Remember me

When Y/N sees 5SOS in a concert she feels things she didn't think possible and all because of him. Michael Clifford. When he shows her attention does it really mean something or is he playing her? Will they be separated by their differences or can true love really overcome all?


13. Complicated

Y/N's POV:

Poppy helped book my ticket home, I knew she was right about taking some time out to see everyone but a part of me still wanted to stay in a hope I would bump into HIM and I could confront him about the situation. What kind of person stands a girl up who's heart you broke and then doesn't call her? Actually to be honest he couldn't now call because of the destruction of my phone, but he's famous for christ's sake I'm sure he could find me. I sighed and finished packing and Poppy brought my suitcase down to the taxi outside. I hobbled on my crutches to the taxi and gave Poppy a quick hug and shut the door, leaving what had been one of my happiest memories but had now been clouded of new bad ones.

When I arrived at Heathrow airport I was greeted with a big hug from my family. My mum and dad (that's what I called them now seeing as they are always here for me and have only ever supported me and loved me) smiled at me, beaming with pride and I realised how happy I was to see them again. We drove home and I told them all about LA and Poppy and my job. Then it came to telling them about Michael and us agreeing to meet again the next day, only to be stood up and then hit by a car. Great day I know! They listened attentively and gave advice which I took on board and considered fully. We arrived home and I was welcomed by the familiar smell of home cooking and vanilla candles. Everything felt so right and I realised how much had missed the comfort of home, even if I loved my life in LA. 

Over the next few weeks I did some paperwork about the apartment and sorted the bills, I looked at my bank account and did some online shopping for gifts for people and did some general jobs that i had neglected. When I was updating my knowledge on people's lives on social media I began to receive lots of notifications. I was being tagged by hundreds of people in a photo. I was being sent loads of messages saying 'Is this you?' 'Look at what you've been tagged in' 'OMG I FOUND YOU' I began to get very confused and finally looked at what I'd been tagged in. It was a tweet by Michael saying "Y/N, I know I wasn't there but I can explain, please give me the chance to, same place same time?" My jaw dropped. I grabbed my phone from my back pocket and went to call him when I remembered I don't have his number on this phone. This just got way more complicated.

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