The worst day ever


3. Nearly time.

March 3 2004

It is finally my birthday and mum gave me her card and said I can do what I want with it, like how amazing is that anyway me and Vicky are friends again and Chloe got the boot so now she is talking about me without a care in the world like hello I can hear you so I think I will die my hair a funky colour but I still haven't decided what I could scream yes 1000 times but I wont seeing as that is childish.


March 4 2004 

​I am in soooo much trouble well when I went shopping yesterday I didn't care about what I bought or how much I spent and now mum got a call from Halifax saying you spent around $2000 and now I can't leave my room for a whole month and if this ever happens again then she will ban me from going to sun kissed L.A.



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