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�� My name is Kaya- My name is Nadia- My name is Indigo- My name is Flynn- These are all just names taken from my own life. K.N.I.F.E – We don’t usually go around together, one of us is always in exactly the right place at the right time. Nobody calls for us, we call for them, and the trouble that comes along with every name- We don’t use names for just anyone. We create names for people who need us most . . . ��


11. ForWard



Delivery Zero

Tell me that you didn’t take the delivery? You would be wasting precious resources if you are the one to have taken advantage of a series of stolen goods. All of those packages are to be kept safe, no boxes un-ticked, they all need to fulfill the customer’s expectations.

You know that I didn’t deliver those packages to them. I’m not as stupid as I look, and I certainly don’t give away anything for free; you can’t even look me in the face anymore.

If you were to leave, nobody would miss you, and I for one would not shed a single tear when you resign. Your resignation would be the perfect escape. You’d be free from all those demons you hide away, and I know what it takes to start from the beginning. Don’t question me, son.

You are going to regret this, old man. The day that moon fades, the day I see the sun blind you. That is when your whole system shuts down for life. And when that time comes; you will be sitting on this chair alone. Just wishing that could’ve had a chance to be next to the big man.

1:00 AM

Kindness doesn’t get you anywhere these days. Nobody gives a single fuck about whether you are the nicest person on the planet. It’s when you do something wrong, that’s when they notice you. Just like you, just like me, we both share something that doesn’t quite make sense to the logical mind scope that my father buries deep within. You really don’t see the picture here do you? I’d clear it for you, but I’m not one for making mistakes. Clichés are never going to happen here.

There she is, she’s arrived in that beautiful tight fit clothing- the clothing that I ended up sinking my own cash into. All my funds have gone into what makes this woman special. She’s holding the crown that belongs to you, and then there’s me standing not too far away from her with a cheeky smile. Don’t let her know that I’m here, she’s afraid of me.

This stupid bitch doesn’t seem to get what’s coming to her, I’d forgive her if she wasn’t such a slut. I’d welcome her into the system, but I can’t, you know how power-hungry she is. I may be a trickster, but I’m no special snowflake here. Tragic, I’d give her something to sink her teeth into.

Giving her eye contact was my first mistake in a long time; I didn’t even see her coming. ‘What goes around comes around.’ What a whole lot of bullshit. How could she have expected me to see this coming from such a distance? She’s smart, giving her credit where it’s due. She’s attractive, but I don’t fall into the looks, I fall right under the page where she’s writing those final words of hers. Good to see her under for once, I hate trying to ascend from dark places.

Walking over to me with those tight thighs, her long hair, darker than mine. Those eyes are screaming through those tears; she’s penetrating me like never before. All of these sweet moments are being captured, I’m capitalising every single word that comes to mind. Oh, she’s got me, and I’ve got her. It’s like there’s a web in the middle. I’m being tangled in this triangular thread; it doesn’t want me to leave.

Deep breath after another drawn out deep breath; she’s shadowing over me now. I’d take a third, I want to take a third to remove this exhaustion I’m feeling. I can’t quite tell her how much she’s clawing into me. There’s nobody around to talk to, it’s just me standing in the middle of the room. Her long hair isn’t distracting me, it’s the cool air that’s getting to me. Almost feeling gassed out, it’s quite deadly.

Intoxicated by these fumes, she’s hidden me in a box. Tight, locked in, she’s holding me in place. These four walls won’t remain in place, and it’s demanding me to push into the second one. No body, I’ve got no body to move in with. She’s captivated those who wished to be inside. I’m on the outside, that’s the hidden message here. No wonder she wants me with her, it’s all too much for me. No wonder she wants me inside.

2:00 AM

This is LS police station, we’ve got several reports that two young girls, aged between: eight years old, and another being eleven years old has been taken hostage near a local gas station. Please confirm these reports, over and out.

3:00 AM

They want me, they can’t have me. I’ve given each one of them a fair deal; an option to choose their own fate. One being held ransom. The other being taken down to the dogs. All of them are in safe hands, but they keep coming after us.

I’ve thought about it several times now. Back, forth, back, and forth. Nobody is responding, not a single soul is giving me the time of day. Not ‘ONE’ person is allowing me to rest alone. What is it that they want from me? My life? My job?

“Mr. Phillips, please come with us.”

This large man, his bracelets being golden. Those shaved eyebrows; thick mustache hairs. This man is responsible for most of what is going on out there. I’ve watched him stab to death a child wishing to his mother. And I haven’t got the heart to tell him about the mother’s condition. She’s suffering a wound like no other. Acid, pure acid.

“Make sure that this kid doesn’t speak to any of them again.” His words sounding so final. “I’ll be sure to take care of every child who needs a home. I’m a good father, I’m a man of my word.”

“Yes, you are a man of your word, Phillip.” His stupid sheep followers, they follow him like brainless beings.

“Sue me, sue me if you think I’ve done a bad thing.” His face is glaring in the dark. I can see those bloody eyes.

