The Mute BadGirl

She's been mute ever since she was five and she never let nobody mess with her. She didn't have to say a word but a look scared the shit out of people. What happens when she meets a mute badboy


2. School

g​It's been a week since we moved her and tonight we will be having guests over but right now I have to get dressed. There are probably already rumors going around about me but I could care less. I took a shower then got dressed in a black skater skirt, black tank top that I tucked into my skirt, white button up shirt that I left unbuttoned, red Jordan socks with black and white Jordan's. My hair was in a good ponytail with no make-up but red lipstick 💄. I grabbed my new black bag 🎒, new iPhone 📱, then headed out cause I already brushed my teeth. I skipped breakfast and just got into my black Lamborghini 🚗. I drove to school 🏫 using GPS and made it just as the tardy bell 🔔 rang. I walked in to see a few people and they all looked at me. I rolled my eyes and kept it moving. I got to the office 🏢 and got my schedule. He and the teachers know I'm mute so I don't have to talk. It's not like I was going to anyway. I got to my first class with the help of a guy they made help me. I walked into class with my head high cause I'm not scared 😓 of anyone. I looked around and everyone was staring. "What's your name?" The lady asked and I spelled out my name in sign language. She nods and looks at the class. "Please take a seat 💺 Miss Black next to Mr Hunters." The lady says and I nod. "Mr Hunters please raise your hand ✋" The lady says and a boy in the back raised his hand so I made my way back there. "Mrs Kennedy what was she doing with her hands?" A girl 👧 asked as I took a seat 💺. "She don't talk so she uses sign language like Drew" Mrs Kennedy says to the girl and everyone nods. "Why don't she talk?" A boy 👦 asked. "Ask her I don't know" Mrs Kennedy says and they look at me but all I do I glare making them look away. I smirk 😏 and pull out my phone which is a rose gold iPhone 6 plus. I started to play 🎭 Temple Run. I was far when my phone was snatched out my hand ✋. I looked up to see the boy 👦 next to me had it. I told him to give it in sign language and he told me no in sign language. I glared at him but he smirked. Nice shoes he said in sign language but I put my hand out. My hands slammed on the table as I stood up. I had enough of this boy and it was time to show I was nit to be messed with. I snatched my phone from him and shoved him out his chair. He caught himself just in time and stood up. We stood toe to toe glaring at each other then I smirked and licked my lips. He took the bait and looked at my lip so I shoved him then turned. I left 👈 them all sitting there shocked. I walked to my car and sat in it. I took out a joint and started smoking 🚬. I took a deep breath then exhaled the smoke through my nose. My mom called me and I answered then put it on speaker.

​"Why?" Mom shouted

​"Why can't you be good. You will get sent back if you don't stop." Mom shouts

​"You want to be just like him don't you?" Mom asked and I hung up 👆 then blocked her number. I growled from frustration of everything. Watch I'm going to ignore her for that comment. I hate that bastard for what he did and she tells me I want to be like him. I look up to see Drew and put up a my phone then pointed to him. He took his phone out and gave it to me. I put my number in then gave it back.

​Me: Can I stay at your place? My moms just pissed me off big time and if I go home I will regret what I say and may do

​​Drew: Sure 😉

Me: Don't fuck dicks😚

Drew: So you fuck pussy? Lesbian?

​Me: Nope straight as a line but I don't know about u. You seem gay

​Drew: I can show u I ain't gay😉


​After my text Drew didn't respond but stared at me as I laughed in my head. Drew was attractive with his light brown hair that went over his eyes, ocean blue eyes and kissable lips. He don't smile but I bet I can make him smile. I looked him in the eyes as I took a step forward and he raises his brow. I put my mouth next to his ear and kissed it. Then whispered so low that he might not catch it. "Smile" then I pulled back to see a smile that showed dimples. I smirked as I put my joint in my mouth. I inhaled then exhaled in his face making him cough.

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