Book 1 in the Distractions series. Blake had never imagined that moving to London would have brought her to Louis. It was practically a love at first sight fairytale romance, but will someone ruin the new couples bliss...? •Author's note this book does contain graphic sex scenes. After all it is Rated like R. •Keep in mind both sides of the relationship have their secrets, it's told form multiple points of view.


3. Drunken Love

It was almost midnight by the time Louis and I arrived back at my flat. Harry had passed out early and everyone else dispersed to different parties. I was just about ready to pass out on the floor, I was exhausted from the party. Niall had already gone home and Louis had insisted he would stay and take care of me. I wasn't terribly drunk. We had gone through a McDonald's drive thru, and I swear if that teenage girl hadn't been working she would've dove right through the drive thru window and into Louis's car. We didn't bother going to the table to eat, and Louis wasn't sure if I would even make it that far without passing out. So we just settled for the couch, I curled up against Louis and ate my chicken nuggets as we watched Orange is The New Black. Once I had finished I sat up and kissed his cheek.

"I'm gonna go shower." I said against his skin. I decided to tease him, so I stood up and tore off the already soaked t-shirt, revealing my bikini top.

"Would you undo this?" I asked innocently, batting my lashes.

He stood and began to untie the material, kissing my collarbone softly.

"Nice tattoo." He whispered as he brushed his fingers against it, moving his hands down to my face. My top half undone. I turned to him as I pulled out my braid, allowing my brown waved to tumble down my shoulders. I locked my fingers in his hair. His hands moved back to the bikini top and he continued to undo it. I let him. He kissed the nape of my neck and we fell back onto the couch. My bikini top had fallen off and was now on the floor. I was fighting every fibre in my body that was telling me to go ahead and jump his bones, especially in moments like this, when everything he did was turning me on. I grabbed a fistful of his shirt as he lay on top of me. He helped me pull it over his head. He was hard. I could feel his dick pressing into my thigh, but I didn't go there tonight. I settled for a little foreplay. I undid his jeans and slid them down. He was a bit shocked when I stuck my hand into his boxers and took his dick in my hand moving my hand up and down the length. He moaned a little and continued to kiss me and rub his body against mine. He lasted quite a while, I'll give him that.

Louis's P.O.V

She knew how to please me, I'll give her that. The kiss in the pool was practically planned, but this? This was all her. I moaned as she jerked me off.

"Blake." I moaned, arching my back. She smirked and started leaving a trail of kisses down my chest. I rolled so now she was on top of me. One hand on my chest balancing her and the other still in my boxers. I moved my hands grabbing her in any way I could. I knew it wouldn't go any further than this, but I was more than satisfied, for now...

I let out another moan and had a bit of a hip spasm. I finally came hotly in my boxers. She exhaled deeply as she pulled her hand out of my hands. We just kissed for a while after that, her body grinding on top of mine. I was trying not to get hard again, but it was really difficult. Having a topless girl on top of you is difficult. I was a little relieved when she finally decided to go and take a shower. "Go clean up." She laughed and disappears behind the corner. I lay their on the couch for a moment, breathless before going back upstairs to shower myself.

Blake's P.O.V

I felt kind of dirty doing what I did, but waiting was killing me. I was glad to finally get a chance to shower. That was as far I was going to go tonight. I hopped into the shower letting the steamy, hot water run down my back. About 20 minutes into my shower my phone started to ring. I decided to ignore it and call them back later. That was when I heard my bedroom door opened and I heard Louis as he answered my phone.

"Hello?" Pause. "She's in the shower right now." Pause. "That's very sweet Mrs. Gaines."

I practically dove out of the shower and snatched the phone out of Louis's hand while holding my towel up with the other.

"Hi mom."

"Hi hon."

"Look mom this isn't the best time okay. I'll call you later. I love you."

"Okay. Bye Blake I love you."

The line clicked, and the call ended. I turned to glare at Louis who was grinning like an idiot. He was wearing a black t-shirt and black boxers. He looked incredibly hot with his hair wet and messy. He laughed and left so I could finish my shower. I finished quickly, re-braided my hair and slipped on an oversized sweatshirt and Nike shorts.

I walked into the lounge room and joined Louis on the couch, who was watching The Bachelor, but he seemed more interested in me.

"How is it even when you still look so undone, you still manage to look so beautiful?"

"Stop staring Louis." I laughed and grabbed my tea off of the table. He turned to face me and we locked eyes.


"Nothing. You're just so beautiful and I'm excited for your birthday surprise tomorrow." He smiled.

"No, no, no! We are not celebrating my birthday. Absolutely not!" I rolled my eye and turned away.

"Fine. Whatever. Have it your way." Harry said coldly as he stood up and started walking to the door.

"Harry. Where are you going?" I said shocked at his reaction, after all it was my birthday.

"I'll try and text you tomorrow, but I'm going to be at the studio pretty much all day. I'll call Ally and have her pick you up and take you out." He said as he walked out and closed the door. I sat on the couch shocked for a moment before walking back to my room.

Louis's P.O.V

It was about 2 am when I heard someone pounding down my door.

"Louis! Open up!!" It was Niall's voice on the other end of the door, he sounded either really concerned or really angry.

"What now Niall?" I said groggily as I opened up the door and rubbed my eyes.

"Take your girlfriend Louis. She was passed out on my doorstep. She's very very drunk." He sighed.

I looked up and saw Blake hanging over his shoulder.

"Oh my god, Blake!" I exclaimed as I took her in my arms.

"Thanks mate." I breathed shutting the door.

"Blake. You're drunk." I sighed.

"I am not! I am very very drunk!" She slurred her words and laughed as she threw her head back.

"Okay. Okay." I laid her on a bed in the guest room and changed her into one of my t-shirts.

She was asleep almost instantly. I kissed her forehead, turned the lights out and shut the door, exhaling deeply.

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