Age Before Beauty - HS

Being the babysitter to your dream boys baby wasn't an easy job, but it sure did pay well. His little Rosie was far more kind that he appeared to be but if you broke down his walls he was downright gentle. He couldn't hurt people even if he wanted to, too bad pretty boys looks can break hearts with just one look. Be careful sugar.


1. one

I raised my fist and knocked quietly on the door three consecutive times. It only took a few seconds until he was towering above me with a lopsided smile.


"Hello Harry."

"Thank you again for coming tonight."

"Anytime you know that."

I waltzed into the house placing my bags onto the kitchen counter and bending down to meet the giggles of Rosie who was running towards me. I smiled as I hugged the little girl in my arms as I chuckled at the small girl.

"Why hello Rosie."


Her lack of pronunciation was actually quite cute and fairly amusing. She looked just like her father, curly locks and vibrant green eyes.

"Now as usual I will be back at eleven, and don't stay up too late Rosie if Candice tells you to go to bed you go to bed alright?"

"Yes daddy!"

"Good girl."

"Now go other wise you will be late Harry."

He smiled and thanked me again before walking out the door. He was a very nice man and I had been babysitting his little girl for about two and a half years. She was three years old in a week and I had pretty much known her since she was born she even called my mama at one point. Harry had been single the entire time unless he had a few dates here and there but that was only because after six months of Rosie's birth he had only found out that she existed, her mum dropped her off on his porch and left a note saying that he could have her because she couldn't do it. That must have been a rather big shock to a twenty five year old who had been single for quite some time only to find out the ex love of his life had his child and bailed on him.

"Candy can we watch Pooh bear."

"We sure can."

Her speech had developed quickly and she was very fluent for an almost three year old. I guess that would happen when her babysitter's favourite subject was English and was planning to study literature and creative writing in university. I'm sure she would benefit from that though.

"Candy do you think daddy is going to find me a mommy?"

"I'm sure he will one day."

"Why can't you be my mommy?"

"Because mummies and daddies love each other and your daddy and I simply don't."

"Yes you do."

"Why would you say that?"

"Because daddy prays for you."

"He prays?"

"Yes almost every night his in his room. He says oh god Candy over and over and over again."

"Is that so?"

I felt bad for wanting to giggle but I did not have the indecency to tell the young girl that he was not praying. We watched Winnie the Pooh and throughout the whole movie I could just imagine Harry standing in his bathroom hunched over with sweat running down his forehead as he moaned my name. I shook the thoughts from my head, I shouldn't have thought of him like that because it was wrong.

"Candy I'm hungry."

"Macaroni and cheese?"

"Yes please!"

I chuckled as I entered the kitchen in search of the box, I made her and myself a pot of macaroni and cheese seeing as I was quite hungry myself. I scooped hers into her favourite red bowl and sat her in her chair at the dinner table. After our meal she was extremely tired so it was easy to put her to bed, she was sleeping soundly after a bed time story and I made my way back down stairs. I watched the latest slasher episodes until I was interrupted by a tiresome Harry walking through the door at 10pm.

"Your home early?"

"The date didn't go so well."

"That's no good."

"Doesn't matter. How was she?"

"She started asking about wanting a mummy again."

"I feel terrible that she can't have a mother."

"Well don't worry she seems to think that we will still one day be a couple."


"As I recalled she said you pray for me."


"Oh god Candice."

I chuckled as I imitated what I would imagine him to sound like and his face flashed it's horror. He shook his head an straightened out his shirt.

"She has quite the imagination."

"I'm sure she'd get that kind of imagination from her father."

"Someone's sassy tonight."

"Anyway, why did you cut your date short?"

"She wasn't the girl for me."

"And what is the girl for you?"

"A girl that I want but can't have."



We both simply stated at one another for a time that we both couldn't recall how long it had been. He handsome, that I could admit, but we were eleven years apart and it would never work. It was also illegal for another few months. All of our thoughts were consuming our brains as we looked at one another in one short moment all of our thoughts were silenced. He hastily took a large step towards me and connected our lips together. His lips were soft and tasted like chocolates and cream.

"Oh god Harry."

"Now who's the one praying."

Our lips and heads moved in sync until the fantasy came to an abrupt halt when and ear piercing scream came from upstairs that was followed by sobbing. I shook the dirty thoughts from my mind and we both scattered up stairs and I switched on the light as we entered her room. Harry accompanied her on the bed which I soon joined.


"Shh. It's okay darling."

"I-It w-was the bl-black man."

"You mean the boogie man?"

"Don't worry love I won't let anything happen to you."

After a while of sobbing and reassuring the small girl she finally calmed down. Harry tucked her into bed and read her a short story to put her to sleep.

"Night sweet cheeks."

"Goodnight Daddy."

"Sleep tight Rosie."

"Goodnight Mumma."

She yawned as she cuddled her blanket mumbling the last words in a dream like state. We both quietly left the room after Rosie fell asleep in our best efforts not to wake her.

"So I suppose I should pay you for your hard work."

I simply nodded with a polite smile feeling quite anxious about the way I thought about him before. I would never actually tell him what Rosie had told me, and if I did I definitely do not see it ended up in us making out. As he retrieved the money and counted it in his hands I couldn't help but question whether or not I should tell him, for his own sake.


"Yes Candice?"

"W-well Rosie told me something tonight."

"She did?"

"Uh yes."

"What's this about?"

"Well it was something she heard ... in your room."

"I don't follow?"

"Well she thinks you pray late at night."


"She thinks you p-pray for ... m-me."

"Well then."

"I just thought that-that you should know."

"Thank you."

"That's okay."

After our awkward conversation he politely thanked me as I left his house and I could barely look him in the eye. A fantasy was all it was it could never work.

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