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�� My name is Kaya- My name is Nadia- My name is Indigo- My name is Flynn- These are all just names taken from my own life. K.N.I.F.E – We don’t usually go around together, one of us is always in exactly the right place at the right time. Nobody calls for us, we call for them, and the trouble that comes along with every name- We don’t use names for just anyone. We create names for people who need us most . . . ��


10. ReVerse

-  -


Indigo, Location, Device

The national airport is taking in deliveries, the same packages that Andrew (I) once witnessed. Their packaging seems flawless, keep the ingredients tied in with the captives. It’s possible that a few rattles from inside could alert the national police.

I’ve followed them to the station, they’ve taken me to several different departments, several locations that drive me up the wall. I’ve witnessed a young girl drown in her own fluids, it’s like someone wanted her to suffer. I’ve challenged myself to watch anything that makes me cringe. If blood is the answer, then I’m not as strong as I make out to be.

Flawless, it’s like taking candy from a baby. Not quite the sentence I was looking for, but I know how to play a person. It’s like an instrument, a musical instrument that plays to its own volume. If I tweak the strings, the bass, I get a whole new instrument.

Time of arrival expected for delivery to L.A is now being taken into consideration. As for the time of arrival on the deliveries expected to land in Miami? Not looking database friendly, there’s no evidence that points towards a ‘welcome abroad’ day.

Miami known to be the landing zone for those captives, and I now know that my own flesh and blood is going to be taken prisoner. Alerted by email, an email with no address; just a message that deleted itself not long afterwards. I was told to sign up to this email service, they promised me free purchases.

I’m in a rough way, anyone or anything could make me change my mind. If it was to push a button that would nuke an entire planet, I would still be tempted to push that very button. And if I had to make my friends watch? Sure, I have no friends, it’s an easy option.

What about hurting people? What about making innocent lives suffer?

It’s a precaution, I know how to deal with my own people. If taking them down within milliseconds is an option; I will take that chance, and I will build a new empire not far from this planet to relax starvation, to bring home a new system that is flawless.

Nobody suffers, nobody is hurt in the process. I’ve got it all figured out, I can take everything that annoys someone; annoys me, or even makes me want to hurt my own body. I can take it all, and once it’s dealt with? Well, it’s an easy option alone, taking care of those who did us wrong, those who have taken us to an empty city. I’d be stupid not to gun myself down in the process.

Andrew’s Miami Coaster

Packaged, received, taken into the hands of a bouncer. This bald figure stands between me, the deliveries, the items held inside. Everyone who wishes to make a purchase must go through several bald men to get what they wished for. I serve only as a delivery man; I don’t bring anyone pain or sadness.

Destroyed, not received, failure to my family. If I could take those hands, the large hands of those who look down on me; I can then receive punishment. If I could hold the hands down long enough for me to slaughter a million lives; I am an open person. Miami, delivering you the best goods.

1:00 AM

“We’ve received several complaints that these crates contain vital medicine for the public.” Brave, she spoke like she actually knew what the operation included.

I took a deep breath; “your words, not mine, I’ve taken into consideration your questions, your complaints.” I had to take a second-deep breath.

“And what is it that you’ve done with my questions? Huh? What have you done with my answers?” She seemed firm, I didn’t quite know what to make of her.

“You know, they’ve been taken to the government, I’ve given them into the boss. He now knows about the situation, case solved.”

Stamping hard on my foot, her heel dug into my skin. “Ah, I-I don’t know what you want from me!” I groaned.

Forcing me to look into her beautiful blue eyes; crystal ocean blue, my favourite type of blue. “I’ll be watching you, if you step out of line one more time, the boss will know more than a few complaints.”

“Are you threatening me?” I tried to hold my balance.

“Yes.” A simple answer, “I’ll take you for everything you owe those women, those pensioners, and I’ll make sure that you go down with the big boss himself.”

Empty threats, she can’t force anyone to go down by law. Unless she was talking about getting her hands dirty, making use of the resources around her. If I was to go down in such a devious way, I would wish upon her to suffer the same fate. Nobody takes me down without a fight.

The boss doesn’t like people interfering, and if he was to find out about the opposite sex making a difference in his company, I would lose my job. Not only that, I would lose my life, and I know full well that the boss always delivers on time. Every word sent out is a message in a bottle. Discreet, very discreet.

2:00 AM

Miami serves its purpose, I then take that opportunity to not serve my leader, but to make a difference in the operation itself. Leaving for L.A is an option worth considering, I could then change the department of services meeting my criteria. If Miami wishes to go against me, I will bring them Hell, and every piece of a body will go up in flames.

