Secret Intentions

Luke Hemmings: The natural bad boy of the school, lead guitarist in a hit band, and the guy every girl dreams of being with. Ashton Irwin: Luke's bestfriend, the band's drummer, and now a step-brother. Christina Grande: Your typical good girl, Ashton's new step-sister, and now major crush on Luke Hemmings. When Christina moves in with Ashton and finds out he has a connection with Luke her world changes, it becomes filled with tours, drama, and a lot more. Will Christina find the love of her life through her brother's best friend or will a third party interrupt the new couple's romantic bliss? Find out in 'Secret Intentions' *WARNING!!!! HEAVY SWEARING AND MATURE CONTENT*


16. Chapter 16 **Sexual Chapter Kinda**

Calum had left so it was just me and Michael laying on his bed talking.

"You do not think that that's the best ship in 5sos!"He said.

"I Do, I think Muke could actually be cute"I laughed.

He laughed then looked at me serious.

"What about Listina?"


"The fandom has a ship of you two, They know your name is Christina because of Kim and Ken, They ship Calstina, Ashtina, and Mistina".

"They ship us?".

"Yeah I think it would be cute".


"Yeah, I like the sound of that 'Mistina' It's like a mysterious name".

"Really? You like us together, Like as a couple?".

"We would be cute together".

"I mean I Guess but-"I started but was cut off by Michael kissing me.

Michael had soft lips, But not as soft as Luke's.I pulled away.

"Michael I can't do this, I'm still in love with Luke".

"Yeah but don't you want to make him jealous? I mean he broke your heart, You want him back And I want V back, Can't we just have sex to make them jealous?".

"No Michael this is Wrong".

"Don't you Miss Luke? The only way to get him back is to make him Jealous of another guy".

"Okay Fine".

We started making out for a little bit.


We leaned back so that Michael was on top of me.He licked my lips asking for entrance.I granted that, His tongue movements were all sloppy.I stopped him.

"Can you do no tongue?".

"Um yeah, sure".

We continued making out and I took off his shirt.He took off his pants and My sweatshirt.We started making out more and we deepened it.He kissed down to my neck and started kissing my sweet spot.I moaned softly.He didn't suck on it because he didn't want to leave a hickey.He took off my bra and threw it on the floor.Michael took off his under wear then mine.He had a big dick but not as big as Luke's

"You have a beautiful body"He whispered.

I blushed.We started making out some more.Michael's finger's trailed down my stomach and on my privates.He rubbed me then he stuck two fingers in, Without warning.i groaned.He moved them around.He was a lot more gentle than Luke, But I liked it rough.He increased the speed until I hit the climax and Came.Luke could make me come twice.Michael covered over me and we continued making out.He was a good kisser.Then all the sudden i couldn't breathe.


"Michael get off"i said.


I pushed him off and sat up.I felt like he was going to Crush me, Like i couldn't breathe.

"What's Wrong?".

"I-I can't do this"I said the put on my underwear and bra.

I put on the sweatshirt and limped to the couch in the living room.When i got there i fell down on the couch.That's never happened before.Why Now?

"What's Wrong?"Michael asked, Fully clothed.

"I-I just felt like i couldn't breathe, Like you were going to crush me".

"Look, i'm sorry that i forced you-"He started but i cut him off.

"No You didn't force me, I just decided that i wanted to get back at Luke but it was a mistake, Michael you're always going to be my friend, You're my best friend right now, I don't want to lose you".

"You're my best friend too, You can still sleep in my room if you want, And Calum can come in and keep you company too".

"We can have a sleep over, Without Luke though".

"And Ashton"Michael said.

"Yeah, I'm not comfortable sleeping in the same room as Ashton".

"Oh your socks"He tossed me my socks.

I caught them and put them on.

"How's your body?"He asked.

"Good, I mean it doesn't hurt as much, Just my legs now".

''Good, I don't want you hurt".

* * *

I clicked his Icon and called him.

"Hello?"He answered.

"Dad?"I asked.

"Yes Chris, Is everything okay?".

"I need you to pick me up".

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