Summer That Lasts a Life Time

Sara is a High School Graduate who has a whole life a head of her. She is a singer but she also loves helping out in her moms hair salon. She would love to open up her own salon some day. But right now she just wants to go see her older brother Cj who is in New Hampshire with their best friends; Casey, Joel, Ryan, and Michael. Cj is having Sara and her best friend Lynn stay with him and the guys for the summer so they can help the girls start the rest of their lives. She has been secretly dating Casey for almost a year. Nobody knows besides Lynn and Michael.

Casey is in a Boy Band; 1DT aka One Direction Tribute Band. His best friends are Sara, Lynn, Cj, Michael, Ryan, and Joel. He has been secretly dating Sara for almost a year and he cant wait to spend the whole summer with her.

While everyone is together they all learn new things about each other.


6. Chapter 5

~Time Skip: Next Morning~

    When Casey and I woke up the next morning I smiled at him and said “I love you so much my future husband.” He smiled and kissed my head and said “I love you so much my beautiful future wife.” I smiled and laid my head on his chest and said “Do we really have to get up?” Casey smiled and said “Your parents called and said that they were taking Ellie down to Wesomskii to go swimming. They won’t be back until at least 5 tonight.” I smiled and said “So I got you all to myself last night and I get you all to myself today too?” Casey nodded and pulled me closer to him and said “That’s right baby girl.” I smiled and kissed his chest.

    After a while we decided to get up and Casey made breakfast. I smiled watching him cook. Man was he gorgeous. I could stare at him all day if I could. When we finished making our breakfast he brought it over to the counter. I smiled and he sat down next to me with a huge smile on his face and said “Eat up beautiful.” I smiled and grabbed my fork and began eating. I moaned at how good everything tasted. Casey smiled at me and said “Save that moaning for the bedroom.” I giggled. Casey leaned over and kissed my neck. I smiled and continued to eat. Casey kept kissing my neck. I moaned and dropped my fork. I then leaned over to Casey and kissed him with so much passion. When we pulled away Casey lifted me up off my stool and carried me to the bedroom.

    After our fun we laid in bed and cuddled. We cuddled until I got a phone call. I groaned and answered “Hello?” I heard the other person chuckle and say “Hello to you too Bear.” I laughed and said “Oh Lynn it’s you. I thought it was my idiot brother.” She laughed and said “Where are you? Michael and I tried coming over today but you weren’t home.” I giggled and said “Well Casey, Ellie and I are up in Maine. We are signing her up for school.” Lynn squealed and said “You are going to be living in Maine for until Summer?” I smiled and said “Yes, now when are you getting up here?” She laughed and said “Well we are on our way up now.” I smiled and said “Well hurry up and get here.” She laughed again and said “We are coming we will see you soon.” I smiled and said “Okay love you girl.” She said “Love you too see you soon.” We both hung up after saying goodbye.

    I put my phone back on the bedside table and looked at Casey and said “Lynn and Michael came over to our house and we weren’t there but they are on their way here.” Casey smiled and said “Well until then you are mine.” I smiled and said “I’m always yours.” He kissed my head and then Casey’s phone began to ring. We both groaned and he answered it “Hello?”. Casey jumped out of bed and began to get dressed. I sat up quickly and waited for Casey to tell me what was happening. When he got off the phone he said “Your older sister got rushed to the hospital. Nobody knows what happened.” I gasped and got out of bed and got dressed as quickly as possible. I grabbed my phone, wallet, and shoes and ran down the stairs and out to the car. Casey was not far behind. We got in the car and I called my parents. They weren’t answering. I groaned and looked at Casey and said “Did Jack call my parents?” Casey looked at me and nodded his head but said “They weren’t answering.”

