The Curious Pastime Tales

Here is my tales,
My tale of woe,
Yet please gather round,
As I tell my tale, of The Curious Pastimes.


13. 1115


For the Renewal of Magic of 1115, the warhosts travelled to Penrith in Cornwall in the land of Albion. Cornwall was wracked by civil war due to the actions of druids of the old religion and the undead High King Artur and his followers, so the united factions aimed to aid the Lions in destroying Artur and restoring peace to the land.

On arrival in Cornwall the factions met with immediate resistance from Artur’s forces, and were forced to fight their way into camp. Once established in camp the threat did not let up, and there were frequent attacks from both druids and undead.

High King Idris of the Lions, believing that the high kingship had been corrupted by Artur, stepped down as High King and returned the sword Excalibur to the land by placing it into a stone in the ritual circle. It was then drawn by Lady Grace of the Lions, who became the new High Queen and started a new cycle of monarchs uncorrupted by Artur’s influence. In a twist of fate, High Queen Grace and Excalibur were immediately taken by Artur. The Lions managed to recover the High Queen, but not the sword.

In the first major battle of the gathering, the forces of the Jhereg, Wolves, Steppe, Algaia and House Magister took the field against a force consisting mainly of druids and their minions, accompanied by Fey of the Court of Crimson. In a gruelling battle, the united factions succeeded in carrying out a rite to prevent the druids drawing power from a menhir, and in retrieving a box containing some of the bones of Artur. Many druids were slain, and it is to be hoped that they will now trouble Cornwall no longer. The Queen of Crimson was also killed. This victory was tempered however by the loss of many lives, particularly from the Wolves who lost nearly thirty warriors.

Finally, the Lions, Teutonians, Fir Cruthen, mercenaries, and Ak’Kesh went into battle on the last day of the gathering against the undead forces of Artur and his death knights. The Lions and their allies won the field, and Artur was slain.

The other major event that took place at the gathering was the rite of Pact Mundi. House Magister has originally planned to hold the Fey rite of Rex Mundi, at which Fey houses would have had to pledge to stand with or against Magister in the war against the Induccu. However, following the intervention of the mortal nations, the rite was changed. Ianto of the Fir Cruthen led the ceremony, declaring that the golden age of the Fey was over and that this was a time when Fey and mortals would stand together. He asked those present to declare their intent, either to stand with him and pledge to stand side by side with mortals and not try to dominate them, or to stand for the old ways and the belief that Fey are superior to mortals. Vermillon of House Mormoile and Amagea stood with Ianto as sponsors of the rite.

The various Fey houses and mortal factions present then stood forward in turn to declare their intent. Aside from those listed above, those who stood in favour of Fey and mortals standing side by side included:
 House Magister (spoken for by Donald, now general of House Magister).
 House Denahn
 The Ael (Oak)
 House Tegredir
 House Shiehalian
 The Jhereg (Intrigue, Taken of Rule)
 Norsca (Orrin, High Thane of Norsca)
 The Steppe (The Voice of the Steppe)
 The Touareg and the Ak’kesh (Anbaal)
 The Fir Cruthen
 The Teutonians
 The Black Company (Marshall)
 Albion (the High Steward of Albion)
 Estragales

Those who stood against included:
 House K’Harn (two members of the Induccu, including the Rector of House Dominus)
 The Celtoi
 House Heron
 House Tagmatoi (Wilhelm)
 House Sophia
 House Calain
 House Nadir
 Ourobouos, the god eater

Those who stood neutral included:
 House Crimson (the king of Crimson)
 House An’T’Sron (the Queen of Winter)
 House Isileth
 House Amagera (Amhest)
 Lyonnesse

At the end of the rite the Induccu proclaimed that the war would begin at dawn, and called on those standing against to muster on the Plane of Movement. The factions and their allies spent the night celebrating the new alliance, a brief moment of relaxation before the onset of war.

Prior to the ceremony, House Magister carried out a ceremony to dissolve their ruling Senate and make Joseph the king and leader of House Magister. Joseph’s first act was to make Donald of Magister his general.
The following night, Zenobia, ritualist of House Magister, performed a ritual where she sacrificed herself to bring in a new Age of Reckoning (ending the Age of Striving), and create a weapon for mortals to use in the war against the Induccu. It is not yet widely known what this weapon is.
Also of note at the gathering was the slaying of the demon king D’Lammalesh by a large force from the united factions led by Anbaal of the Ak’Kesh. It is hoped that his death will restore the demonic realms to the state of chaos that is their natural order.
The factions also suffered the sad loss of Stridd, man of Rhul and head of the Academy of War who had been one of the preeminent warriors of the war hosts for many years. Stridd was killed by Alfred Thatcher of Albion in an unfortunate incident which is still being investigated.

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