Summer That Lasts a Life Time

Sara is a High School Graduate who has a whole life a head of her. She is a singer but she also loves helping out in her moms hair salon. She would love to open up her own salon some day. But right now she just wants to go see her older brother Cj who is in New Hampshire with their best friends; Casey, Joel, Ryan, and Michael. Cj is having Sara and her best friend Lynn stay with him and the guys for the summer so they can help the girls start the rest of their lives. She has been secretly dating Casey for almost a year. Nobody knows besides Lynn and Michael.

Casey is in a Boy Band; 1DT aka One Direction Tribute Band. His best friends are Sara, Lynn, Cj, Michael, Ryan, and Joel. He has been secretly dating Sara for almost a year and he cant wait to spend the whole summer with her.

While everyone is together they all learn new things about each other.


3. Chapter 2

Once the boys did a quick costume change they dragged Lynn and I onstage again. The audience screamed and Lynn and I ran off the stage. We sit in the front row with a little girl and her older sister. We smiled at them and turned and listened to the guys. They were singing “Best Song Ever”. They walked down the steps of the stage and Casey walked over to me began to pull me up. I blushed and reached for the little girl's hand. She squealed and we went up the steps of the stage. Casey handed me his microphone and he lifted up the little girl and started dancing with her. I smiled and thought wow he’s really good with kids. Casey smiled and took the microphone back and continued to sing with the little girl in his arms.

I looked down at the little girl's sister and she was smiling from ear to ear. Casey put the little girl down and he got down at her level and started dancing with her again. I smiled and someone walked over to me and spun me around. I giggled and saw it was Cj. He laughed and pulled me in for a hug. When we pulled away the song was over and Casey was hugging the little girl. I looked at Cj and he smiled and whispered “He seems to be great with kids.” I smiled and nodded. Cj winked and said “Tell him you love him already.” I blushed and thought if only you knew Cj. I looked at him and said “Why don’t you go after someone already.” I smirked and said “Go after Ryan I know you like him.”  He blushed and Ryan looked at me shocked. I laughed and kissed Cj’s cheek and took the little girl off stage. I sat down and the girl’s sister smiled and said “Thank you for doing that.” I smiled and said “No problem. She looked like she was enjoying herself.” Her sister smiled and said “Yeah she loves coming to see these guys perform every time we are here. She never misses a show.” I smiled and said “That is so cute.” The little continued to dance and I reached out and took both her hands in my and started twisting her hips. She giggled and I spun her around.

Casey came up to us and he kissed my cheek. I blushed and he whispered “you are going to be great with kids someday.” I blushed even more and whispered back “so are you.” He smiled and kissed my lips quickly before for starting to sing his part for Story of My Life. He was of course singing his heart out to me. I still can’t believe that this man has been mine for almost a year. Actually it will be a year on the 21st of June, which is in two days. We seriously need to tell the guys. The only people that know is Lynn and Michael. I also feel like my brother is hiding something.

The show came to end and the guys ran out back to get some water. I smiled and looked at the little girl and said “You going to get pictures with them?” She shook her head no. I looked at her sad and said “Why not?” She looked at her sister and her sister said “We have to go find our parents right now.” I nodded and said “Why don’t you come out back with me and get a quick picture with them and maybe give me your number and we can possibly hang out sometime?” The girl smiled and said “Sure I would like that. What about you Ellie? Would you like to go get a picture with the guys and possibly hang out with them sometime?” She smiled the biggest smile possible and started jumping up and down excited. She then ran up to me and said “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” I smiled and said “You’re very welcome Ellie!” Ellie’s sister smiled at me and said “I'm Kristi by the way.” I smiled and said “It’s nice to meet you Kristi.” We walked out back and I smiled at the boys and said “You guys were amazing.” They smiled and ran up to Lynn and I and pulled us in for a group hug.

When we pulled away I turned towards Ellie and Kristi and said “Boys these are mine and Lynn’s new friend’s Kristi..” I pointed towards the older girl and continued “and her little sister Ellie.” Kristi turned to me and said “Actually she my daughter.” I turned to Kristi and said “Really?” She nodded and I continued “No wonder she looks so much like you. How old are you Kristi?” Kristi looked at me and said “18 but I have cancer and my doctors said I only have a week to live.” I pulled Kristi in for a hug and said “Well why don’t you come hang out with us for the rest of the week if you aren’t doing anything else.” Kristi smiled and said “I would love to. What about El?” Ellie giggled and ran up to Casey and hugged him. I looked at Kristi and said “I will take that as a yes.” Everyone laughed. Kristi took my arm and said “Can I talk to you over there for a second?” I nodded and walked over with Kristi. Kristi took a deep breath and said “I know we just met and all but Ellie has already grown to love you guys and I feel like you guys are the only people I can trust to take care of her. My parents won’t take her because they kicked me out of the house when I pregnant at 15. They haven’t even met her. None of my family has met her but I want to leave her with someone who I know will care for her. I don’t want her going to an orphanage. So will you take her?” I had tears forming in my eyes. I pulled her in for a hug and said “Casey will you come here for a second.”

