Age Before Beauty - HS

Being the babysitter to your dream boys baby wasn't an easy job, but it sure did pay well. His little Rosie was far more kind that he appeared to be but if you broke down his walls he was downright gentle. He couldn't hurt people even if he wanted to, too bad pretty boys looks can break hearts with just one look. Be careful sugar.


6. six

After my date with Harry I continued to babysit Rosie a few times a week but I would stay later so that I could have some time with Harry. All was going well, he stole kisses whenever Rosie wasn't looking and he was such a gentleman even though I was his daughters babysitter. Thursday night came and gone and he assured me that once school finished I would have a full time job as an assistant planner. I was more than exited and overwhelmed by the opportunity. I never really thought about the possibility of pursuing a wedding planning career but I had just never thought about it, I loved weddings and planning was something I was good at so I started to rethink my career choices especially because of the opportunity I had.

"Candy when will daddy be home?"

"He will be home soon darling he is just running late."

"I'm hungry."

"Would you like some calamari with chips?"

"What's that?"

"It's seafood I wished to love it when I was a little girl and I saw your dad bought some."

She agreed to having seafood which I was thankful for because I just had to pop them in the oven for fifteen minutes and then the food was ready. I served each of us a plate and sat her at the table. I added some Mayo incase she wanted something to dip it in to make it taste better, it wasn't exactly children's food but I thought I would change it up.

"It smells yummy!"

"Well eat up!"

I smiled as she had a few chips first and I munched on my food across from her, she dipped a piece of calamari into the mayo and ate it with delight.

"I like it!"

"Well that's good I should make it more often then!"

She ate another piece and she started to cough. I quickly poured her a glass of water but by the time I got back she was hyper-ventilating. I turned her chair only to see her lips were swollen and her skin had started to blot.

"Breathe honey you'll be okay."

I yanked her out of her seat knocking the chair over my accident, there was food everywhere but I didn't have time for that. I locked the front door and rested her in the back of my car and buckled her in. I sped off like a crazy person and switched on my hazard lights.

"Stay with me Rosie!"

I tried to sound calm to not panic her but I was freaking out myself, I should have thought about it when she said she had never had seafood before. I didn't think for just one second and now I was on the way to the emergency room. When I got to the hospital I quickly cradled her in my arms.

"Help! Someone help!"

Paramedics ran towards me and immediately rushed Rosie to a room as they were asking me what the situation was and what happened, luckily all she needed was an injection and some medicine. I held her hand as the doctor jabbed a penicillin needle into her arm and she slowly started to gain her breathing back.

"Rosie your going to be okay."

I hadn't realised I had been crying until I picked up my phone to call Harry, my hands were shaking and I could barely punch in his number. I stood right next to Rosie keeping my hand in hers never letting her go as the doctor did a check up. The phone rang once and there was instantly a panicked Harry on the phone.

"Candice! Where are you? Where's Rosie?"

"W-we are at the hospital."

"What happened?!"

"Rosie - sh-she ... she's okay now."

"I'm coming just hold on!"

"I'm s-sorry Harry."

"Don't cry sugar I'll be right there."

The doctor told me that she was going to be fine but she would need to stay at the hospital for a few hours to make sure the medicine works and to get her an allergy kit. I thanked him as he left the room and an exhausted Rosie laid in her bed.

"Mummy will I be okay."

"You'll be just fine Rosie."


Harry immediately rushed to her side hold her hand and stroking her hair.

"You're going to be okay darling, I'm sorry daddy was there to help you I promise I'll be home more often."

Rosie yawned and we left her to sleep for a while considering the shock she just experienced. Me and Harry were standing at the end of her bed as I handed him a well needed coffee.

"I'm sorry Harry this is all my fault."

"Hey, hey it's not your fault. If you didn't feed her that squid I could've, it wasn't your fault you didn't know."

"But I should've thought about it."

"It's okay I'm just glad both of you are okay."

"Thank you Harry."

"I'm such an asshole of a father, you spend more time with her than I do. No wonder she calls you mummy."

"You are by far the least asshole father I have met, clearly you haven't met mine. That girl is what you live for and I barely have dinner with my father. She loves you no matter how much you get caught up in your work and I lov-"

I cut myself off in the middle of my speech as I realised what I was about to say, I simply wasn't ready for it and I don't think he was either. We stood in silence for a moment until he held me closer to his body as we watched Rosie sleep. At least she was going to be okay, that was all that mattered and I was glad Harry had come just in time. I didn't care if she called me mummy or Candy, granted it was a lot of pressure but I loved that little girl almost as much as Harry did I wants planning on leaving her side anytime soon.

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