The Curious Pastime Tales

Here is my tales,
My tale of woe,
Yet please gather round,
As I tell my tale, of The Curious Pastimes.


5. Diseases and Illness

But, with every world we have disease, here is the list:

Capricious Rot
The exact vector of this disease is unknown but the victim loses one point from one location each hour. This is calculated left arm, left leg, right leg, right arm, body until limbs become immobilised and the body, at this point the person becomes unconscious until death. The disease becomes apparent when the afflicted person first notices a large lesion on part of their body that will not heal. These wounds cannot be healed until the disease is cured. Once the first outbreak is noticed death will follow. This disease is Contagious.

Corrupted Wound.
The claws and teeth of some of the most loathsome monsters become bemired with grave dirt, rotting flesh and gore, eventually cultivating this disease. The wounds inflicted by a creature’s claws become inflamed and begin to suppurate. The disease itself causes no further damage or other symptoms, but the initial claw attack is unhealable until the disease is removed, with Cleanse Wound or Cure Disease. This disease is Not Contagious.

Fungus skin
The victim becomes infected with a floral parasite. Over a period of 12 hours the victim’s skin sprouts small fungal growths all over. At the end of this 12-hour period the victim will be unable to move. Generally, six hours after being immobilised the victim dies as their body succumbs to the infestation. This disease is Mildly Contagious whilst the victim is alive but becomes Highly Contagious when the victim has died.

Grave Rot
This insidious supernatural sickness has all the symptoms and effects of Capricious Rot until the victim dies. As soon as someone infected with Grave Rot is dead – whether killed by the disease or not – they rise as an uncontrolled Zombie and are still infected with Grave Rot, and attack the nearest living creatures. This disease is Contagious.

Grinning Fool 
A very subtle disease that attacks the victim’s brain. The victim slowly begins to forget their skills at a rate of one per hour When all of a character’s skills are gone the character will be unable to recognise friends, animals and objects. Eventually as the name suggests the victim becomes completely withdrawn and unless somebody takes care of them they will simply sit and starve to death. If cured the victim will regain their skills at a rate of one per hour. This disease is Not Contagious.

This disease is thought to be magical in nature as it only affects spell casters. Once infected, the victim will gradually lose their spell casting ability. This manifests itself as the loss of one magical power per hour. The magic user’s power will not return the following sunrise. If the disease is allowed to continue the victim will eventually lose all of their spellcasting abilities, if this happens before they are cured the ability will not return even if they are then cured. If the victim is cured before this point, then spell powers return the following sunrise as normal. This disease is Mildly Contagious

This disease is sometimes also known as Warrior’s Curse. It affects the muscles of the victim causing them to shake uncontrollably. As the disease gains strength the shaking will become more violent until eventually the afflicted character will be unable to hold anything in their hands at all. In the final stages of this disease the victim is unable to even walk or talk. Once the symptoms manifest themselves the victim will usually have around 12 hours before becoming completely helpless. This disease is Mildly Contagious.

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