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�� My name is Kaya- My name is Nadia- My name is Indigo- My name is Flynn- These are all just names taken from my own life. K.N.I.F.E – We don’t usually go around together, one of us is always in exactly the right place at the right time. Nobody calls for us, we call for them, and the trouble that comes along with every name- We don’t use names for just anyone. We create names for people who need us most . . . ��



- 18 –


Still no sign of Susan it’s like she has been sitting in the same room for hours. Not even sure whether she’s allowed to leave the room all by herself. Nobody has any words for her, not one word to say about how sad it is that she’s now gone. But I’m left wondering whether Flynn had a point, whether he actually knew about me. Did he have any idea on who Susan actually lives as? Who she is known to society? Not one, but two, I have two reasons to believe that she’s left without saying goodbye.

This place isn’t our haven, it’s not even our ally in the middle of everything that’s beautiful. Nobody knows whether I’m still living in here, I’m like a foetus, just sitting with my arms curved around my head waiting for something to go off. Nothing happens here, and that’s why I don’t want you watching me anymore. I don’t need you here, and I don’t want you looking over my shoulder to see whether I’m pressing the correct keys. Ignore me, let me be free like Susan, and she’ll gift you back to safe haven. It’s your own heaven in much respect to Susan, and you’re not worthy of leaving me here. Not worthy of being alone here.

I’m not talking to myself anymore, I know you’re real. You’ve watched over me from the night they took me in. My own parents are your little fuckers who want to make a difference in this world. You used them to leave me behind to make use of what we have left.  I’m telling the world when this place finally releases its chains on all that is good. You are not some hero trying to play ball with us, you’re a mad creature living inside my skull. Behind that perfect casing you embed yourself into my brain. Do you really think I’m going to ignore you any longer?

1:00 AM

- Susan’s 2nd Birthday –

Balloons; blue, red, green, they all make up the colours that we must look into every night. Whether you’re going blind or you are facing the wall trying to ignore the brightness. Not one of you can stand the sight of seeing Susan limping towards the door with one leg. Not that you’ll ever see that, and this time Susan isn’t playing around like she once was. You’re willing to take your first step into her arms. That’s crazy, mad even, you don’t have any idea what she’s capable of. She’s committed murder, she’s interfered with our minds. Why do you think all connections are offline? Do you really believe that someone behind the front desk is pulling off your cords? I know how many wires there are in this room.

It’s weird, all I can see is the empty chairs that sit side by side in a room that’s barely lit. Not a single face in sight, I can see the shadow sitting like me. It must be my own shadow, but it can’t be as I’m seeing this shadow being sliced open down the middle. If I was to put it into some light I would see a shadow looking down at me with its entrails hanging out like party decorations. You were willing to remove Susan from the room, but our own father wouldn’t allow his own daughter to be in the hands of misery. So, he took care of both of us that night. I believed that ripping out the cords would remove the virus from her system, but it just left her with a coma.

Breathless, she’s hanging off the chair with her head slit open. There was a tall man with quite a bushy beard, he’s hanging them all from the ceiling. Not only is it her birthday that’s counting down the seconds. I’m on my second birthday, it’s Susan’s day that matters to me. Lifeless, she’s feeling the end reaching her heart, and I thought she’d pull through. This mad maniac stole her life as he force-fed her wires. I watched him choke her to death, slice down the middle. This vile, sickening human being took away everything from inside the casing.

2:00 AM

Still trapped in this chair, it won’t even rock back or forth. I’ve tried rocking in it several times, but the chains tighten with every urge towards breaking free. They’ve got something special for her, she’s holding out her hands like her eyes are actually intact. The man’s smiling at her beautiful face, and the eyes don’t blink once. She’s forced to smile as the stitches are placed into her skin. This man doesn’t know anything about perfect stitching work, but he’s made an effort on her mouth. She can’t speak anymore; her voice is empty along with her body that’s no longer holding in her insides. Spewing out from the inside, the man’s laughing like she’s the birthday girl for this special day.

Something doesn’t look right; I can see someone else in the distance. It’s a woman hanging from the ceiling, how many died down here? Nobody knows, I’m forced to believe that there’s less people down here than there are up there. It’s just… I don’t see her anymore; she’s no longer wishing us a happy day. Susan’s special day is no longer with us. It had taken seconds for her mind to be wiped, and the blank memory that’s left behind is a hard drive with actual insides. The plastic around the edges, the metal sticking out like a sore thumb. All of her brain is intact, she can remember what she witnessed. Her dreams can become a reality with the help of me standing by her side.

My sister isn’t with us anymore. She’s no longer facing the demons that await her. The creature behind the mask is forced to reveal the woman’s hanging corpse. Her hands look cold, and her eyes are blackened out. Not one of them has a reason for me, they’ve got their own theories as to why there’s hanging dead people living down here. Living? Well, they’re being controlled. All of them left with little modules acting as AI-ware, it’s to make sure that they respond to their creators. But if I was such an honest kid back then, why would I remember Susan’s second birthday like it was actually a real event. Not one person has twisted the knife into my skull, but the back remains untouched. I’m starting to feel alone.

