Age Before Beauty - HS

Being the babysitter to your dream boys baby wasn't an easy job, but it sure did pay well. His little Rosie was far more kind that he appeared to be but if you broke down his walls he was downright gentle. He couldn't hurt people even if he wanted to, too bad pretty boys looks can break hearts with just one look. Be careful sugar.


3. three

I had done my usual babysitting for three weeks taking care of Rosie whilst Harry was doing business meetings or interviews for newspapers, he was a well known business man in London but he wasn't quite famous. Granted he did have a lot of money which he spent mostly on his daughter and me, by paying me to look after his daughter of course. Suit and tie was his usual attire and he always liked to be professional, I got a front row seat of that when he didn't mention the kiss for a full three weeks. I was underage but he was definitely the dream guy any teenager would fall in love with.

"Could you get Rosie ready the wedding is in a few hours and the driver will be here soon, I need to make some calls."

"Of course."

I dragged my bag with my dress and makeup upstairs to join Rosie. I managed to get an alexis lettice ruffle lace midi dress at a warehouse sale, it was a stunning white colour that sat rather nicely on my figure.

"Candy are you going to put your dress on?"

"Soon honey but first we need to do your hair."

"Yayyy can you do ours the same?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

I sat Rosie onto the bench next to the sink and curled her beautiful hair effortlessly, it was rather long for such a young girl. I pinned the front back and added a little fake white flower crown, I continued to do mine the exact same but I had a little make up. For the sake of Rosie begging I gave her some blush and a little bit of lipgloss, although I knew she didn't need any it kept her happy.

"Come on Rosie time for our dresses we have to leave soon."

"So I get to see yours?"

"Yes but I'm sure it's not nearly as beautiful as yours."

I got her dressed as quickly as possible despite the fact that her white stockings were quite a struggle. I packed up the bathroom and her room making sure everything was tidy before we left.

"Come on let's go surprise your Dad."


I laughed as she jumped down the stairs and tugged on her fathers pant leg as he was busy collecting his things. He grinned widely looking down at his little girl.

"You look so beautiful my little rosebud."

"But you haven't seen Candy!!"

I chuckled which cause Harry to avert his gaze towards myself standing in the middle of the staircase. To say he looked shocked would be an understatement, he climbed two steps and reached out with one hand whilst the other was cradling Rosie to his chest. I blushed as I took his hand and allowed him to guide me down the rest of the steps.

"You clean up nice Harry."

"You look-"

We were interrupted by a knock on the door and also Harry's loss of words. I was slightly proud of myself for leaving him speechless as he always did with me.

"Time to go, we can't be late."

We both rushed out the door and greeted Roy who drove us to the wedding, he was a rather cheery old man who had driven Harry around and about a few times.

"Ready for the wedding are we all?" The old man asked from the front seat.

"As ready as I'll ever be." Harry replied.

"Well you and Ms.Keller look lovely but not as lovely as little Ms.Rosie."

We all chuckled at how giddy Rosie was but I knew that she would be sound asleep by seven. The wedding only started at ten. I could feel Harry eyeing me as I looked out of the window admiring the surroundings as we drove to the ceremony. It was at park, lovely open space and greenery everywhere.

"Let me give you a hand."

"Thank you Harry."

I smiled as he held my hand and helped me out of the car shortly after unbuckling Rosie and holding her small hand whilst she walked next to him. There were at least 70-80 people standing around and most I guessed was family.

"I have to go check on Liam go tell Gemma that I'm here."

"Okay I'll take Rosie."

"Goodbye darling I'll see you very soon."

"Okay daddy."

He gave Rosie a cuddle and headed off in seek of his sisters fiancé. I wandered aimlessly before I spotted Anne, Harry's mother.


"Oh Rosie! Candice my dear you look wonderful!"

"Thank you Anne you are much too kind."

"Nonsense Harry is beyond lucky to have found a girl like you."

I blushed furiously and proceeded to ask the whereabouts of Gemma. Once I found her I was embraced in a tight hug, she treated me like her best friend even though I only met her once.

"Gemma you look stunning."

"I can say the same for you Candy!"

She was completely oblivious to the fact that was thirteen years younger than her, a kid almost. I hoped that it wouldn't change anything between us because I considered myself mature and rather intellectual for someone my age. I had made a new friend, despite from those I sit with during class I had no real people I could connect with.

"Gemma it's time."

"Candice! Rosie! Come here!"

"Oh god this better be perfect."

"You'll be fine darling relax."

There were so many people whispering as people took their seats, the women were further away than the men simply because Gemma believed in the grim not seeing the bride in her dress until she walked down the isle. The soft noise of a violin and a piano played as the men one by one walked down the isle, first were the best men then the ring carrier and then the groom. Next were the brides maids. Then it was aye time for me and Rosie just before the bride. I walked next to Rosie who had become very shy all of a sudden as we threw white petals for the bride to walk on, I saw Harry at the end of the isle standing very rigid with his suit freshly ironed and his hair slicked back. He definitely knew how to clean up nicely.

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