Teenage Runaway [A Michael Clifford Fanfic]

Eleanor Brussel was abused.
She was living in a hell she called her home in Pennsylvania.
Life wasn't like the other girls she saw.
She didn't have that 'perfect daisy life' she saw people on Television had.
Eleanor was very despairing.
Until one day she had 4 reasons to be alive.
To get through life.
This was her chance to prove life wrong.
This, was a story, of a teenage runaway.


1. Chapter One

*A/N: Hey readers! So I deleted all my other movellas, because honestly I didn't like them all that much, so I'm starting fresh. I'm new to this site, so hopefully you guys like my story (ies) !









Only I knew what it was like to live hell.

Pennsylvania was so somnolent.

It rained almost every day, making my sour mood, even worse with each passing day.

I live with my grandfather, since my parents ditched me when they had me, they passed me on to my grandpa, who, mind you, wasn't a very wise choice.

Honestly, I would live with my Aunt Catrina.

It was hell here.

Everyday, my grandpa would come home from his job, and probably mentally think about what he would do to me, and do it.

It was different everyday.

I was always scared when he would come home.

No one knows my pain, not even my grandfather for gods sake!

Today, I was waiting. 

The lights were out, the TV was off, and I sat on the couch.

Waiting for the worst.

As soon as I heard that familiar sound of the alarm weakly beeping, I knew it was time.

My grandfather was holding groceries in his hands and scoffed.

"Well, are you coming, retard? Or are you going to sit there like that all day."

I sighed and got up slowly, as I was walking out he scratched my back.

I screeched and ran to the car, signaling he wanted me to run.

I grabbed milk, and some other bags in my hands as I walked back to the house.

Suddenly, as if the devil was called, as I walked passed my grandfather, the milk slipped and exploded on the floor, the white substance attacking the wood.

My grandpa, looked like he was going to explode.

"Are.. you.. fucking.. kidding..me.. Eleanor..."

I gulped, staring hastily at the milk, avoiding all contact with my grandfather's eyes.

Just then he slammed the door and shoved me to the ground.


He kicked my back.

I yelped.

Just as he left to go get something, he came back with a hammer.

I winced as he lifted the hammer and hit me right at my rib.

My lungs were suddenly screeching for air.

I couldn't breathe, the world around me seemed to fade, with each hit he took.

After I thought I was going to die,

he stopped.

Standing over me, panting.

He glared at me and dropped the hammer.

"Your lucky I didn't kill you off here."

He growled.

I held my rib and winced in pain.

This was it.

I was going to die.


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