Waiting for this plane to move is like being patient with a wild animal, it never obeys your commands. You can get close, but you can never close enough to see the real picture. That’s what every flight here is like, and Miami knows how different it is with me around spreading the joy.

To the left of me, a man who looks like he has returned from a war. To the right of me, a woman who doesn’t quite know what war she’s come out from. Easy choice, the woman will know more about Susan, I know it, I’ve got a feeling she knows everything.

“Excuse me, ma, did you happen to come across an incident back at your homeland?” A discreet question, I had to lay it out like this.

Looking right at me, she’s all shook up from something. “Yes, not quite the incident one could imagine, though.”

Comforting her is the step two, I rested my hand on hers, she looked right into my eyes. “Again, I’ll ask the question; did you happen to come across an incident back at your homeland?”

“W-What kind of incident, sir?” Formal, I like this woman. “I found a body, a woman terrorized by her husband. Do you really want me to go on?”

“Yes, tell me everything you know.” No longer attempting the quiet approach. “Tell me what you know about L.A.”

“I know very little, as for what I do know, I don’t wish to discuss such matters with you.” Holding a firm, that seems to be her style.

“Well, you have lovely eyes, but I’m sure you get that all the time.” My new approach was my best bet. “Oh, here’s something that no other man can give you.”

Handing her a piece of paper, a forged letter that had her signature dotted on the bottom. There was no doubt that she was smart, but I knew that she was weak. Her main strengths were motherly, she knows how to hold up the wall, protect others, she has no idea how to know when she’s being played.

“That’s quite a noble thing, don’t you give this kind of thing to all women, sir?” Her questions started to annoy me.

“Well, not every woman deserves a fee. You’ve been given a boat load of cash, it’s to keep you quiet for now.” Something went wrong, I knew I could hold it back.

One final glance at me, she looks into the signature, and she’s sold. No longer will she disobey me. “Good, if you could just speak to me about the incident you witnessed?”

“According to you, this signature is mine?” Dammit, she’s onto me. Not quite the woman I thought she was.

“Yes, it’s your signature, you signed it back on a cruise ship. It was your free vacation away from Miami, I have no doubt that you signed it yourself?”

“R-Right, I just don’t remember. Was I drunk?” Easy target, she’s young, she’s perfect for this game.

“Mam, you were suffering from amnesia, you took a serious fall from the second location to the third. Must I go on?” Keep that under your control.

She believed me, gullible, not quite as weak as I expected. She seems to be surprising me with false characteristics, it’s possible that she’s working for someone. I now know that this woman is my only way inside such a scheme. I know the opening is now available, the hatch remains closed but not sealed.

3:00 AM

Gender, female- type; restricted. Fallen from a skyscraper, not quite the honourable death she deserved. If anything, she’s done her time in the past, why would someone want to do this to her?

“If she really was this sweet, kind, beautiful woman who had the eyes of the seven seas. Why would someone want to hurt her? My father knew her, I knew her, and my brother who married her also once knew her. Nobody ever wanted to hurt her, we believed she was the sweetest person you’d ever meet in Miami.”

“Not that it’s my place to say, I knew her too, met her on a cruise ship. We were heading for Miami, not her hometown, but apparently she had family over here.” What a brave man speaking out for the deceased.

“My daughter, firm, strong, good-willed, she had the ability to put a smile on your face no matter the situation. She always made my days in care feel like Heaven, she is the one and only daughter I wish I never had. Why? So, nobody could ever hurt her again.” This father’s tears are just painless, they have no meaning, he never loved her at all.

My turn to talk; “I met her on one of my many flights, leaving Miami, and I’m sorry everyone but Miami was nothing closer to the dime in my pocket.”

“What’s the supposed to mean?” Her father really doesn’t like me.

“Your daughter was a gem, sir.” Keep it simple, “she was a credit to every company she served under. Your daughter was also a con-artist.”

“HOW DARE YOU.” His voice roaring out, I could feel his anger. “You don’t talk about my daughter in such a way, she’s the crystal that this world needed.”

“Like I said, a credit to everyone she served.” Smiling right at him, “she was neither good or bad, but no matter what way we look at it; she was violent, a thief, and a dominatrix.”

. . .

4:00 AM

Sleeping with the first woman you meet on a vehicle?

Yes, sleeping with her was the best thing that happened in Miami. I found out so much about her, she told me things that I would never have got out of her back on the airplane. You have no idea how much she knew about Susan.

You’re chasing dreams, false dreams that don’t even exist. Nobody killed Susan, you killed her yourself.

