The Curious Pastime Tales

Here is my tales,
My tale of woe,
Yet please gather round,
As I tell my tale, of The Curious Pastimes.


4. Other points in the World At the Moment

Here are other points of notes within the world, The Empire of the Golden Isles. It consists of a martial force and civil service made up of ogres, hobgoblins and trolls. Governed by a line of rulers blessed by Kritt, God of War, the Empire are formidable foes and deeply honourable allies. Also we have, The Trade Council is one of many trade and information organisations within the world whose members visit the factions and can provide trade in ingredients or materials, information and supplies. People may become involved in these organisations through  events and may gain rank and favours, always for a price.

Then we have The College of Earthly and Celestial Studies an organization that is interested in the workings of the world and its peoples. The College meets each day and maintains a library of information available to its members. People can gain qualifications through submission of research projects and resources are pooled by college members.

The Academy of Arms & Magic and The Academy of Natural Philosophies are places to explore and research rituals, alchemy, crafting, conjoined magic and the newly discovered arts of necromancy, thaumaturgy and demonology. Then finally we have The Academy of War is group of players who are learning to develop their martial and physical skills through quests, training and challenges.

Then there is a dangerous side to this world, firstly we have Demons. They are beings with a reputation for evil, although it’s truer to say they simply have no appreciation of mortal frailty or morality. Formed, not born, demons are said to have no flesh of their own, and must either possess a mortal host or fashion a body for themselves out of the elements. When not possessing living bodies, demons usually appear red- or black-skinned, marked with sigils of rank and allegiance.

We also have the Undead. Most undead once lived mortal lives among the factions, until their death and reanimation by a necromancer or other force; some rise spontaneously, cursed by the circumstances of their deaths. Undead are often cold and cruel, beyond the worst excesses of their lives, and many hunger for flesh or blood by their nature. Transformed by death, undead may appear simply pale, or may be shambling things of raddled flesh and torn skin. Types of undead include the spiritually strong wraiths and shadows, the strong but mindless skeletons and zombies, and the powerful vampires and mummies that span both worlds. But some creatures are bound by magic Fashioned of mundane materials and enchanted by powerful magic, constructs are soulless automata, entirely incapable of thought of independent action. The thaumaturges that create them may use them as guards, send them to carry out their dirty work, or even build them in numbers as an army; spirits and demons may even use them as vessels to operate in the mortal world. There are as many types of construct as there are thaumaturges, but all show signs of the crafting that went into their manufacture, including stitches, mixed materials, cogs and so on.

The souls of the dead, spirits of place, tribal ancestors, the memories of great heroes and even the embodiments of concepts and stories, spirits are generally invisible and incorporeal beings that may possess mortals to act in the world, or make their presence known in stranger ways.

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