I want power.


1. In the Beginning

I want power. In fact, I don't want it, I need it. Need it like the moon needs the earth and the earth needs the sun and my people all need me.

I'm Aidluir, by the way, Aidluir Moore, queen of Olca, soon to be the most powerful nation in the world. We've had an, uh, rocky history, you know, just your casual invasions and murders a few hundred years ago, some not at all bloody civil wars, you know, the norm. Haha.

But anyway, my country is certainly not the norm. We're just about all alone on this island, though there is a country to the north of us, Alar it's called, but to be honest it's not really a proper country. Just a few farms and wild tribes all running about like madmen. They escaped from the empire who invaded us, they're nuts, and they had to build a bloody wall to keep them out.

Oops, sorry. Unladylike language.

But anyway, the Alaran people are completely crazy, and the people who invaded us the second time, they settled there (note how I say settled in, not invaded, no one would dare try to invade them. Kind of). Crazy people.

As I was saying, they're crazy, need to be kept under control, need someone to have power over them.

They need someone like me. Which is why, I'm going to be the first monarch to ever successfully invade Alar. Get all the historians in here, folks; I'm writing the history books now.

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