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Record Edit Upload equals unwanted fame

Arabella's YouTube channel goes from 3 subscribers to 1 million overnight then she is suddenly drafted into a game show where twenty rising stars complete for the title of being famous. Will she be able survive with the new changes of her life or will she just try to find the escape button.


2. Chapter 2- Breaking News

"Thanks for watching I love you all" I said before turning off my camera. I just started my YouTube account Simply_Aribell two weeks ago and so far I have a total of about lets see three subscribers. One of which was my Mom, she claims to be only be following me to make sure I never post anything" inappropriate".  Last time I checked a video about how to french braid your hair is not what most people would call inappropriate. 

Re watching the video I just recorded I cut out the part where my dog Sadie knocks over the camera and the part when my mom decided it was a good time to clean my whole entire room upside down. "almost done" i thought to myself hitting the upload button.

When making a video on YouTube there are three easy steps Record, Edit,and Upload. Then after that it is out of your control you can only hope for the best.

I tie my long wavy brown into a loose ponytail, and then put on my f21 pig onesie. "maybe I will get a couple of views on that tonight" I thought yawning to myself.  I slip under my blankets making sure my bear pillow pet is by my side.

"sweet dreams Sadie" I say looking at her already passed out forum then quickly falling asleep myself.


"Ding, ding, ding." I woke up to my stupid phone going off. "five more minutes" I say getting the response of about a thousand more dings.

I roll over and pick up my phone " I have over 1 million followers" I said to myself in disbelief 

"Ara Ara Ara" my Mom yelled running into my room " you are all over the news"

"what" I yelled waking up Sadie

" Ara you have been invited to an interview tomorrow with channel 10"

"what why would they want me to I am just a normal seventeen year old girl"

"come into the kitchen and watch it yourself" she said walking off

I rolled out of bed and put on my pig slippers, what  don't judge I love pigs. The slippers used to make an oinking sound when I walked but now the left slipper only does it occasionally and the right doesn't work at all.

I walked into the kitchen and sat down at our two person table. You see it's only my Mom and I my dad walked out on us right after I was born and I don't have any siblings. I honestly wish I did though it would be so cool to have a mini me walking around in pig slippers and onesie.

I was cut out of my thought by the TV 

"breaking news overnight Arabella Chase went from an normal girl to the girl who everyone is talking about. Her videos have some how all gone viral overnight. The link of her channel is attached on our website, and better yet we will have an interview with Arabella tomorrow at 9:00 am. If anyone has a questions that they want to be featured in the interview enter in our contest on our website. Stay tuned to learn about this new internet sensation."

"What just happened" last night no one watched my videos like ever........ wait oh my gosh I am going to be in a interview about me........ this can't be happening.

"Ara get over here you have to see this" my mom yelled from the window

I walked over and looked at what she was pointing at. There were news trucks parked all around our apartment building.

"Do you think they can see us" I asked we do only live on the 4th floor

"There she is" Someone yelled from down in the crowd suddenly I was blinded with tons of flashes and my Mom quickly closed the curtains.

"this can't be happening" I thought to myself.  I walked over to grab my phone.  Not only did I have an huge amount of subscribers my Instagram sudden had a blue check mark next to it.

"Mom I am verified on Instagram"

My stupid photo of my pancakes that i ate for breakfast yesterday suddenly had two million likes. 

"okay come on those pancakes weren't even that good"

"Ara this might sound stupid but I think i am going to get you an agent"

"how about a personal bodyguard while you are at it" I said joking

"oh that's a great idea" she replied not getting my sarcastic tone now dialing a number on her IPhone

"Hi this is Beverly Chase......yes I am the Mother of Arabella Chase...... Oh yes I do like that video of hers too.......So I was wondering if you guys could work with my............... Oh that's great....... You will be over in five minutes..... Okay.... but how your agency is in California and we live in Ohio....... Oh you are already walking into the building.... okay see you in a minute."

"Ara I think I found you an agent and security/body guards" 

"But what if I don't want any" I thought before being cut off by an knock on the door


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