Secret Intentions

Luke Hemmings: The natural bad boy of the school, lead guitarist in a hit band, and the guy every girl dreams of being with. Ashton Irwin: Luke's bestfriend, the band's drummer, and now a step-brother. Christina Grande: Your typical good girl, Ashton's new step-sister, and now major crush on Luke Hemmings. When Christina moves in with Ashton and finds out he has a connection with Luke her world changes, it becomes filled with tours, drama, and a lot more. Will Christina find the love of her life through her brother's best friend or will a third party interrupt the new couple's romantic bliss? Find out in 'Secret Intentions' *WARNING!!!! HEAVY SWEARING AND MATURE CONTENT*


37. Chapter 37

T W O   W E E K S   L A T E R


"So Luke, What do you think about Christina's new song 'Into You'?"The interviewer asked.

"Um...Well I really like it, I think it's great"I answered.

"And the music video?"She asked.

"She has a music video for it?, Well if she does i haven't seen it".

The boys looked away and the interviewers smile faded.

"Why what happens in it?"I asked.

"Would you like to?"She asked.

"I don't think that's very necessary"Michael said.

"Yeah I'd love to"I smiled.



I took off my headphones and ran my fingers through my hair.I got up and walked out.I went outside and sat against the wall.I took out my phone and called Christina.I put her on speaker.She picked up on the last ring.

"Hey baby!"She said.

"Hey"I said.

"What's wrong?".

"You know what the fuck is wrong Christina, You made out with someone else. Worse, it's The guy who called you a prostitute".

"Luke..."She started.

"No Christina! I'm done, I can't do this anymore".

"Luke i didn't have a choice!".

"Yes you did! You always have a choice".

"Luke i told Francisco i wanted it to be you but he said Don was better, But Luke you're better, I love you not Don"I heard her started crying.

"That's Fortunate because i don't love you and I don't care! When i saw you kiss him i was done. I'm done in this relationship, Everyone was right, You are a slut, and We're over for good"I said then hung up.

I walked back in the studio and sat back down.I put on my headphones.Everyone looked at me.

"What?"I asked.

"Luke Don't you think that was harsh?"Michael blurted out.

"What was?".

"You just broke up with Chris and called her a slut, Your Mic is still attached to your shirt".


He hung up.I continued crying.

"Hey Chris you better get on stage they are crazy...Hey what's wrong?"Drew asked.

"Luke broke up with me"I cried.


"Because of Don".

"Oh honey, You don't need a guy, Go up on that stage and give it your best".

I got up and fixed my makeup.I finished up and walked out on stage.They all started cheering.I smiled and went up to the mic.

"Oh my! Wow Hi!"I said smiling.

They cheered louder.Wow so many people.

"So how many of you know the song 'Into you'?"I asked.

They cheered loud.

"Good because i'm gonna need you guys to sing along with me tonight"I smiled.

The 'Into You' Track started playing.This song was about Luke...

"I'm so into you...I could barley breathe"I sang and they sang along.

"And all i wanna do...Is to fall in deep...but close ain't close enough 'Til we cross the line..."I started tearing up.

"So name a game to play and i'll roll the dice"They sang along with me.

They started singing alone because i stopped.I was crying.It was just a stupid kiss...Why would he break up with me because of that? They kept on singing.I am so glad i have them.

" 'Cause I'm so into you, Into you, Into you, Got everyone watching us. So baby, lets keep it secret.A little bit scandalous, But baby, don't let them see it. A little less conversation and a little more touch my body. 'Cause i'm so into you, into you, into you"I sang loud into the mic.

They cheered.

"This could take some time...Made too many mistakes, This part is Fucking low"I sang and laughed at the last part.They did too.

* * *

After i sang some other songs i wrote and i came off of stage.

"Girl you rocked it after what happened"Francisco said.

"What happened?"i asked smiling.

"You didn't hear?".


He showed me a video of Luke and the guy.Luke left the room but you could still hear him.I heard our whole conversation in the video.He came back in and put on his headphones.

"What?"He asked.

"Don't you think that was harsh?"Michael asked.

"What was?".

"You just broke up with Chris and called her a slut, Your Mic is still attached to your shirt".

He looked down.

"She deserved it"Luke played with his fingers.

"Luke you know she's about to go on stage? She's preforming the song she wrote about you"Calum said.

"Good, She's Not my problem anymore".

"Since when was she a 'Problem'? You didn't say that the other night".

"Shut up".

"Luke She doesn't deserve that, She's not a slut and you know that she's had a rough life, When things are finally looking up you had to bring it down"Ashton said.

Luke snatched the mic off his shirt and took off his headphones then left.

"Well...5 seconds of summer everyone"The interviewer said.

The video cut off.

"I don't care about Luke anymore, He's the problem, I'm not"I said then walked away into my dressing room.

I closed the door and sat on the bench.I put my face in my knees and started crying.He had to bring him up, didn't he? I just feel like the whole world is against me for some reason.Someone came in.I quickly put my knees down and wiped up the makeup.One hand was holding me up on the bench and i put the other one up in the air.

"Hey Michael"I smiled.

"Hey Chris, How are you?"He asked, closing the door.

"Good, Why wouldn't i be?".

"No reason".

* * *

I grabbed the carton and stuck it in my jacket pocket.I went out of my dads room and went to my bathroom.I pulled out the carton and the lighter.I took a cigarette out and lit it.I took a puff and coughed.I can't do this but i want to.I took another puff and a couple more.I threw it on the ground then stomped on it.I picked it up and threw it in the trash.I cleared the air of smoke and went out the bathroom.The boys were sitting on my bed, Except Luke.Michael got up and walked up to me.

"That is not outfit for the club"He said laughing.

I groaned and sat on my bed.

"I don't wanna go anywhere, I wanna stay home with D-Trix"I said, picking his tiny body up.

"No you have to come to the club with us, We are not going without you".

"You should, i don't wanna ruin your night".

"Please come Chris, It'll be so much fun with you"Calum begged.

"Well since you begged...".

"Yes!"They cheered.

This is going to be wild...

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