Book 1 in the Distractions series. Blake had never imagined that moving to London would have brought her to Louis. It was practically a love at first sight fairytale romance, but will someone ruin the new couples bliss...? •Author's note this book does contain graphic sex scenes. After all it is Rated like R. •Keep in mind both sides of the relationship have their secrets, it's told form multiple points of view.


4. Beer and Birthday Cake

   I woke up to the sound of faint ringing. I looked around for my phone and noticed it buzzing on the table next to me.

"Hello?" I answered groggily and slightly hungover

"Did I wake you up?" Ally whispered on the other end.

"It's alright Al. It's almost noon. I should be up by now anyway."

"Good then..."

I heard dead silence on the other end for about 5 seconds before it practically jumped from my hans on to the floor.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCH!!!!" I heard Ally scream through the phone. I laughed hysterically, partly because I was hungover, as I picked my phone up off the floor.

"Thanks Ally, but it's not my birthday for another 24 hours, and don't worry we're still going out tonight, but I'm gonna let you go I have to shower..." I said halfheartedly. We said our goodbyes and the phone line clicked as I hung up the phone.

I looked around at my surroundings. I had little memory of last night and no memory of where I was or how I got here.

I looked down at what I was wearing as I pulled myself out of the bed. I was wearing a large, black, t-shirt. A guy's large, black, t-shirt. I started to panic a bit, I didn't remember anything from last night and now here I was in someone else's flat in another guy's t-shirt. I listened carefully for any sound of movement or footsteps behind the bedroom door. I heard dead silence and carefully crept out of the door. The flat was stunning. It had a large open lounge area, an enormous kitchen, two other guest rooms plus the master room and each one had their own built in bathroom. If I wasn't panicking and experiencing a massive hangover I would be in awe of this place.

   My eyes swept around the room and landed on the post it note attached attached to the wall. I rubbed my eyes to make sure it wasn't an alcohol induced hallucination. It wasn't.  I walked closer to the door in order to read the note. I let out a sigh of relief when I realized it was from Louis. the note read...

Blake, I'm sorry for leaving you so early in the morning. I had to meet the guys at the studio. In case you don't remember...you got very, VERY, drunk and passed out on Niall's doorstep. He brought you up here. Enjoy yourself, make yourself at home. I won't be home until late. I love you. ~Louis

I smiled as I peeled off Louis's large t-shirt and drew a bath in the enormous Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom. It was all o beautiful. The tub was made of stone, it had jets, and spa lights. I closed my eyes as I let my head sink under the warm water.


It felt like hours when my head finally re-surfaced. I started coughing horrendously and gasping for air. I guess I had fallen asleep in the tub. I looked to see who had pulled me out, my eyes met Harry's as he quickly pulled me out and wrapped a towel around my body. I was shaking from the cold water and the shock my body was still in as Harry led me to a room where I could change. My breathing soon slowed as I pulled one of Louis's t-shirts over my head, my wet air still stuck on my face. I had pulled a blanket off of the bed as I walked out to meet Harry. He was leaning against the couch as I walked out and quickly straightened when he saw me.

"Are you okay?" He asked quietly, his eyes soft and sympathetic. 

"Yea, yeah. I'm fine." I breathed, still slightly shaking from the cold.

"Good...THEN WHAT THE HELL WHERE YOU DOING?!?!" He yelled at me as his face quickly hardened. I was taken aback by his sudden change in mood and took a couple steps back.

"I...I don't know. I fell asleep I guess." I stuttered in shock.

Harry calmed down pretty quickly when he realized he had given me quite a scare.

"I'm sorry I snapped, but you could've died Blake and Ally can't have a dead maid of honor." He breathed. I gasped as my eyes widened. Ally hadn't asked me to be her maid of honor yet, i didn't even know I was under consideration for the position...and then the reality of the situation set in. 

"Louis said he was going to be at the studio with you and the guys all day, so why are you here Harry?" I questioned quickly as I narrowed my eyes.

"He told me to come pick up the notebook he had let on the couch this morning." He said as he held up a red, spiral notebook.

"And why didn't he come and get it himself?" I continued to interrogate him, either Harry was telling the truth and Louis did send him to get the notebook or Louis was hiding something and Harry was a damn good liar.

"Because he was in the middle of recording part of our new song and needed the book for the guitar cord progression for the chorus, which is in the notebook. he had asked me to come and get it, just before he went into the sound booth." Harry explained as he grabbed his keys off the counter, notebook in hand and headed for the door. He paused for a second, but didn't turn around.

"Don't die Blake. he couldn't take it." He said solemnly and then he was gone, leaving me alone in the lounge area in Louis's t-shirt the day before my birthday.

I went back into Louis room and climbed into bed. I needed to sleep off this hangover before going out with Ally and some other friends o hers, that she was dying for me to meet.

i woke up about three hours later and looked down at my phone and saw 14 missed calls from Ally, 27 messages, also from Ally, and another 4 missed calls from Harry. I looked at the time and realized I had overslept. Ally was picking me up in three hours and I wasn't anywhere close to ready, I didn't have my makeup bag or my outfit. I quickly hopped into the shower and cleaned myself up before heading back down to my flat where I pulled on my white, lace romper and quickly twisted my hair into a fishtail braid and curling the stands of hair I had left in the front of my face. I put on some natural looking makeup and did a smokey eye, grabbed my phone and headed downstairs as a sleek, black limo pulled up in front of the building. The window rolled down and I saw Ally's head pop out. 

"Get in loser we're going partying!" She laughed as she opened the door and I hopped in. I saw three other girls smiling and drinking the beer in the mini fridge.

"Okay Blake. This is Lily." She pointed to the girl with medium length, curly black hair, blue eyes, and pale complexion. "She's Liam's fiance." Lily smiled at me and tipped her beer in greeting.

"Happy Birthday, Blake!" Lily smiled at me sweetly. "Liam tells me that Louis won't shut up about you."

"I'm Chloe." The girl with long, straight blonde hair, olive skin, and green eyes smiled at me. "I'm Niall's girlfriend."

"And then this is Gemma, Harry's sister." Ally smiled at Gemma.

It wasn't long until the five of us were all talking like old friends, it was nice to finally have some girl friends to hang out with, besides Ally. Don't get me wrong she's great, but she's always with Harry.

After a while we finally reached one of the top clubs in London, Heaven

We danced and drank until midnight and then we left and went out for a 1:00 am trip to McDonald's. We weren't out for very long since Gemma had to get back to her hotel and Lily needed to get back to Liam. The limo dropped me off at my building. I was so exhausted from the party and all the dancing we did. I unlocked the door to my flat and fell asleep almost instantly once my head hit the pillow.




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