    Casey took my hand and said “Everything will be alright trust me. Your sister is going to be fine.” I looked at him and I started to cry. He pulled over and pulled me in for a hug. He let me cry into his chest and he said “Babygirl everything is going to be fine. Nothing is going to happen to her.” I nodded and pulled him away and said “I know but I’m just scared. She’s my older sister and I don’t know what I would do without her Ellie and I need her.” Casey nodded and said “No matter what happens you will always have me, my parents, my little sister, the boys, your parents, your brother, and Ellie.” I nodded and hugged Casey again. When we pulled away Casey started driving to the hospital. When we got there Casey parked the car and we jumped out. We ran into the hospital hand in hand. When we got there we ran to the front desk and said “We are looking for a Emma Jones.” The receptionist typed her name into the computer and then she looked up at me and said “Well she's in labor and delivery. Why don’t you go down the hall to the birthing waiting room.” I looked at her and said “Wait my sister was never pregnant.” The receptionist smiled and said “Well she is.” I looked at Casey shocked and we ran down the hall to the labor and delivery waiting room.

    Casey sat down on the chair and I started pacing back and forth until I got a phone call. I groaned and said “Hello?” “Sara sweetie is everything okay? What’s going on with Emma?” I smiled a little and said “Emma got rushed to the hospital. She is having a baby.” I heard my mom gasp and said “Really? Have you talked to Jack yet?” I sighed and said “No we just got here. Emma is in the delivery room right now.” My mom sighed and said “We will be there soon.” I looked at Casey and then said “Okay mom see you soon.” I put my phone away and began to pace around the waiting room again. Casey looked at me and said “Baby girl come sit down with me.” I looked at him and I nodded. I sat down next to him and he wrapped his arm around me.

    We sat there for what felt like forever. After a while Jack came out with a huge smile on his face. I jumped up from my seat and said “Is Emma okay? I didn’t even know she was pregnant.” Jack smiled and said “Emma and the baby are fine. Emma and I didn’t even know she was pregnant.” I gasped and said “How is she doing?” Jack smiled and said “Why don’t you come back and see her.” I smiled and said “Okay.” Casey got up from his seat and he took my hand and we walked back to see my sister. When we got outside her door Jack turned to us and said “Congrats on the engagement little sis.” I smiled and said “Thanks Jack.” He pulled me in for a hug and he opened the door and there was my sister sitting in the hospital bed holding a baby in her arms. I smiled and walked over to her. Emma looked at me and said “Sara, I missed you.” I smiled and said “I missed you too Em.” She smiled at me and said “Well meet your nephew Liam James.” I smiled and tears began to flow from my eyes.

    Emma looked at me and handed me the little boy. I smiled and said “Hi Liam. I’m your auntie.” Liam smiled a little in my arms. Casey walked over to me and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I smiled at him and he smiled and said “Welcome to our crazy family Liam James.” Jack, Emma, and I all laughed and nodded. Emma looked at me and said “When are you guys going to have kids of your own.” I smiled and said “Can we get married first.” My sister gasped and I held up my left hand and showed her my diamond ring. She squealed a little and started tearing up. I smiled and teared up a little too. She looked at me and said “I can’t believe my baby sister is getting married.” I smiled and said “Well believe it hunny.” She laughed and I looked at the little boy in my arms. I looked at Emma and said “Well you seemed to do a great job taking care of your son in your stomach even if you didn’t know he was in there.” Emma smiled and nodded and then I said “You guys created such a beautiful little boy.” Jack and Emma smiled.

We stood there talking until there was a knock on the door. Jack opened it and saw it was our parents and Ellie. I smiled and continued to rock the baby boy in my arms. My mom walked over with a huge smile on her face. I looked at her and said “Isn’t he beautiful mom?” My mom looked at me and said “He is. You did a great job Em.” Emma smiled and said “Thank you mom.” Mom walked over to Emma and pulled her in for a hug. I walked over to the couch and sat down. Ellie came over to me and said “Mommy, who is that?” I smiled and said “Ellie this is your cousin Liam. Auntie Emma just had him.” Ellie looked at Emma and said “Awww Auntie he is a cutie.” Emma smiled and said “Why thank you Ellie Bellie.” I looked at Ellie and said “Would you like to hold him?” Ellie nodded and said “Can I mommy?” I nodded and said “Sit back on the couch baby.” Ellie did and Casey helped her get in the right position and he put a pillow under her arm. I smiled and said “Now you have to be careful. He’s really tiny.” Ellie nodded and I put Liam in her arms.

