Wolf Shifters

With the humans ignoring their ancestor's wishes, Lucien's pack and others are running out of time as resources and out of time. Celine, Edmund, and others are set on a mission to find a better place, if there is one. With all the dangers lurking in the forest, will Celine and her group find a promise land or die before they get there?


1. Prologue

A beautiful clear night like this did not deserve to have such bloodshed. The stars dance against the darkness as the crescent moon glows with them.

Celine was covered in blood as she and her mentor tend to wounds and broken areas. There were only a few they could not save but with how little their pack is, few is too many. Brandon, a fierce fighter and Celine's and so many of her other's schoolhouse instructor from when they were young. His underbelly was thrashed, sliced wide open during the battle. Cody, a boy no younger than her had his life cut short. He tried to speak but couldn't make out words. His eyes were filled with fear and terror and all she was able to do was watch him die. Another wolf clawed him in the jugular it was a miracle he survived to get to the medics. Alas, he ceased to breathe within seconds. The struggling stopped and his body rested within her arms. The boy had been a friend of her's and many when they were younger, innocent, never knowing about the dangers of being werewolves. Celine has never felt this unworthy of her abilities since the day she became an apprentice.

"There was nothing you could do." Lucy's voice informed.

Her mentor is quickly bandaging Heather's abdomen as the girl groans. She is a great fighter from what she has seen from practices. She is always confident with herself and so much to the point where it is strange to see her face screwing up in pain.

"Jonathan," she whimpered. "She jumped right in front of me and they-"

Lucy shushes her and looks to her apprentice.

"You need to tend to the ones you can save," she asserts.

"You can cry later."

Celine reached to touch her cheek to feel tears. She hadn't known she was crying.

"Get to work Celine!"

She is shaken from her thoughts and continues towards other victims. Many were screaming in agony, the metallic smell of blood oozed from the Medic Cabin. Celine is not used to taking care of so many patients who needed extreme attention all at once.

Once Celine finishes helping Lucy treat one more fighter, her legs give out and she collapses from the overwhelming situation. The blood stained on her hands makes her nauseous. The tears return and she buries her head between her knees.

A warm comforting hand presses against her back.

Celine lifts her head to see her mentor smiling.

"You did well for your first time tending to many people at once."

"But they died," she sniffed. "My friends died!"

Lucy took her into her arms.

"I've lost so many friends as well over the years that I have been a medic. The pain will never go away but you have to keep trudging. One of the first lessons it aught you was save who you are able to save, and you did well. I'm not able to give you simulations like these. Sometimes you need to learn from experience."

Lucy holds her tighter and Celine returns the embrace.

"The pack will mourn and bury the bodies tomorrow morning. You need to get some rest, I will clean up here."

Celine gives her a nod and goes to find Edmund. The boy she had to force out of her mind as she worked to save others. Feelings of worry and dread flooded within her, however irrational they were. She had not seen him at the medic cabin and is probably off with his mentor listening to a briefing.

He has to be okay

Her legs carried her to the Alpha's Cabin. Intangible voices echo through the doors as she shyly creaks it ajar.

"You are dismissed," a booming voice announced.

Pack members began to exit the cabin and Celine looks desperately for the boy within the clutter. Anxiousness emerged as she was unable to see him. Without thinking, she enters the cabin praying that he is in there.

Two figures stood and she only gazed at one.

Edmund's expression was filled with seriousness as he listens intently with to mentor. It was no doubt the booming voice belonged to him. Edmund was covered with cuts and bruises but he stands as if there is not a scratch on him.

He's okay

"Edmund," her mouth involuntarily squeaked.

He tilts his head at the sound of his name. Icy blue eyes lock with her warm brown ones and suddenly Celine knows of nothing else but him.

Within less than a second she was in his arms. She hides her face in his pale shoulder as he clutches on her for dear life.

Lucien smiles knowingly at them.

"We'll continue our discussion tomorrow." With nothing else to say, the pack Alpha leaves.

"Are you alright?" He asks as he tangles his fingers in her coily hair.

She violently shakes her head.

"Brandon, Jonathan, and Cody didn't make it and I couldn't do anything!"

Edmund lifts her head with her chin and wipes her tears away with his thumb. He had a look of hurt and concern.

"It's not fair, but I know you and Lucy did all you could-"

"But what if it happens to you?! I won't be able to take that!" she shrieks.

"Don't think about that."

"How can I NOT think about that??"

Edmund gives her one of those smiles that makes her heart stop. He caresses her cheek and leans to whisper in her ear.

"I'll take your mind off of it."

His breath causes her to shudder, his words made her blush and his chuckle only makes it worse. Before she can let out another breath she is being lifted by his strong arms.

"Let's get back to our cabin," he purrs.

Soon their own cabin was filled with creaks, moans, and words of love.

"You're so beautiful like this," Edmund admires as he thrusts into her.

"I wouldn't mind being buried within you forever," he groans.

"Please Edmund, more!" she begs rocking up against him.

"I'll give you everything." he responds, holding her waist and pounding harder into her.

It wasn't long before they reached their peak.

Edmund releases into her and they ride out the waves of pleasure together.

They press up against each other lovingly and Edmund quickly drifts off. Celine stays awake a little while longer as she runs her finger's through he mate's soft dark hair. The moon's light made his pale skin glow causing him to look angelic. He was truly beautiful and Celine wandered what he saw in her. She was not striking like any other the other pack members and thought herself as forgettable. He is her age groups best fighter and in training to be the next leader. He has a voice that can soothe and influence the hardest of people. Celine is nothing compared to him. As if he knew how negative she was thinking, Edmunds arms held her closer. She smiled softly yet briefly

Worry about the events beforehand still plagued her even at the place she felt safest. She was eager to know what Lucien would say at sunrise.

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