Remember me

When Y/N sees 5SOS in a concert she feels things she didn't think possible and all because of him. Michael Clifford. When he shows her attention does it really mean something or is he playing her? Will they be separated by their differences or can true love really overcome all?


5. That Show (Michael's POV)

"That was a fucking amazing show!" I shouted to the other boys. "Did you hear them? They were definitely one of the best crowds we've played to!" I was riding the after- show highs, they happen most of the time but today they were strong and I loved every second of them. 
"I know right!? Who would have believed we'd get this far!?"Luke shouted across the room. "Plus there were some fucking hot girls in that crowd!" 
Ashton smirked at me and I gave him a kind of look that said please no, but he opened his mouth and blurted "Yeah there were, Michael definitely agrees don't ya Michael? I mean you hardly looked anywhere else other than that girl in the front row!" I felt my cheeks go pink and I knew what was about to happen.
"Ooo has little Mikey got a crush on a pretty girl?" Calum cooed mockingly in my ear. Luke and Ash Sat there dying of laughter and I just shook my head laughing. 
"I don't have a crush on anybody, yeah there was a few hot girls in the front but it's nothing more than that!" I laughed. 
She was just a girl, I see them all the time, I don't have a crush. Like I'm not going to see her ever again and I'm fine with that. I thought to myself. But I began to be conscious of this sudden decrease in my happiness when I realised I wouldn't see her again. I couldn't have a crush on her, I don't know her, no I don't do this. I began to let her float away from my mind and join in the debate the boys were having about who's the best artist to see live.

I quickly got out of the shower and got dressed and packed up my things ready to leave the venue. The leaving was always difficult because there was huge groups of fans surrounding every exit, but we usually manage it successfully with security. I took a quick walk around the room to check if I've missed anything and walked towards the other boys and we moved to the exit. The door opened and the cold air hit us sharply, screams of teenage girls filled the streets and we all started smiling and waving and taking pictures with fans. Suddenly I saw a familiar face, it was the friend of the girl I saw, as in the girl. I went near her and smiled.
"Hi, what's your name? How are you?" I said
"OMG hi! I'm Lilly! I'm cold!" She screamed excitedly.
"Well hi Lilly, thanks for coming to the show and waiting for us out here! Are you alone?" I asked, I was trying to not seem bothered about the girl but I needed to know where she was.
"Urm... Yeah" she smiled at me trying to look innocent. I knew she came with the girl, but where did she go? I have to ask, but then she might work it out. No I have to ask.
"Oh really, I feel bad for taking ages now!" I joked. "You came with a friend didn't you? Did she really leave you alone?" 
"Oh ummm.. Yeah she left. She went to see her boyfriend." Boyfriend? She has a fucking boyfriend, why did she flirt and lead me on then!? I felt so stupid. 
"Oh I see, well thank you for waiting and coming to the show, hopefully we'll meet again!" I said, giving her a half smile. I turned and walked towards the bus I glanced around and caught someone's eyes. Her eyes. I looked away and went in.

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