I smiled and Casey took out his phone and took a picture. I smiled and said “She loves him already.” Emma smiled and said “Jack and I will bring him over a lot.” I smiled and said “You guys are welcome over anytime.” Emma smiled and I went over to her and hugged her again. While I was hugging her there was a flash. We pulled away and I saw Casey took a picture of us. He smiled and said “You guys are so cute.” I smiled and said “Well even though we fight I still love her even though sometimes I hate her.” We both laughed. Casey walked over to us and said “This will be us someday.” I smiled and kissed his cheek. He smiled and we watched our daughter holding her cousin.

Mom came over to me and said “Did you guys have a good night/day?” I looked at Casey and we both nodded. My mom looked at me and said “Let me see the ring.” I smiled and showed her the ring. She squealed and said “I can’t believe my little girl is getting married.” I smiled and said “Well believe mom.” She smiled. After a while Ellie, Casey, and I left the hospital to give Jack and Emma time to adjust to their new addition.

When we got home it was 7 pm. I looked at Casey and he started to cook dinner while I helped Ellie unpack her stuff. When we were done we walked downstairs and saw that Casey was just finishing up with dinner. I smiled and said “Well we came down just in time.” Casey chuckled and nodded. When Casey was done we all sat down at the table and we talked about our day. Ellie told us that Meme and Papa took her to the beach and they let her have some fry dough. I smiled and then she told me she met a friend who actually lives up the street from us. Her name was Sydney. I smiled and said “Well it seems like you had a great day.” Ellie smiled and nodded.

When dinner was done we put our dishes in the sink and we went upstairs. I put Ellie in the bath and said “Tomorrow we are going to sign you up for school.” Ellie smiled and said “Yayy. I can’t wait.” I smiled and said “Maybe you will be seeing Sydney at school.” Ellie got even more excited and she got out of the bath and into her pj’s. When she was ready for bed she got in her princess bed and said “I love you mommy.” I smiled and said “I love you too baby.” I began to walk out of the room but stopped when I saw Casey’s head pop in and he said “I love you Ellie Bellie. Sleep tight.” Ellie smiled and said “Night daddy. Love you.” I smiled and said “Night baby.” Ellie yawned and said “Night mommy.” I turned out her light and shut the door a little. We will open it up a little more later.

Casey and I walked to our room and we shut off the hall light. I smiled and said “I still can’t believe my sister didn’t even know she was pregnant.” Casey smiled and said “I know but it happened and now you have a nephew.” I smiled and said “I wouldn’t change that for the world.” Casey pulled me in for a kiss and when we pulled away we got ready for bed. I yawned and said “Thank you for making these last two days so special.” Casey smiled and said “Well thank you for making my life very special.” I smiled and said “You’re welcome Baby.” He smiled and pulled me in for another kiss. When we pulled away we got in bed and we went to sleep in each other's arms. I smiled at the thought of signing our little girl up for school.


~Time Skip: Summer is over and Ellie is getting ready for her first day of school~

    I woke up to my alarm telling me that my little girl has her first day of kindergarten today. I jumped out of bed and saw Casey sleeping peacefully. I giggled and shook him awake. He groaned and said “5 more minutes.” I laughed and said “Well you will miss your daughter's first day of school.” Casey shot up out of bed and said “Let’s go I don’t want to miss her first day of school.” I smiled at him and got out of bed and got dressed. When I was dressed I walked out of the room and went to Ellie’s room and said “Ellie bellie, it’s time to get up for your first day of kindergarten.” She groaned and said “I don’t want to get up.” I chuckled and said “But don’t you want to go find out if Sydney is in your class?” Ellie shot up out of bed and said “Okay let’s go.” I giggled and walked over to her closet and picked out a nice dress. I smiled at Ellie and she smiled back. She looked at my outfit choice for her and squealed.