Casey put Ellie down and said “You stay here for a minute I will be right back.” Ellie nodded and began playing with my brother and the guys. Lynn watched and then Ellie asked her to play too. I giggled and Casey came over and wrapped his arms around my waist and said “What’s up love?” I looked at him and said “Kristi wants to know if we will take her daughter in? She doesn’t have anywhere else to go. Kristi’s parents kicked her out when she was pregnant at 15 and she feels like she can trust us with her daughter. Kristi and I both don’t want Ellie to go to an orphanage.” Casey kissed my cheek and said “We would love to take her. I’m pretty sure these guys would be okay with having her around.” Kristi smiled and said “You have no idea how great it is to have someone to watch over my daughter while I’m gone. Thank you.” Kristi pulled Casey and I in for a hug.

When we pulled away Kristi called Ellie over and pulled her in for a hug and said “El, sweetheart, you are going to be staying with these nice people from now on okay?” Ellie looked at her mom trying to show her that she was understanding and she said “Mommy don’t want me no more?” Kristi looked at Ellie and said “No sweetie, mommy is sick and she doesn’t want to get you sick so these nice people are going to look after you for me.” Ellie nodded and hugged her mom. Kristi pulled away from her and wiped her tears away. I turned in Casey’s arms and cried. We didn’t ever know them for that long and they are already bringing me to tears. Casey had his arms around me and he was crying. Thank god they decided to cancel the meet and greet for this show.

Kristi walked over to me and said “Would it be okay if you guys come with me to the courthouse so you can adopt her?” I nodded and wrapped my arms around her. When I finally looked at my brother and everyone else they were in tears. They walked over and Cj looked at me and said “Sara you are doing such an amazing thing. You are such a sweetheart.” I blushed and hugged him. When we pulled away we joined everyone else for a group hug. When we pulled away Casey, Kristi, Ellie, and I walked out of the building and went to our cars and went to the courthouse. When we got there I knew Kristi didn’t want to do this but she only has a few days left and things can change for the better or worse.

We walked into the building and the process started. They check Casey and I and saw that we were fit to take her. We smiled and Kristi was glad too. We all signed the papers and Ellie became our responsibility. She got Casey’s last name. She is now Ellie Marie Sheehan. I loved the name and Kristi smiled at us and hugged Ellie one last time and said “You be good for mommies friends. They are going to take care of you so they are your new mommy and daddy. I love you sweetheart.” Ellie hugged Kristi and said “I wuv you too.” When they pulled away Kristi said “Thank you again for taking her. If you give me your number I can let you come and get the rest of her stuff. I don’t think I should see her anymore it will just make things harder.” I nodded and gave her my number and said “We can meet up later after the boy’s next show.” Kristi nodded and hugged me. We all walked to our cars. Casey had Ellie in his arms. I smiled at them and then Casey handed me Ellie while he went over to Kristi’s car to get Ellie’s car seat and the stuff that she had with her.

Once everything was in the car I walked over to Kristi with Ellie and said “Say bye sweetheart.” Ellie looked at her mom one last time and said “Bye mommy.” They hugged one last time and Casey took a picture on his phone. Kristi handed me Ellie and I handed her to Casey. I pulled Kristi in for hug and said “Send me pictures of you and her so I can keep you in her life. I want her to remember he mom.” Kristi nodded and said “Thank you. You don’t know how much this means to me.” I nodded and said “No problem. We will see you later after his next show.” Kristi nodded and got in her car. I walked over to Casey’s and saw that he already at Ellie in her seat. I smiled and said “Ellie you ready to go?” She nodded and Casey started the car the radio came on and Ellie started dancing. I laughed and said “You like the music?” She nodded and continued dancing. I began to dance with her.

When we got back to the park we saw that my brother and everyone else was at the entrance waiting for us. We got Ellie out of the car and walked into the park. Everyone came up to us and pulled us in for a group hug. We stood there until we finally pulled away and I said “Ellie sweetheart these are now your aunt and uncles.” Ellie smiled and nodded. We walked through the park and Lynn said “Ellie what’s your favorite ride here?” Ellie smiled and pointed to her favorite ride which was the pony carts that was right by the backstage door. I smiled and said “That was my favorite ride too. Why don’t you go on.” Ellie smiled the biggest smile possible and she waited in line to get on. When she got on she waved at Casey and I and said “Mommy daddy look at me.” I smiled and waved back. She was enjoying herself and she seemed to forget everything that has happened today.

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