The Meeting

Amber's mom surprised her with tickets to see Justin Bieber! Read about her crazy adventure!


1. Surprise!

      "Amber, can you please come down stairs" Amber's mom screamed to her. Amber was upstairs on her computer trying to find tickets to see Justin Bieber this weekend. Amber's birthday was this weekend and she wanted tickets to see her idol. "Coming mom." Amber said. She walked down stairs looking upset. "Amber honey, whats wrong?" asked Susan, Amber's mom. "I had no luck trying to find tickets to see Justin Bieber for this weekend. They are all sold out." Amber said. "Don't worry. Maybe you can see him when he is on another tour." said Susan rubbing her daughters back. Amber sat on the couch and grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. Susan saw how upset Amber looked so, she thought it would be the perfect time to give Amber her big surprise. Susan walked into the kitchen and opened a draw where a pink sparkled envelope sat. She grabbed the envelope and walked towards the couch where Amber was sitting. "Happy early birthday Amber." Susan handed the envelope to Amber. She started tearing at the envelope and saw 2 pieces of paper. They were flipped over so Amber couldn't see what they said. "Oh cool, tickets to see a movie." she said aloud. But, as Amber flipped over the pieces of paper, she saw "Justin Bieber Purpose Tour" written across the top. Amber's jaw dropped and she started to tear up. "Surprise!!" Susan screamed "You're going to see Justin Bieber this weekend!!" Amber was shocked. "Oh my God! Thank you so much mom!" Amber said while giving her a hug. The tickets were for the pit which is right next to the stage. "I made sure i got the best tickets I could." Susan said. "Oh mom these tickets are great, I am so excited to go!" Amber said with joy. She ran upstairs and started to look for an outfit. She put on millions of shirts and pants but nothing was to her liking. Susan came upstairs and saw she was having trouble finding an outfit for the concert. Amber wanted a perfect outfit. "Amber, let's go to the mall and we can buy an outfit." Susan said. Amber grabbed her purse and they ran out the door. 

   As they were driving, Amber could not stop smiling. She was so thankful and happy to have her mom in her life. They parked in the mall parking lot and started walking to the front entrance. They went into many stores to find an outfit. Finally, Amber found a cute top and pants to wear this weekend to the concert. Saturday could not come any faster. She was so excited to wear her new outfit and be in the same room as Justin Bieber!

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