The guy

Andriana just wanted to go for a walk. But that one walk changed everything. She met him, his chocolate brown mesmerizing eyes, and the sweep of jet black hair in the shadows. He was an angry, a dark creature at night not wanting to subdue in the shadows. And that night he roared, because of her. To protect her. Why? Adrianna will never know....


4. I'll Stay

No, no, no, no, no,no NO! This can't be happening, I can't believe this.

Everything was finally becoming normal again. I had left home, moved out of my mother's crazy house, gotten a job, gotten into a good college, had even rented an apartment with my roommate Kelly. Everything was going so good, actually perfect for once. And then this happens.

Why did I have to venture out into the dark that night? Why couldn't I just stay in the club, patiently waited for Kelly?

Yes I was bored out of my mind, but it would have been better than being stuck with a gang, in the middle of a GANG WAR!!!!! This is absolutely insane. And the fact that any of them think I'm staying here, against my will, is outrageous.

I can't believe that Hunter is a gang leader. Why do all the good ones turn out to be bad ones? Why, when I think something good happens in my life, it turns out the complete opposite. "

"Ughhh," I scream out in frustration, looking for my heels in Hunter's room.

I am leaving now, no matter what, I'm leaving right now. I can't endure through all of this, being surrounded by people who are so dangerous. They have guns for god sake!! They actually seemed nice at first, Hunter had saved me, and I felt so comfortable around them. I didn't fear them.

Oddly enough I don't fear them even now, even after finding out their in a gang.

I'm never gonna admit it to myself, but I still felt that they were good people, that their hearts were pure no matter what they did. But I knew this was not true. I was mistaken. How can gang members be good people? That's not possible...

As I was leaving out of the room, Hunter walked in. He saw me clutch my phone in my hands, my shoes already on my feet. He knew what my intentions were. And that's exactly why he stopped me. He quickly closed the door, sauntering over to me.

"Sit", he rumbled, grasping my shoulders and softly trying to make me sit down on his bed. I complied, trust me, I don't know why. I just felt like I had to hear him out, one last time. I owed him that.

He gazed at me, sighing, and started to speak.

"Look, I know you want nothing to do with me. Trust me, I wouldn't either. And I never wanted to drag you into all of this shit, but I had no choice. Once you saw me, you saw me. It was no going back. I had a choice that night. To either leave you there with those four drunks, and not have to do anything with you, or to save you and then end up dragging you into my dark lifestyle. I'm in a gang, and I can't risk it. I risked it last night.  I didn't want this, you have to believe me. But seeing you there, struggling against them, their hands roaming your body, I had to do something. I was so angry, seeing them torturing you, I guess I wanted to save you. Otherwise, I would have never forgiven myself. I think if you had to choose you would rather stay with the gang, than have been raped that night and never have met me. I think deep inside you agree with me. We're not that bad you know? Most of the guys here like you, and most of them think you should stay. None of them, especially me, would ever put you in a position you didn't want to be in. Your more safe with us than you think. The gangs out there probably know who you are by now. They associate you with us, which is very dangerous. You could be killed or worse, used as leverage against us. After hearing all this if you still want to leave, I'm not stopping you. But if you stay, then you'll be saving your own life."

 I had to admit, truthfully, everything he said made sense. 

 I was thankful to him, for saving me, and none of the boys were hostile with me so far. Can it really be that bad? Staying with them? I was putting him and myself in a bad position by not staying here. Deep down, very, very, very, deep down in my heart, I knew I secretly wanted to stay.

After hearing him out, and contemplating on what to do, I decided I had to stay. There was no other choice. If I didn't want to live my life in fear I had to do this. Either way, even if I didn't stay, my life would be more dangerous because people had seen me with The Shooters. The other gangs out there probably already made me a target. The only choice was to live with The Shooters, and become one of them.

As Hunter was turning around, about to leave, I grabbed his wrist. Surprised, he jerked his head towards me.

I looked down at my feet, took a deep breath, and said, "I'll stay".

He glanced at me, and after hearing my words, he smiled at me. Hunter William Adams, the notorious gang leader, actually smiled. Woah!

"But on two conditions. One, I get to call Kelly--my roommate-- and say goodbye to her, and, two,...I get new clothes. Your leather jacket is very comfortable but I'm afraid I can't wear it forever.", I stated towards him.

Hunter nodded his head to my conditions, "You can call her from my phone, since it doesn't have GPS tracking, as long as you don't tell her who we are, and some of the boys and I can take you shopping later on to get you clothes. Anything else?"

I shaked my head no and he handed me his phone to call Kelly.  



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