your fans. I just wanted you to know the truth instead of being with a two timing Jerk.

I turned around.

"Is this some kind of fucking joke? If it is it's not funny!"I yelled into the mic.

The millions of people here didn't say a word.Suddenly i heard moaning.I turned back around.

"Oh Luke Harder"A girl moaned, sounded like Arzaylea but more annoying.

"My pleasure baby doll"Luke moaned.

My Luke.My Luke was with another girl.

"The show's over"I said then dropped the mic.

I ran off the stage and just ran away period.I wanted to confront Luke.I ran into the car where my driver was.I told him the address where The boys had there interview.When we got there i ran out the car and into the place.I ran up to Luke.

"Luke Robert Hemmings!"I yelled after him.

He stopped and turned around.

"Oh Hi Baby, What are you doing here? And what are you wearing?, You look sexy!"He asked.

"Tell me you weren't with that girl!"I said.

His face went pale.

"I wasn't with anyone else, where would you get that idea?"He asked.

"Look me in the eyes and tell me you're not cheating and we can forget this ever happened!".

He leaned his head back the opened his mouth.He looked at me the closed it again.

"I only did it because i was bored! I swear Christina Why didn't you just come on tour? It would've never happened if you did but of coarse you had to do what you wanted to do! You're annoying as fuck!".

I scoffed.

"I didn't go because i had school! I can't be the the famous 'Luke Hemmings' and skip whenever i have a tour! I hate you Luke, I really to!".

He raised his hand and slapped me.I fell to the ground, losing me balance.Calum and Michael held Luke while Ashton came to me.

"Yo what the fuck man!"Calum said.

"Are you okay?"Ashton asked.

"C-Christina, I didn't mean to I-I'm sorry..."Luke said.

Ashton helped me up.I jerked my arm away.

"I Hope you're happy, Hitting a girl, That's low, even for you"Michael said.

"By the way, I'm Pregnant, Merry Early Fucking Christmas"I said then walked out.

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