The worst day ever


2. The bomb

December 24 2003

Today is Christmas eve, you think that I should be celebrating but I have never so scared  in my life I thought my horrid dad Steve and his beatings had vanished but later on in the evening dad came back and he said he wanted to see me but I knew it was just to see if mum was dumb enough to go and throw herself with yet another man. Sure enough he found a mans dirty vest and instead of hitting her he just said I am off to bed and parked his ugly self on the couch.  


December 25 2003   I wish mum had never married dad I thought that maybe dad had finally settled down and we could be one big happy family like the one I almost dreamed about but when it was about one in the morning I heard screaming and then wood to skin after that I knew that dad was at it again but this time it was horrid the way he kept smacking the rolling pin onto her chest and at that moment I knew that enough was enough I started crying and crying dad whipped his head around and said its not what it looks like and he tried to hug me but I smacked him I didn't care for anyone.    


January 1 2004  

I didn't care about anything no more I just wish it could all stop and we have school tomorrow I will just have to tell Victoria a lie why  I can't come with her she will probably kill me seeing as she wasted a lot of money on me you know what I will go with her I have had enough with my parents I hate mum and dad it wasn't me who asked to be born was it I am not  little miss-perfect no more! 


February 2 2004 

Today was the day I could finally be allowed out of my room diary seeing as apparently sneaking out and coming back at twelve is bad like what does my mum know I least I haven't sold myself to the devil my mum anyway I am soo exited seeing as it is nearly my birthday which means I can finally go to Westfeild with my BFF Chloe oh yeh me and vic hate eachother now just because I said some stuff about her she goes crazy well she doesn't know how I feel everyday when I see how much mum has thinned.   





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