Age Before Beauty - HS

Being the babysitter to your dream boys baby wasn't an easy job, but it sure did pay well. His little Rosie was far more kind that he appeared to be but if you broke down his walls he was downright gentle. He couldn't hurt people even if he wanted to, too bad pretty boys looks can break hearts with just one look. Be careful sugar.


2. two

It was one week later another Friday night that I stood in front of Harry's door again. Three knocks and a few seconds later he was standing before me. Dressed in all black as usual he stepped aside to let me in.

"Where's Rosie?"

"At her grandmothers until tomorrow, her birthday."

"Is that why you asked for me?"

"Yes we are planning to take her Jimmys Jumping House."

"The place that hires out those massive bouncy houses."

"Yes, that place."

"What exactly do you want me to do?"

"Be there help keep an eye on the kids, make sure they are all doing alright, be my date and just the usual."

"Excuse me?"

"Did I stutter?"

"Uh well n-no... your date?"

"Well my mother expects me to have a girl by my side and my sister will be there and other family members whom will have a stroke if they find out that I am a single twenty-eight-year-old."

"I'm not sure if that would be a good idea."

Being Harry's date in front of his family was more than just a little bit of pressure and frankly I wasn't sure if I was ready to do that. If we were actually dating that would be a different story. Harry sat down on the couch where I joined him to continue our conversation.

"You're the only familiar face that Rosie knows."

"Harry is love to help but-"

"Please? I'm begging."

I sighed as he gave me a pleading look and I could tell he was really desperate. I thought about it for a few seconds and realised that it could do no real harm.

"I'll agree on one condition."


"Ask me properly."

He laughed lightly at first but he didn't hesitate or flinch at all.

"Would you, Candice Keller, like to be my date to my daughter's third birthday party?"

"How could I say no?"

We both giggled for a short moment until all was quite, there was an odd silence surrounding us and I was unsure if it was comforting or unsettling. Silence was never good because fantasies of him ripping my clothes arose yet again and I had to contain my thoughts from escaping.

"Is that all?"

"Yes thankyou for coming."


I met Harry at his house early Saturday morning so that he could run me through who was going and what sort of question they may be asking. I told my parents I was doing an extra long shift for her birthday which I was but I was also going as Harry's date, for obvious reasons I left it out seeing as it was only for a day and it didn't have to be spoken of again.

"You ready?"

"As ready as I can be I suppose."

He smiled and we both hopped out of his car and entered the large warehouse style building in front of us. His arm latched around my waist giving me goosebumps as he guided me towards the front desk. From there we were directed to where everyone as waiting, it seemed that we were fashionably late.

"You must be Harry's girlfriend!"His mother cooed.

"Yes mother and everyone this is Candice."

I smiled and shook hands and hugged people as we all greeted, at least the group was too big so it was minimal. The kids were all jumping on the Winnie The Pooh themed jumping castle but Rosie immediately started to run towards us when she caught sight of me and Harry.


"There's my big girl!"

"Candy came too!"

"Well of course I did I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Harry picked her up and have her lots of kisses before handing her over to me. I gave her a hug and wished her a happy birthday before ushering her back into the jumping castle to play with her friends.

"She likes you." Harry's mother commented.

"Well we do spend a lot of time together." I confessed.

"So you stay over Harry's a lot?"

"Mostly weekends but sometimes it'll be 4 or 5 times a week." I was simply going of the amount of babysitting I do which I realised was quite a lot.

"Well I'm glad he found you you know."

"I'm glad too."

After our conversation I rejoined with Harry and we all made our way to a table where the kids joins us and a waiter came out with the special cake of Winnie the Pooh, of course. The party couldn't have been more of success and Rosie seemed so happy. Eventually people started to go home and the only ones left were Gemma and her fiancé and their little boy, Roger. Rosie was laying on my lap completely exhausted.

"Oh shoot I completely forgot!" Gemma exclaimed.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Candice we would love for you to come to our wedding as Harry's date, I know you haven't been dating for long but the best man cannot arrive without a date."

"Oh-um well I'd love to." I panicked and did not know what to say, Harry was going to hate me.

"Great I'll make sure to make and invitation and give it to Harry to pass on the wedding is in three weeks."

After that little fiasco we drove back to Harry's and put Rosie to bed before deciding to discuss the situation.

"I'm so so so sorry for the whole going to the wedding thing I should have just said no and I-"

"Thank you."

"Thank you?"

"My family don't think I'll be alone forever now and I don't care if you don't attend the wedding but I'll probably still not have a real girlfriend by then, you should come it would be nice to go with someone I trust."

"Well I suppose I shall start looking for a dress."



"Well Rosie is going to be a flower girl and I'd love for you to accompany her down the isle."


"Only if you want to."

"I'd love that."

He smiled gingerly at me and I couldn't believe how happy I was making him by doing a simple favour. Yet he was such I gorgeous man I was still bewildered as to how he does not have a girlfriend or a fiancé even.

"I'm really glad I met you Candice."

"I'm glad I met you too Harry."

He stepped towards me tucking my blonde hair behind my ear. He rested his hand there for a moment as he brought his mouth to my forehead planting a soft kiss, no fantasy just reality. He then retreated but his gaze locked on mine as my heart started to beat a thousand miles an hour. His lips were so close I could taste his hot breath. Both of our eyes flickered downwards towards one another's lips and that was the signal that we both wanted it. It took less than a second and his soft lips were on mine. It felt as if I was floating on a cloud from the ecstasy. I had finally kissed the man of my dreams.



Stella maxwell as Candice Keller

Harry styles as Harry


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