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�� My name is Kaya- My name is Nadia- My name is Indigo- My name is Flynn- These are all just names taken from my own life. K.N.I.F.E – We don’t usually go around together, one of us is always in exactly the right place at the right time. Nobody calls for us, we call for them, and the trouble that comes along with every name- We don’t use names for just anyone. We create names for people who need us most . . . ��


4. ᴠɪSɪᴏɴs

- ❹ -


Three deliveries, that’s right, the man in the mask said specifically that there are no deliveries after the second order. That’s three deliveries that arrived, why could there not be two? Why is there three? Could it be that I’m not here, I’m not solving the real problems in this business? It’s all pointless, they leap around like jumping frogs on acid. Yet, I’m here but not quite all there. They take several packages of goods to the unknown towers, there structures are like their domains. Radio towers even, and they broadcast fake TV commercials for a very specific audience. ‘Raiders’ – these are the power hungry freaks that take pleasure in watching innocence being slaughtered.

Viewers is what they are known as to the internet goers, but I’m not such a Wi-Fi child like all those that search up innocent words. Some are predators typing in inappropriate addresses, every URL they are feeding into these browsers is making them hungrier. Starve them and you can see their weaknesses, they all run on the blood of their routers. These are like power plants to them, pure power being separated to all the specific kind. They are feeding their minds with sick images, and they are also sharing their dirty little secrets with the world.

Then you’ve got your internet predators, cyber bullying is not a thing here. On this deep web you have the torture chambers, the deadly rules, and the instructional guides on how to decapitate your own family. Anything your sick mind desires will be fulfilled in these searches. Every website has a consequence that comes with it. Even if you think you are safe on the web, you find yourself in the strangest places sometimes. It’s almost too easy to escape from there, it’s like being here where everything is running on a tight schedule. More entertainment for all those viewers, and the sick bastards who want more than a little fun; they desire something that breaks the red strip.

Once ahead of them, they can tune themselves into sexual slaughters. If you are as curious as the average internet dweller you can find yourself plunging into so many genitals- ugh, wait, you can find yourself locked between a person smiling at you. Every second that goes by you want to know what happens in the video. For you to find out, you must watch, and for them to find out if you liked their videos? You just have to be brainwashed into clicking that one button. What you don’t know can’t hurt them, but what they don’t know is a different story. Put yourself in my situation, you end up watching a woman undressing in front of your very eyes. Shocking right? Hardly, you can see that anywhere, and here the victims are taken in like slaves.

Time goes so fast here, dates aren’t important. Every hour that goes by is another mistake for an innocent person- a woman in rather spanked, or a man is tortured in the other room. I’ve watched some sick shit- a woman being forced to watch her brother be cut open on camera. They make you think that everyone is watching you, but in reality it’s just you and the camera. I know this because they choose me for testing; I’ve suffered burns, scars, bruises, and even the torturing sides that follow not long after. I’ve taken a beating, a real life threatening experience like no other. I’ve had a knife held to my very throat, they even showed me a little child’s throat for comparison to mine.

These sick fuckers don’t get off from torturing you, they love the screaming, they enjoy the pain. One of them was cutting himself whilst torturing the other. What really sickens me is when an innocent person develops the same intentions, and starts to admire their torturing techniques. Women are the ones to fall for this, and they too enjoy the pleasure of being sliced down the middle. Every so often you’ll hear the sound of a woman screaming for more. Then you hear the real screams; the agony, the pain, the pleasure. Soon the screams turn into groans, and the moaning continues as light dies down. Dimming the murder is like hiding someone’s body in the dark. You don’t quite know it’s there, but you want to forget it ever existed.

“Ah, looks like you’ve been watching too much television again; do you enjoy the acts?” A large man stood in front of me, a knife between his yellow teeth.

I nodded as he placed his hand on my chest; “I’m not one for murder, I prefer watching anything other than two people suffering.”

“Always two? Do you find that not even one could change you?” He sighed.

“What do you mean by that?” I pondered the question; “could you be referring to the one person that faces the camera every day?”

“Isn’t the heat intoxicating your memory?” A second voice crept out from behind him.

“Shut up, you are not going to be here for long.”

“I find that murder is not the answer to your problems.” I spoke out hoping they would both shut up.

“You’ve got it all worked out, the times, the deliveries, the torturous sessions, and the ongoing screams that happen every time one is relocated.” That second voice won’t leave me alone.

“Maybe if you were smart; you’d have noticed that I’m not one for revealing things.” I choked as the large creep squeezed my arms.

“A very tight squeeze is what you need, a little relaxation to those muscles of yours.”

What do you do with kids?” I drooled out my question like I was in a coma.

He smiled at me as he pulled out a cheap camera; “this is a perfect moment to capture, a moment of your life that can’t be taken back.”

Capturing you is as easy as capturing the one who did this to you.” That second voice won’t leave me alone!

Find your shoes, and you will find that every foot you place in each space is being fulfilled with the grin growing ever so much wider.” LEAVE ME ALONE!

No, where am I? That’s a fourth delivery with several boxes containing limbs. I saw the tags; I can see the dates blurred into that thick plastic carrier. That’s not us, that’s those kids that can’t make it out. If I was in a box would I want to escape? Hello, can you hear me?  Am I not quite there with you right now? Am I not up-to-date on the ongoing crimes that are committed every hour or so? I’m not sure it’s an hour, I just want to believe that time exists. So, they can never tell me my time is up, and they can send me back to where I came from. I want myself to depart in a box, I want to go back where I came from. Return me to sender, take me back to where I must go!

Take me home . . .

A/N Sorry for the DELAY on updates! New Chapter is here! I'll be writing the next few chapters ahead of the next one. If you are confused on what is going on, you can ask me for information. If you are lost in the story; please comment. If you feel you do KNOW what is going on, and you want to share it with everyone including me! Please leave a comment below: Thank You!

- Luke J.R

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