Silent Hearts

Ashlyn Grey is a musical genius. She can play many instruments, write songs, and read any music sheet. Music is her escape from the evil of the world. From the day she was born she has been hurt. Attacked by the ones meant to protect her, causing her to close up and no longer talk. Then her life takes a turn in a positive direction when she is adopted.


2. A New Home

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          “Alright everyone, this is Ashlyn,” Willow squeezes the little girl’s hand. “Your new sister.”

          “She’s so small,” Hiroaki steps up and holds his hand out for Ashlyn to shake. “I’m Hiroaki, but Hiro is just fine.”

          Ashlyn slowly pulls her hand out of Willow’s and grasps Hiroaki’s. The two kids shake for a few seconds.

          “Move back Hiro,” Sam pulls Hiroaki away and looks his new sister over. “Does she look like me? Could we be related?”

          Penelope lets a laugh pass through her lips, “Oh sorry.” She places a hand over her mouth.

          “She’s not your blood sister, Sam,” Willow shoves Penelope. “However, you do look quite alike. Blood relation or not, she’s your sister.”

          “I’m so glad to have a sister,” Clementine, her hair starting to go curly, steps up to Ashlyn. “This is what I’ve been waiting for.”

          “Brothers mean nothing to you, I see,” Hiroaki pulls Sam away from the two young girls.

          “Oh, let them be,” Penelope walks over and ruffles the two boys’ hair. “They are close in age and their first sisters.”

          “We’ll be the best of friends, I just know it,” Clementine gushes. “Our rooms are right next to each other upstairs.”

          “Oh yes, her room,” Willow sighs. “Ashlyn, we should go look at your room.”

          “Wait, I have to give her a hug,” Clementine pouts.

          Ashlyn takes a step back and looks up at Willow.

          “Clementine, honey, you’ll have to wait to hug Ashlyn,” Willow crouches and places a hand on Clementine’s shoulder.

          “Why?” Clementine pouts.

          “Ashlyn has had a very tough life and isn’t open to what we are. She isn’t keen on physical affection. And, she doesn’t talk, so we have to patient. Okay?”

          “How do we know what she wants?” Sam asks.

          “Well, it’s difficult now,” Penelope answers. “But, we are all going to learn sign language. Plus, once she can read and write, she’ll be able to write down her thoughts.”

          “Notecards would be a good idea,” Hiroaki adds in. “There would be phrases she would constantly use. She could write them down, and always have them with her.”

          “Oh, a whiteboard would be perfect too,” Willow smiles. “Anyways, moving past that, we all have to promise to be gentle with Ashlyn. She’s going to need some time to settle in.”

          “We promise,” Hiroaki, Sam, and Clementine say together.

          “Good,” Willow stands up. “Boys, you can run along.”

          “What about me?” Clementine pulls on Willow’s pant leg.

          “You can watch me make dinner,” Penelope suggests.

          “Or show Ashlyn her room with me,” Willow giggles.

          “I’ll go with mommy,” Clementine grimaces. “Sorry mom.”

          “No problem, Clementine,” Penelope messes with the youngest girl’s slight curls. “I know it’s boring.”

          “But you are so good at cooking,” Willow leans up and gives Penelope a quick kiss. “Alright girls, let’s head upstairs.

          Willow, Clementine, and Ashlyn break away from Penelope to head upstairs. Multiple rooms line the halls, and the three girls head to the very end.

          Ashlyn is the first to enter her new room. It’s bare, beside a bed and dresser. It has a lot of potential to become something that will reflect who Ashlyn is.

          “This is all yours Ash,” Willow steps up next to Ashlyn. “You can do whatever you want. You can put whatever you want in her.”

          “We shop online,” Clementine bounds into the room. “So you can get anything you! No limits!”

          “Well, money is a limit,” Willow mumbles.

          Ashlyn steps into the middle of the room and slowly takes it all in. Her young brain imagining gall that she can do with the room; even if she can only think of a few things.

          “I just know that as the years go by, this room is going to become a wonderful place. You will make it a reflection of yourself. I can’t wait to see how it will evolve. I can’t wait to see all my children’s rooms evolve!”

          Ashlyn walks over to the bed and places a hand on it. This is all hers to call her own. She’s never been able to do that. It’s almost too much for Ashlyn to handle.

          “Mommy, are you going to let her buy a teddy or blanket?” Clementine rushes over to the open the bathroom door. “Do you know what you’d like, Ash?” She rushes over to her sister.

          Ashlyn just shrugs and turns back to look at Willow.

          Willow smiles at her newest child. “That’s fine, dear. We can look at many teddy bears and blankets online. Come on girls, let’s go do that while dinner is being made.”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* A little short, but it's all I could think to write for this scene. I hope you liked it! I have a ton of ideas for this story, and I can't wait for you all to read them. :D
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