Just as he went in; clean, a smile on his face. Coming out of the room his still smiling. That sick fuck, look at his smug face- look at that cheeky grin. All whilst he murdered a child’s life. An innocent life taken from them, just by the hands of a large gorilla sized man. You’d think this man would explain to me why I haven’t died yet. But I get the weak treatment, just a slender buddy with a bad body structure.

You think I’m weak? Is that what you truly think of me? Fuck you! I’m stronger than all your operations. Stronger than all your men. They don’t stand a chance when placed next to me.

Wiping his hands with the child’s blanket, those little bloody handprints. He’s taken the sweetness out of this kid’s life. The mother not going to see her child, her baby is dead. Just as I thought it, two masked men drag out a body bag. They’ve got the decency to hide the body. But they haven’t got the guts to give the poor kid a funeral.

“Throw him out with the rest of them.” Those words sink deeper, I can feel the kid’s screams inside me. “I’ll send out a truck to collect them, tomorrow.”

You all make me sick. I’m dying from a sickness that can’t be cured. It’s my father’s fate, he died the same way. My mother didn’t suffer, she suffered to the arms of god, himself. My sister is responsible for their deaths.

“Don’t you think that I deserve a little time to think?” I cried out, my mumbling voice not even reaching the mother’s deafened ears.

“What’s that?” The same masked man, the same fuck who put me in here.

“I said, can’t you do one thing that makes this right?” My eyes rolled up to him, I could see his stature.

“Make it right? Make it, goddamn right?” He stomped right on my left foot, I felt the pain rush through my body.

“I’ll make it right; I’ll make it right.” Just as he said it the first time. That heavy boot crushing my bones.

“MAKE IT RIGHT!” I screamed, the pain energizing my voice.

That’s it, flicking out that knife. That sharp knife that I watched go into countless bodies. “You’re an ass, a worthless little ass.” That mask irritating me, I want to pull it off. “You can’t make anything right.”

“Killing you would be making things right.” My mumbles didn’t reach him.

“Is that so?” Just what I wanted, the knife piercing through my skin. “Just a little more, and we’d have had a connection.”

There is no connection here. The lines are dead.


What did you say?


Stop, I’m not any of those people!

The knife twisted, my screams weren’t reaching him. Nobody was making me see the light.

“Flyyn, Indigo, Kaya.”

6:00 AM

LS police station has taken into custody a faceless man. We believe that the cuts, the bruises, they all point to domestic abuse. This person won’t be named, and we’ve already put out reports for someone, family, friends, to collect this person from the station. Thank you, over and out.

“When you tell me that you’ve been locked in a room. Do you really expect me to believe you?”

I nodded, “I expect you to believe what I’m telling you. What good are officers who can’t follow their own story?”

Placing that cup on the desk: “Good point. You’ve got a commitment here, a whole lot of friends who would love to see you inside.”

“Your point being?”

“My… point is that you’ve got people here wanting to see you go down. Wanting you to put yourself out of your own misery.”

“What if I don’t feel ready to end what hasn’t even started yet?”

“Listen, if you plan on doing something right now, at this right moment, right now. You’d be wasting resources; you’d be putting other lives in danger.”

“And what if I want other lives in danger?” Looking right in those eyes, I could see the fears of a thousand innocent lives.

“Well, in that case- you’d be crazy. No longer considered to be crazy, you’d be crazy. Crazier than a jackrabbit.”

“You know me, Jordan. I’m a man of my word, I don’t bring fear to people. I am the fear, and I don’t belong here. You know that better than anyone.”

“I’ve got a family to back to. What do you have, huh?”

“An army, a war that is bursting to enter the planet’s atmosphere.” Slamming the cup down on his desk; it shattered into fragments. Pieces of art, painted flowers.

Jordan grabbed the phone, holding it to his bleeding left ear. “Backup, I need backup right now.” This man doesn’t know what ‘backup’ means. It’s resetting something that needs to be shutdown. Jordan isn’t a hero here, I’m the hero.

“You’ve helped me through tough times, you’ve made sure that I stayed afloat. Throughout all these times; you’ve given me a reason to live on. A reason to keep fighting these nightmares.” My voice breaking, I couldn’t do this to him.

“Sorry, I can’t keep helping from the outside. This is your chance to make things different, your chance to be what your father never was. Do you really want to hurt people?

7:00 AM

Dear Father,

I know I've always shown myself in your spotlight, I've always taken what you told me not to. But as your dying son, I'm looking to be a better person. I'm searching for a reason to live on, and I found the reason why I'm still here. His name is, Jordan. A guy like no other, he tells me that I'm beautiful. I'm a beautiful angel within the sea. But he never talks about my brother, not once. He's been loyal, given me what I wanted. What moment can I share with him, father? What moment can I be with him where you will be smiling at me, and not laughing like you used to.

- Susan


"Yes, hello, hello? I'd like to report two girls missing. Please, can you find them for me?"

- Line Dies -

"The third delivery has entered the building."


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