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�� My name is Kaya- My name is Nadia- My name is Indigo- My name is Flynn- These are all just names taken from my own life. K.N.I.F.E – We don’t usually go around together, one of us is always in exactly the right place at the right time. Nobody calls for us, we call for them, and the trouble that comes along with every name- We don’t use names for just anyone. We create names for people who need us most . . . ��



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ᔕᕮᑕOᑎᗪ ᗪᕮᒪIᐯᕮᖇY

Aha, I just had that thought again, I’m so sorry- I get side-tracked with ease. Nothing stays in place around here, not even the stained chairs that once held innocent lives in place. It’s like the wire around my wrists tightens with every thought that flows into my mind. Not one thought goes unnoticed, I must focus on everything around me. Everything, including what goes on inside of me. In about an hour there will be a second delivery, this one will be the next victims. I know how it all works around here; I know every single digit that is counted for. There are six hundred tiles in this entire structure, the exterior holds many vehicles that locked up innocent lives for good.

To the left of me is a woman who repeats the same numbers every few hours. To the right of me is a child unconscious from a serious beating. Not one of them is stable enough to roam the city without being manipulated. It’s like time itself has stopped, sharing all its secrets of what goes on around the place. The entire city is to be controlled by one person, and the rest of them follow like sheep. The way this place works, I’ve got it nailed. The delivery times are all in order for me to manipulate. For me to break out of this place, I’ve got to become one of them- manipulate the fuck out of everything.

Every change that occurs in each of the following rooms are all brutal in their own special way: The Red Room, The Control Room, The Storage Room, The Captives Transportation Room, The Hidden Room, The Infirmary Room, The Kitchen, The Weaponry Room, The Armory Room. Not to mention the rooms where they broadcast threats to several streamers. Every person that is on the internet is open to an attack. It doesn’t require much thought, luring them in is as easy as bringing up a worm. Of course with a worm in the system, it requires the body to work extra hard to function correctly.

Some of these killings are not broadcasted for obvious reasons, but they still record it with a camera to show their friends that they’ve commit serious crimes. Anyone who wants in on this organisation are usually leeches. They come in with a suitcase stacked with many towers of cash that is like a city of money in one location. All of this infuriates me, it makes me think that becoming the enemy is the easy way out. The best solution is by becoming a murderer, I can’t bring myself down to their level. Looking at it from a different point of view, I’m not sure they are so low on this chain.

I . . .

“Ah, we’ve got another one with the same old stupid face.” Some tall figure stands over me, I could smell the breath lingering whisky, the smoke coming from his cheeks.

“I’d say that you are more of the observing type, one that don’t quite know where his nose really is.”

Allowing me to talk for a brief second, I didn’t say much; “No comment.”

“Don’t start that bullshit with me brother, you could play that game all day with me.” He smiled tapping my shoulder. “And when it comes to playing games? We don’t exactly play fair.”

“Shut up for a minute will ya?”  The tall figure couldn’t stand away from me, it’s like he had to be up close to see me. “Good, I’ve taken your spying into account, not all your actions are going to go unpunished.”

He made me cough, I felt like my head was rushing with anger. All my blood boiling at one point, and then the next? It’s like it just settled down making me want to join them. “I’ve taken no interest in what you do here.”

The huge grin on his face when I said those words, I just wanted to lash out on his pathetic face. “It’s all too easy to just take you around the back, give you a lesson on how you should act around here.”

“Yeah, it’s almost too easy to want to sucker punch your face too.” It kind of just slipped out.

Laughing at me, his pal ready to lay down a few punches. Those fists looked brutal, the dried redness on his skin didn’t faze me. “Ha, I really like this guy. It’s like every time we bring some new ones in, we end up with someone trying to be brave.”

“Not being brave. I’m just not being stupid; I won’t fall down to the stupidity of everyone here.”

His face right in front of mine, I could now taste the whisky- all the smoke made me want to vomit on his black shoes. “It wouldn’t be wise of you to not be stupid, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.” He put his arm around my shoulder; “You could do whatever you want here. I wouldn’t stop you, and neither would my pals. They’d just rough you up a little, you could be one of us.”

“One of you? Are you crazy? I don’t want to be one of you.” My mind spoke for me; I couldn’t handle this.

“Easy, easy, easy now.” He calmed my nerves. “What if I told you that your own stupidity is what got you here in the first place?”

He had me stumped. Typical, he knew how to manipulate others to better his skills of manipulation. It’s like the reaction that we’d give them was like some kind of medicine. We were giving them a treat, something to smile about- something to smirk with, it’s like a connection to another happy face. All of the estranged victims were being held in one location, several other locations to hold them in as the days go by. Time is a real essence, I never thought I’d say that to myself. Was he right? Did I really get myself into this situation from being stupid? Or, is he just fucking with me?

Leaving me to think about things, he left the room with two of his boys. They left the same way they entered; mysterious. They left with nothing for us to ponder, just the thought of why we are here in the first place. Why make us think about that? Why not show their miserable faces to us? Give us something to really think about, drive us to the edge where we can strangle the fuck out of their lives. Where we can watch their eyes dilate with fear, I want to feel their pulses shut down. Don’t we all? How can we not want all of their lives to just fade away in the blink of an eye?

Their conversation with me, although it was short- made me miss what I was trying to focus on. The second delivery of the day, just where did all the time go? It’s like I missed the second delivery, that’s not right, that’s not possible! How can I miss the second delivery? I’m on top of all this, not them, not even the victims. I’m on top, I’m the king of this place, I hold the controller to this world. They don’t control me, I control them, they don’t make me do things, I make them. Where did the time go?

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