Summer That Lasts a Life Time

Sara is a High School Graduate who has a whole life a head of her. She is a singer but she also loves helping out in her moms hair salon. She would love to open up her own salon some day. But right now she just wants to go see her older brother Cj who is in New Hampshire with their best friends; Casey, Joel, Ryan, and Michael. Cj is having Sara and her best friend Lynn stay with him and the guys for the summer so they can help the girls start the rest of their lives. She has been secretly dating Casey for almost a year. Nobody knows besides Lynn and Michael. Casey is in a Boy Band; 1DT aka One Direction Tribute Band. His best friends are Sara, Lynn, Cj, Michael, Ryan, and Joel. He has been secretly dating Sara for almost a year and he cant wait to spend the whole summer with her. While everyone is together they all learn new things about each other.


2. Chapter 1

   We were riding in the car singing along radio. My best friend Lynn and I are heading to Canobie Lake Park to see my brother Cj and our friends Casey, Ryan, Michael, and Joel. We couldn't wait to go see them. The last time we saw them was at mine and Lynn's graduation two days ago. My dream is to become a hairstylist for the boys when they have huge gigs like this one at Canobie. I'm just so glad that my parents and Lynn's parents agreed to let us stay with the boys in New Hampshire for the summer and help them.

While I was driving Lynn was on my phone FaceTiming with the guys. I said hi and talked to them here and there but my main focus was the road. But once my favorite song came on I began to sing. Lynn laughed as I turned the volume up. I looked over at Lynn and saw that she was holding up my phone for the guys to see and she was also holding up her phone recording me. I didn't care I loved singing and nothing was going to stop me. So I sang "My name is No! My sign is No! My number is No! You need to let it go! You need to let it go! Need to let it go! Nah to the Ah to the no, no, no." Once the song was over I turned the radio back down a little and I could hear the guys laughing and clapping. I bowed a little and laughed. When I finally saw the New Hampshire sign I looked at Lynn and gave her a nod. She smiled and said "Guys Sara and I have to go her phone is dying and mine is dead. We will see you soon. Bye." She turned the camera towards me and I blew them a kiss and then we both waved. She put my phone down in her lap and said "I feel bad for lying to them but this is going to be great when they see us." I nodded and continued driving.

We continued to sing along with the radio until we got to the our hotel that we will only be staying in for two days. We check in and brought our stuff up to our rooms and we ran out of the building. We ran to my car and jumped in. I smiled at her and said "Let's go see our boys." We squealed and I started the car. I looked at the clock and it said 2:45 P.M. I rushed out of the parking lot and drove the five minutes to Canobie.

When we finally got there I smiled and parked as close to the entrance as I could. I parked the car and got out as quickly as we could. We ran to the entrance and smiled as we saw no one in line. We were about to pay for our tickets when the guy said "You work here now so you don't have to pay." I smiled and said "Really?" He nodded and handed Lynn and I our badges. We thanked the guy and ran to the gate. We scanned in and ran to find the main stage. When we got there we saw the show was about to start so we grabbed seats as quickly as possible. Lynn and I put our sunglasses on so they wouldn't recognize us. We giggled and saw the guys come out.

They started out with What Makes You Beautiful. They looked like they were having an amazing time. I smiled at Lynn and they began walking around singing to their audience. The next thing I know Casey and Michael come back and sit next to Lynn and I. We giggle and Casey kisses my cheek. I blush and he takes off my glasses and pulls me out of my seat. He brings me close to him and he finishes out the song "That's what makes you beautiful." The audience awes at us and Cj smirks and says "Looks like Harry and Louis found their special girls why don't you bring them up guys." Casey smiles and grabs my hand and pulls me up to the stage. I turn my head and see Michael pulling Lynn. I laugh and when we get to the stage I look at Michael and smirked. He smirked back and kissed Lynn's cheek.

Casey still had my hand in his and he spun me around so my back was against his chest. I smiled at him and said "I've really missed you "Harry"." He smiled and said "I missed you too honey." While we were standing there Cj came over to us and said "What's your name?" I smiled and said "Sara." He smiled and said "Where you coming from Sara?" I laughed and said "'Niall' you know where I'm coming from." He laughed and said "Yes because you are coming from Maine where our family is." The audience gasped and Cj said "This is my little sister Sara everybody." I smiled and waved. Everyone clapped and then Ryan walked over to Lynn and said "What's your name?" She smiled and said "Lynn." Ryan smiled and said "Did you come in with Sara?" She nodded and said "Yes I did and you guys know that." Everyone smiled and Michael kissed her cheek. Ryan smiled and said "So Louis, how long have you been dating Lynn here?" Michael and Lynn smiled at each other and he said "3 months." Everyone awed.

Cj came over to us and said "Please act like you're dating. Just say 3 months also. Just so people will stop asking about you guys being together. Thanks to your 50 million facebook pictures with each other." Casey and I smiled at each other and nodded. Ryan looked at us and said "So Niall how long has Sara and Harry been together?" We smiled at eachother and Casey said "3 months also." The audience awed and Cj said "It feels longer than that with all the love you guys have for each other." I blushed and Casey said "Well I can't help it she so beautiful and great. But let's stop talking and move on to our next song." Casey and Michael went outback and grabbed two stools and brought them out for Lynn and I. Casey then walked over to me and grabbed my hand and brought me over to the stool. I sat down and smiled.

Casey kept his hand in mine and the music started. I blushed when little things came on. When Casey's part came up he turned to me and sang to me like his life depended on it. I blushed and once he was done singing I pulled him down and kissed him. I couldn't help it he was just so amazing. I couldn't hold back my emotions. I also couldn't believe I was kissing a guy who isn't my boyfriend in front of at least 30-40 people. When we pulled away I blushed and let him finish the song. When the song was over the guys had to do a wardrobe change so Lynn and I went outback. We sat down on the couch and Cj looked at me and said "Great job making more believable, but next wait for until after the song." I blushed and said "I'm sorry I couldn't help it." Casey smiled and walked over to me and kissed me again.   

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