The Curious Pastime Tales

Here is my tales,
My tale of woe,
Yet please gather round,
As I tell my tale, of The Curious Pastimes.


15. Current Threats

Here are the Current issues and threats in the realm:

Rex Mundi The intention of Master Joseph to declare Rex Mundi is proving unpopular amongst some of the peoples.

The Imperials regard it as an act of War.

Visit from House Dominar – Tarquin, Wade and the Rector of House Dominar came to talk to House Magister. They informed us that House Praetorian were marching on the portal and that they were acting without the sanction of Dominar. They would not retaliate should Augustus be killed. They indicated that they were upset that the planes are out of balance and that they plan to fix this by taking control of the real plane (at the centre). Wade and Tarquin seemed to be open to other solutions the Rector just wishes to carry out their plan.

Court of Crimson – Since the death of Morgain the Crimson court have come into ascendance in Elvesham they have taken the ears of most of the court of gold though we believe that the Perence Jack of Shadows may have escaped. The Court of Crimson has kidnapped a number of high ranking members of the factions, tortured them and cut out an eye and their tongues before returning them alive. In taking these things we believe our enemies can discover what these people know. Those identified to date are Ak’ta of the Jhereg, Muriel of the Algaia, Orrin of the Wolves, and Lady Grace of the Lions. We need to see if any of the other factions have had people taken.

Tattoos – People are being taken and tattooed with sigils which are used to control them.

Ritual – A ritual was undertaken to reveal things that were hidden.
House Beltran/Veltran claimed we had been lied to about the lore concerning cold Iron – the Fey can spirit walk/ teleport with cold iron. They can teleport between planes from the poles. Ancient Fey from the times before “mortals” have specific death conditions.

Story’s Story – The quill bearer continues to have visions. The latest one is documented below:
“There are tales and there are songs. Your duty isn’t done Quill Bearer. For there is a new Story and an old Story but often they are the same – but first the prologue:

When the first consciousness awoke it looked around at the awe of creation but in the blank darkness something stirred and it was not alone.

The story of then and now. Then there was a new darkness. Now the new door opens”

Current Threats:

These creatures were encountered at Rhul and at previous gatherings and so are worth being aware of:

People with red faces who explode. These are blood magic weapons of the Druids of Cornwall

Druids of Cornwall who can jump from tree to tree and use bitterkiss.

Fish creatures – talking of the great devourer who is a threat to the war host. He may have been disturbed by the large numbers of people travelling between the western and eastern continents in recent times.

Knights of Artur – undead knights from Cornwall who are trying to encourage the factions not to fight. 

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