3:00 AM

Mrs. Summers, that’s the woman that was leaving a silhouette on the wall behind me. If only I knew that she’d be involved in such a dark scheme. That rapist father of his was essential to making a difference for us. He may have taken advantage out of kids, but he sure knew how to lure them back into the dark. If I was bold, and I was no longer facing the man behind all of this. No longer wanting to live side by side with the empty house, the rooftops that don’t stand tall anymore. Just the empty cavernous home that should never have been revealed to our naked bodies. That’s right, stripped down into the nude, that’s where they had their eyes seized. If you can imagine someone scooping out your eyeballs, just imagine a claw doing it for you.

Echoed laughter fills the room as I’m left thinking about whether Susan’s little brain is thinking about me. But I’m no hero, I’m just a kid with big dreams. My one memory was to be wiped, reset even. They couldn’t make it happen for me, nobody had it in them to change me for the better. Mrs. Summers doesn’t have a name anymore, and I’d make sure that she faces a private grave. If she’s to be buried within the system’s core, I wish to watch her melt away with the acid that he pours. And when I’m alone in this room, I want to watch Susan boil to the surface with Mrs. Summers face intact.

Acid baths, it was a way to remove the skin. Leaving them with nothing but bones, you might say we all have skeletons in our closets. My house was taken from me, and the parents of such a warm home didn’t give any notice to those who wanted in. Anyone who left the room would be given a reason to stay. My father was losing his mind, and my mother was fucking the brains out from every single male that entered the room. It’s rather a moan, a scream, or someone shouting my name with their lungs being pulled out by a machine. Do you have any idea why Susan isn’t with me right now? Do you?

4:00 AM

“Daddy, Flynn didn’t come home today.” Her little voice on that old phone that she’d always use.

“Sometimes, you just have to face him with a different hand.”

“Actually, he’s home now. Bye, daddy, I don’t think he’s going to come back in one piece.”

“You’re fucked.”

Within seconds Flynn was away from his sister. Someone called the cops while Flynn left with his hood over his head. The blurry windows to the house that was going to be under lockdown. I watched Susan come out with her arms bleeding all over the welcome mat. It was over within mere minutes, and Flynn had fled like his sister meant nothing to him. Andrew, his name was Andrew. Flynn didn’t want anyone to know about what he had changed, and the one thing that stayed a mystery on this faithful day was his memory.

Andrew, he’s name is Andrew. Always trying to make a difference, it’s like change can’t be accepted within the boundaries of those who prefer it. Susan’s dead, I watched as she gasped several times. Her little arms reached up for the sky, and Flynn was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t long until the father showed up, he had himself a jolly old time with her. Whoever does this to someone who’s dying is a clear demon that’s behind a human’s skin. The casing held in the creature of nightmares, I watched him finish her off like this so-called daughter was actually a real thing.

‘We’re losing her, she’s no longer with us.’

That’s when I realized that the man of the house wasn’t actually the father figure for the children he raised. They didn’t show him respect, and their mother was nowhere to be seen. My friend once told me that he saw someone who looked like mother, she was about this high. Not as high as you can imagine, and she was taking someone inside with her. Turns out that the someone was actually something. Under a blanket happened to be Flynn, he had taken a real bullet for Susan’s wellbeing. Everything is good, all is grand, and when I watched Susan’s body be dragged away. You’d think I would’ve called the cops, but I didn’t… I just watched.

‘We’re losing him, he’s no longer with us.’

‘My SON is going to make it out of here alive, and you’re going to stand by while I take him home.’

‘It’s not possible, your son has suffered some serious injuries. Sir, if you could just calm down.’

‘Calm down? I won’t calm the fuck down! He told me that he was going to watch Susan while I was out looking for his friend.’

5:00 AM

Don’t believe what you see on TV.

Don’t believe what you’ve witnessed within time.

Flynn, it’s just a name that doesn’t actually mean anything. You’re becoming corrupt, and you’re losing your mind to this madness that must stop. I’m telling you now that following them is a really bad idea. You’ll only find guilt, and if you can handle all of those things that I’ve mentioned. One thing, you mentioned one thing. That’s right, I told you what I wanted to tell you. And now you’re left wondering why I’m asking myself these questions.

5:00 AM was the time when Susan’s body was rediscovered. It had taken quite some time to find all the missing pieces. Someone told me that putting her back together was going to be a piece of cake. That’s odd, I like cake, but she never enjoyed her birthday that day. Even dying from sickness is no excuse to miss out on all those wonderful things. Mrs. Summers had one piece left for my sister, and that was never going to enter her mouth. Susan’s full now, she’s full of wires. She’s full of little pipes that go into her system. She may never eat again, and if she ever does; she’ll never taste the birthday cake I got for her 2nd birthday.

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