No, Susan is very much dead, she’s no longer with us. That woman, Ellie, beautiful to say the least. Good in bed, but I promise you she’s not the one I murdered.

Killing the woman that you slept with? Now, why am I not surprised?

Ellie was evidently a female figure who didn’t know her place. Her constant begging underneath my chest, do you really think she’s going to be back here? She never died, she suffered from an unknown illness thanks to a supplier who knew me in Miami.

So, you got someone else to kill her for you?

No, I got someone else to replace her. Ellie was a citizen of a drug mule, she not only faked her passports, but I have full evidence that she used Susan for her own advantages.

Flynn, there’s no connection to these two people.

So? So fucking what, in that case we find a connection.

No, for there to be a connection, there has to be a story.

What is it with you, huh? Do you not see that bigger picture here? I’ve taken out an operationist, a slave to the system. She’s free from all that pain, all that misery, I’ve saved her from her own father.

You’ve taken control of a situation that doesn’t belong to you. You’ve taken down a woman who had a following, a backing, she had more than just a few names connected to her.

I’ve taken care of a person who was robot. She was a bot, a computer controlled device that would lead me to Indigo. She’s neither human or robot, she’s just a device used to lead me towards the true answers.

Foolish, how stupid do you need to be to see the facts right in front of you?

Trick question.

5:00 AM

“Wake-y, wake-y, ah… you’ve woken up after a final night’s sleep.” This is not my time to shine.

“Kill me.” The same two words, they just keep coming out.

He scoffed, “We’ve spoken about this last night, I’ve told you several times that it’s no fun killing you.”

“Kill me now.” Three words, I must be reaching my limit.

“No matter how many times you say it; I’ll make you wait longer until that final night comes.” Circling me like a shark, he knew how to play with his prey.

“Fine, if you can’t kill me, get someone else who isn’t a fucking coward to stick a knife right in my chest.”

“You know what? I feel you need to learn a lesson today, a lesson worth remembering. You seem so confident that death is the answer to your problems.”

Watching him circle me one last time, he turned off towards the end of a perfect circle. Leaving the room, he switched on those red lights again, the whole room looking like a horror attraction. This guy wasn’t going to let me go easy.

Three minutes up, I know it’s been longer than three minutes. I just no longer care for time; time is not important right now. My death sentence is more important than a little extra time. He returned with a large katana in his left hand, the mask had changed; something that looks Japanese themed.

“Not quite the time or the place for this, huh, buddy?” His voice, I hate this guy’s fucking voice.

“Whatever it is, whatever lesson you want to teach me today. I say you end this now, you make me suffer a slow death if needs be.” I no longer cared, I knew more about the system than him.

His large hands dragging a smaller person behind him, the red light soon revealed that person’s figure. I just couldn’t tell from all the clothing this kid was wearing, it could be a child, it could be someone who didn’t get to be tall. High and mighty isn’t everything around here, I assure you.

“Like I said, a lesson worth teaching.” He held the katana to his side. “Now, the clothing this person is wearing; it’s all got meaning, I promise you, everything shirt, every jumper, every piece of clothing has a reason to be worn.”

“Oh, killing someone in front of me, huh?” I knew what he was up to, trying to make me see death in a different light.

“No, killing someone is no fun, I told you that already.”

“Then, what is it that you want me to do? What is it that this innocent life must do to make you happy?”

“Watch and learn.” Those were the last words I heard that morning, today was the day for me to learn something new.

6:00 AM

“Miami, now there’s place that doesn’t have much reason to exist in our conversation.” Always mystery, this man wanted to stay quiet.

“Yes, Miami is a place I visited, you know that I assume.” My reply was best, I made sure he knew what I knew. He dragged a table in front of me.

“Yes, Miami is a place you visited. That’s beside the point, Miami is also the one location that you crossed off on the goddamn list!” Slamming his fist into the table in front of me.

“The list?” Not quite sure what he meant by that.

“Sacrifices need to be made, mending battle wounds from wars to come, I know full well that you know everything about this place.” No longer wanting to hold it back, good on him.

“You know as much as I do, why else would you keep me alive? Why else would you make me sit here waiting for my final day?” I knew the answers, I told you.

“FUCK YOU!” His voice, I could sense the anger, I could feel the frustration of not knowing. “Maybe… you don’t need a lesson teaching to you, maybe, you just need a soak in cold waters.”

7:00 AM

That figure is unknown; the clothing is unknown.

Every thread connected to this person plays an important role in what this man knows about me.

Flynn, what do you know about this?

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