The Broken Path

A Mage, a Warrior, and a Machine, all locked in a dance spanning worlds, times, and universes. Locked together throughout history, guided by their friendship though struggles, pain, and suffering.


6. Chapter 3

The Machine Powers On

     It started with a man's voice. "... preliminary artificial intelligence reaction stable. Sensory outputs normal. Currently the ears are functional." The second sound I heard was a woman's voice. These are my parents.

     "Let's try the vocal chords and mouth now."

     "But we haven't done all the tests at this stage yet."

     "Something tells me we don't need to. Look at his brain function scans here."

     "My god, he's hearing us talk."

     "Exactly. And soon, I think he's going to want the rest of his senses."

     "I understand. What should I boot up first? We don't want to overload his senses..."

     "At this point, I think it would be a good idea to give him the ability to speak. Did you give him the active learning module yet?"

     "Yes, he's going to be learning from everything he comes into contact with."

     "Perfect. Give him speaking now." And suddenly I found I could move my mouth. A thought came to me. Humans have five base senses. I currently have two- hearing and speaking. This is weird. Am I not human? Before I could contemplate my existence further, the woman spoke again. "He's remarkably calm. AI scans indicate that he's accessing his base information and creating data on the fly. This is remarkable. Let's give him sight next."

     Suddenly the dark nothing turned into a blindingly bright light. "Jacob! Cut the lights! You're blinding him!" The light got a lot less bright, thankfully. Looking to my left and right, I saw that there were computer monitors and cables running all over the place, and that there was a man and a woman standing at them. The woman noticed me staring at them and walked over. "Hello. Don't worry, we'll get you up and running in a second." She looked over to the man, Jacob. "Let's give him base motor control, give him synthetic taste, and unrestrict CPU function by 10%."

     Jacob made a face. "Emilia, that's going to overload him! If you want to do that, we need to unrestrict at least a petabyte for the initial learning process." The woman sighed. "Do what you have to." My system was flooded with power, and I had trouble staying awake as my system was overloaded with the sudden processing power that was unlocked for me to use.

     At this point, everyone says I was born. I personally believe I was born when they, Jacob and Emilia, gave me my name. Sitting up from the soft bed I was laying on, I tested my muscles and servos. Interesting that I have a combination of both. The pair were looking at me with something like admiration on their faces and tears in their eyes. The woman spoke first. "Jacob... look at what we managed to do. After fifty years of working on this, we managed to create him."

     Jacob looked at me. "What should we name him?"

     Emilia smiled. "I have a funny thought. Back in the day, people called simple AI's a combination of letters and numbers. Let's call him D4N73. That's a mouthful to say, so his spoken name is Dante, who managed to make it through the layers of Hell, and came out in one piece. Let's hope our Dante is just as great as that one."

     Although I had no idea what they were talking about, after I learned what they meant, I made myself a promise:

     That I would become even greater than the mythical Dante.

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