Silent Hearts

Ashlyn Grey is a musical genius. She can play many instruments, write songs, and read any music sheet. Music is her escape from the evil of the world. From the day she was born she has been hurt. Attacked by the ones meant to protect her, causing her to close up and no longer talk. Then her life takes a turn in a positive direction when she is adopted.


1. Life Will Get Better

          “She’s mute,” Mrs. Johnson, the longtime foster mom, explains. “Ashlyn Grey is her name,” she brushes graying hair out of her face.

          “Do you know why she’s mute?” Willow looks over at the young girl.

          Ashlyn stares back. Her big, amber eyes holding no emotion.

          “When we got her two years ago, she was almost two, she couldn’t walk,” Mrs. Johnson looks at both women before her. “She had been abused for most of her life, and that’s all I know. I can only imagine that has made her close off.”

          “Poor thing,” Penelope sighs. “Can you tell us anything more about her?”

          Mrs. Johnson removes her glasses and rubs her tired eyes. “She likes music.” She sets her glass on the desk in front of her. “In fact, she plays the piano a lot. She’s a musical prodigy, I feel it in my bones. She could be so amazing in the music world.”

          “Does she do well with others?” Willow mess with a strand of her blonde hair. “We want her regardless, I just want to know.”

          “She does alright. It’s communicating that hinders her. Sometimes she’ll get frustrated, other times it will be the other kids. It’s hard for her to get her point across without speaking.”

          “I’m sure we can think of something,” Willow smiles and her green eyes light up. “I’ll think of something.”

          “Of course you will,” Penelope kisses Willow’s temple. “How about you go inform Ashlyn on what is happening to her today?” I’ll do all the paper work,” she runs a hand through her short, frizzy red hair. Her brown eyes locking with Mrs. Johnson’s to confirm her last statement.

          “Sure thing dear,” Willow smiles and begins to walk over to Ashlyn.

          Mrs. Johnson and Penelope exit the room, already discussing the paper work. It is a sight to see; caramel skinned, six-foot-tall Penelope towering over the little white old lady.

          “Hello Ashlyn, I’m Willow,” Willow sits down next to the child on the floor. “I’m going to be your new mommy.” She’s a small woman already at only five-foot-four and a half, but she’s trying to appear smaller as not to intimate Ashlyn. “And Penelope, the tall woman that just left, is my wife. She’ll be your other new mommy. Do you understand?”

          Ashlyn nods; her wavy dirty blonde hair falling into her face. She has very pale skin due to rarely going outside and tending to stay in the shade when she does.

          “We have three others kids at home, and plan to adopt two more after you. The oldest we have is seven. His name is Hiroaki. He has jet black hair, and dark brown eyes. He’s from Japan, and very kind and caring. I have no doubt he’ll take good care of you when needed. How does that sound?”

          Ashlyn shrugs.

          “That’s fine, you probably need to meet him to judge him. Um, our second oldest is almost six, just another month now. His name is Sam. His eyes are bright blue and he wears glasses. Well, he needs to, but he doesn’t always do what I tell him,” she giggles. “He has blond hair that covers his ears. He’s from California, and kind of loud and hyper. He might annoy you, but that’s okay.”

          Ashlyn’s lip twitches as she holds back a smile.

          Willow notices and smiles a bit bigger. “Next is you, from New York. Then, just six months younger than you, is Clementine. She has straight, dark, red-brown hair, and her eyes are a bright green. She’s from Canada, and is very calm and super friendly. I’m sure you’ll become great friends. She’s darker than your mother, and dances. Oh, she could dance to you playing piano.”

          Ashlyn nods. Not quite keen on the idea.

          “She’s an artist too. Oh, and Sam is into baseball, and Hiroaki is really into video games. Then you are into music. Oh, it is wonderful,” Willow claps her hands together. “Okay, enough gushing, I have to tell you about your new life.”

          Ashlyn shrugs.

          “You will get your own room, with your own bathroom,” Willow slowly places a hand on the small girl’s shoulder. “And you’ll be able to design it as you like as the years go by.”

          Ashlyn’s eyes show a glimmer of excitement has her lips just barely curl into a smile.

          “You are so cute, Ashlyn. A good nickname for you would be Ash. Do you like that?”

          Ashlyn tries to show that it doesn’t bother her, but she just gets frustrated and pouts.

          “Aw, sweetheart, there’s no reason to be upset. It’s fine. I know we can’t communicate right now, but we’ll figure something out.”

          “I suggest sigh language,” Mrs. Johnson walks back into the room with Penelope close behind. “For your family, as least.”

          “That’s a good idea,” Penelope smiles and walks over to her wife and Ashlyn. “How’s Ashlyn doing?”

          “I think she’s okay, so far,” Willow grabs Penelope’s hand. “She smiled, just barely.”

          “That’s so good,” Mrs. Johnson adjusts her glasses as a smile forms on her face. “She’s going to be perfect in your home. She will blossom in a real family environment. Thank you so much for adopting her.”

          “Our pleasure,” Penelope pulls Willow up.

          “It really is,” Willow looks down at the mute girl. “Ashlyn, it’s time to head to your new home. Are you ready?” She holds out her hand.

          Ashlyn looks at the hand and then around at all the women. All of them have tender smiles on their faces, urging the girl to grab Willow’s hand.

          “It’s okay Ash,” Willow speaks up. “No one is going to hurt you. Ever again. I’ll make sure of it.”

          Ashlyn locks eyes with Willow, and trusts she is telling the truth. Then she reaches out with her small hand to grab Willow’s larger one.

          “This is the start of something wonderful,” Penelope losses the top of Willow’s head. “So very wonderful.”


So, this is the first chapter of a serious realistic story that I've had the idea of for a couple months now. I hope you like it! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! :D

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