    When Ellie was dressed and ready for school she grabbed her backpack. I looked at her and said “Okay Ellie. This is a big day for you.” She nodded and said “I can’t wait to make new friends mommy.” I smiled and said “I bet you will make a lot of friends baby girl.” Ellie smiled and hugged me and I said “Let’s surprise daddy with how cute you look.” Ellie nodded and we walked into the hallway. When we walked closer to the stairs I told Ellie to stay put behind the wall so Casey wouldn’t see. I walked downstairs and said “Casey can you come here for second?” He looked at me through the kitchen door and said “Sure honey.” He walked over to where I was at the bottom of the stairs and I said “You ready to meet your new kindergartener?” He nodded and I looked up at the stairs with a huge smile and said “Ellie, baby, come downstairs.” She came out from behind the wall with a huge smile on her face. I looked at Casey and he had tears streaming down his face. I smiled and I began to tear up. I looked at Ellie and she was at the bottom of the stairs now and I said “Look at our little girl. She’s growing up.” Ellie smiled and said “I love you mommy and daddy.” I looked at Casey and he pulled her in for a hug and said “We love you too baby girl.” Casey smiled at me and pulled me in for the hug.

    When we pulled away we went into the kitchen for breakfast and then I told Ellie to go brush her teeth. She ran up the stairs and brushed her teeth when she came back down I smiled and said “You ready to go to your bus stop?” Ellie smiled and nodded. I smiled and we all walked outside and saw a bunch of kids waiting in front of our house. I smiled and thanked the lord that Ellie’s bus stop was right outside of our house. When we got to the end of the driveway Ellie got excited when she saw Sydney. I smiled and said “Hi Sydney.” Sydney smiled and waved and hugged Ellie. I smiled at them and Sydney’s parents came over to Casey and I and said “Hi you must be Ellie’s parents. I’m Sydney’s mom Alex and this is her dad Carlos.” I smiled and shook both of their hands and said “Hi I’m Sara and this is my fiancee Casey.” Alex smiled and said “Are you not Ellie’s father?” Casey smiled and said “I am but Ellie isn’t fully ours, well she is but we adopted her a few years ago when her mom was very very ill and passed away. She asked if it was okay if we took her.” Alex smiled and said “That was very sweet of you guys. If only there were more people as nice as you guys to do that.” Casey and I both smiled and said “Thank you.”

    We all continued to talk and get to know each other until the bus came. When the bus finally came Ellie came up to Casey and I and hugged us and said “Bye mommy, Bye daddy. I love you and will see you later.” I smiled and said “Bye sweetheart. Have a great first day.” Ellie smiled and ran off to the bus with Sydney by her side. I turned to Alex and Carlos and said “They are so cute.” Alex smiled and said “We should all hang out sometime.” I smiled and nodded. We exchanged numbers and I said “If you ever want to bring Sydney over for a playdate you are always welcome. We only live right here.” I pointed to our house. Alex smiled and said “I bet Sydney and Ellie would love to have a playdate.” I smiled and I pulled Alex in for a hug and said “I can tell we will become very good friends.” Alex smiled and said “I can too.” When we pulled away I hugged Carlos and they left for their house which happened to be a couple houses down.

    I looked at Casey and said “We made a great choice about bringing her up here for school.” Casey nodded and said “I told you so.” I pulled him in for a kiss but we pulled away really quickly when I had a rush of nausea. I ran to the bathroom and began puking my guts out. I have been doing this since a last week. While I was in the bathroom Casey came up held my hair back. When I was done he said “Let’s take you to the doctors.” I nodded and he took my hand and brought me downstairs. I really hope there is nothing wrong.  

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