Secret Intentions

Luke Hemmings: The natural bad boy of the school, lead guitarist in a hit band, and the guy every girl dreams of being with. Ashton Irwin: Luke's bestfriend, the band's drummer, and now a step-brother. Christina Grande: Your typical good girl, Ashton's new step-sister, and now major crush on Luke Hemmings. When Christina moves in with Ashton and finds out he has a connection with Luke her world changes, it becomes filled with tours, drama, and a lot more. Will Christina find the love of her life through her brother's best friend or will a third party interrupt the new couple's romantic bliss? Find out in 'Secret Intentions' *WARNING!!!! HEAVY SWEARING AND MATURE CONTENT*


36. Chapter 36

~~A Couple Days Later~~

I woke up with arms wrapped around my waist, Like usual.Luke and I are trying to get a house so that the boys can live with us also.It's working out so far, We have a couple of options.I turned around.Luke has Facial hair, He needs to shave!!!

"I'm not shaving"he said, Half awake.

"How did you know i was thinking that?"I asked.

"I'm a penguin, I can tell what everyone's thinking".

"Do you know what i'm thinking right now?".



"How much you wanna fuck me like i wanna fuck you".

"We can't though".

"Why not!!!"He wined.

"Because you still have your back brace on".

"That's never stopped you".

"Yeah and you have that back brace on because you can't get off your back".

"Oh No She Didn't!"He said, fully awake.

"Oh yes i did".

"You never talk back to me and get away with it".

"I just did"I said then got up.

* * *


I brushed out my hair and put on my hat.I looked at my cast.So many signatures.I got up from the floor and went to my dresser.I opened it and saw my one direction concert tickets.I totally forgot about this.It's next week!I squealed.

"Awe Are you that excited to see me?"I heard someone ask.

I turned around and saw Luke.

"No I just remembered that i had tickets for one direction".

"You taking me?".

I laughed.

"That's funny!!!"i said laughing.

"What is?"He asked.

"You actually Like one direction?".

"kind of...".

"I'm taking Michael, He is a huge fan of Harry".

"No he's not".

"Yes he is, Have you seen his closet?".

"No, and you have?!?!".

"Yeah, I wanted back my cat ears".

"Why did he have your cat ears?".

"Because he's Michael, Obviously".

* * *

Luke and I walked into the studio.Francisco came up to me and looked at my shirt.

"Ohh Girl Yasss!"He said.

I laughed.He looked Luke and his smile faded.

"Okay no, You need better arm candy for this video"He came in between and put his arm around my neck.

We walked away from him.

"I have a much better arm candy for you than Luke!".

"Why? What's wrong with Luke?".

"Well...Luke's not what we're looking for, For you we have the best looking guy!".

"Okay well let me see him, But i have to say bye to Luke".

I ran over to Luke and jumped in his arms.He held me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist.I pecked his lips.

"What's Francisco talking about Arm candy?"He asked.

"Oh...Just some stupid guy i have to work with".

"Well...Don't do any funny business".

"I won't i promise".

He put me down and pecked my lips then went out.I walked back to Francisco.

"So Who's this arm candy?"i asked.

"Don Benjamin, Don come out!"He said.

Don came out.I know him!

"Hey Christina"He said.

we hugged and we talked for a while about the video.

"Wait Wait...So what you're saying is i have to make out with his in some scenes and act like we're a couple in this video?"I asked.

"Yeah, i mean the song is about falling in love in secret"Francisco said.

"No it's not! I wrote it about Luke".

"Well that's what it's about now".

* * *

I put on my regular clothes and went out.

"We'll shoot tomorrow and the next day you will have the scenes with Don then we should be done"Francisco said.

"Okay"i smiled.

I have to make out with him tomorrow...Luke's not going to like that.I'll just not tell him.

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