The Broken Path

A Mage, a Warrior, and a Machine, all locked in a dance spanning worlds, times, and universes. Locked together throughout history, guided by their friendship though struggles, pain, and suffering.


5. Chapter 2

The Mage Rises

     I stepped out of my shower, steam cascading from the opening. I lived alone, though at the mature age of seventeen, it was no surprise. Drying myself off with my towel, I looked over myself in my mirror. My strawberry hair, not quite dry, snaking their way down my face. I brushed it away so I could see myself better. My eyes, brown with specks of gold, stared back at me. I busied myself in drying the rest of me. There was no reason for me to be looking over all the bruises on my body. I shivered and shook my head, trying to clear it of those thoughts. Not yet.

     Walking out of the bathroom and into my bedroom, I took in the sad state of affairs. Clothes all over the floor, my laptop still being charged from the night before, my books all over the place. I picked up the book closest to me and looked it over. The Collegian's Guide to Tertiary Spellcasting. I sighed. It wasn't even the most complicated book I had. From an early age, I was told that I had a knack for spells and alchemy, but I always thought that it was more of a curse. People always coming up to me and asking for me to help them with small tasks, like getting their cat out of a tree. Honestly, this is the twenty-first century, and people like firefighters still have jobs, but it seems to me like I have to do more than all the firefighters in my town combined.

     I am so tired of it all. I wish people forgot my powers, but how could they? As soon as I learned that I would be taught by one of the best professors on magic, both theoretical and real, I cried. I didn't want this. And who knew that lesson after lesson in warding magics would end with me in bruises all over?  Certainly not me. Although I did have my lessons to thank for the fact that pretty much every government in the world is leaving me alone.

     I smiled to myself as I remembered the conversation I had with the directors of various agencies from across the world. It always ended up with them asking for me to work with them, and me juggling balls of fire in front of them, while politely saying "No." My favorite reaction had to be from the United States Homeland Security representative. Not only did they faint, but when they woke up, they took one look at me and fainted again! Great times. I sighed. I got chewed out extensively for that, but it was worth it in the end.

     Looking up from my book, I glanced at the mess. Teacher would frown at what I was about to do, but I was so not cleaning up this mess by hand. His words echoed in my head "How could you hope of doing great things with magics when you cannot even do basic tasks by hand? Just because you have the power you have does not mean that you can use it like it is your servant. Respect the magics of this world, and they will help you when you call on them." I shook my head. Not this time, sorry. Raising my hand, I called out softly, "I call on you, Winds of Dogoda. Please aid me."

     I felt the air move in front of my hand, and in a few moments all the clothes and books on the floor were lifted and began to move throughout the space, falling into their respected places. The key to proper magic is not in the wording, though as teacher would say, "You must show respect to the magical beings which grant you their power." They key is being able to hold that power inside you like a battery, and when the times comes, to be able to release it in a controlled way. If I wanted to shoot fire from my palms like a reverse water hydrant, I could theoretically think of the being whose power I want to borrow, and just channel the power, but Teacher says that is a bad idea. "The beings that grant us power are fickle. They can choose whether or not to grant power, but it helps if you are respectful and use the power for what they would like you to. For example, you could call on Hercules for strength, but he would only give you strength if it was for a good reason, such as helping a man trapped under a car. On the other hand, you could call on any of the Titans for their strength, but they would only help if it was for an evil deed, such as destroying a home. You must match your power with the alignment of the beings you ask for help."

     So magic is complicated, and that's why I have to go to school and learn how to use it. Unfortunately, I have other plans for today. Teacher told me I could have a few days off. After all, it was the end of a semester, which in the case of my schooling, means I have accomplished enough to advance onto more advanced forms of magic. It only took me a about a month to learn warding magics, but those aren't as impressive as elemental wards, which I start learning next semester.

     For now, though, I have my own lesson to try. Brushing off my jeans and putting on my sneakers, I grabbed my bag left my apartment.

     My name is Jade Summers, and it's time to see if I can teleport.

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