{A.I.} Sneaking Around

Emily Woods was bored. Bored of Melbourne. Bored of being a single child. But things were about to get interesting. Her father's business was moving to Sydney. So,Mr.Woods and Emily moved in with Mr.Woods's secretary and girlfriend,Karen Clifford. Emily had met her a few times,but never her son. The same night Michael and Emily met,Mr.Woods proposed. And when Emily finally met Michael's friends,a crush developed.
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10. Chapter 9

I watch as the sky turns from a blue to a painted sky of pink and orange. "Pretty." I say. "Like you." Ashton whispers. I smile. "Thanks,adorable." I tell him. "You guys are gross." Luke says from the ground. "Oh yeah?" Ashton asks,getting all defensive. "Maybe." Luke mumbles. Ashton rolls his eyes and giggles. "Cutie." I poke his cheek. He laughs. "Stop." I poke his cheek again. Calum pokes his other cheek. "Stop it." Ash says,laughing. Michael rolls his eyes. "Weirdos." Allison says. We laugh. I quit poking Ashton's cheek and hug him. "Let's go in the backyard." I say pulling Ash into the backyard. Everyone follows. Michael starts a bonfire and holds Allison close to him as they sit at the fire pit. Luke goes to the wooden swing with his guitar. Calum kicks a football between his feet. "Gimme a kiss." Ashton says. I run from him. "Gotta catch me first!" I say and he chases me around the yard. I stop and turn around. He slows down and walks to me. I kiss him. "There." I say. Luke cringes. "Gross." I laugh. "Don't kiss my step sister!" Michael yells from the fire. "Watch me!" Ashton yells back and kisses me. Michael gets up and Allison does the same. Ashton picks me up and runs to the end of the yard. Michael walks toward us. I kiss Ashton's cheek. "Why don't you run?" Calum asks,laughing. "I don't do that." Michael says over his shoulder. Ash walks to the middle of the yard and puts me down.

(A/N: I wrote this section at about 2:30 am. I wrote another part,but it disappeared. I hate it when this website does that.) I lie down in the grass. Ashton lies down beside me and Allison sits on the other side of me. Michael beside her,Calum beside him. Luke lays down on the other side of Ashton.

Still lying down,we don't talk,just listen to the light crackles of the fire. The backdoor slides open,but we don't bother to see who it is. "Awww. Cute. Mind if I get some pictures?" Karen asks. "Sure." Michael says. (She does photography in her free time.) She takes a few pictures with her camera. "So,we found a house,and we're looking at it tomorrow. Oh,and Allison. Your mother left clothes for a week,I think is what she said. And other essentials. They are in Emily's room." "Okay," Allison says. "I hope we buy that house." She whispers. "Yeah." I agree. "Imagine all the fun times we would have." Calum says. "I hope the house is in this neighborhood." Luke says. "Yeah,if it isn't,that'd be a bummer." Ashton says. As the soft crackles fade out we get up and Michael puts out the fire. We go inside and just talk for awhile in the great room. I'm sitting next to Allison at the piano,Ashton and Michael on a couch. Luke's in a chair and Cal's against the wall beside Luke's chair. "You know,I first heard Ash's voice sitting here." I tell Allison. "Really? Tell me." She answers. "Okay,so,I was sitting here,playing a random tune. And Michael opened the door and he asked who was playing the piano." I reply. "Boring." Allison giggles. I push her lightly. Karen and Dad come up from the basement. "We ordered pizza for you guys. We have to go to the building for awhile." Karen says. They leave and we wait for the pizza. Michael pays the pizza guy and Calum puts it on the counter island. We all begin eating,talking,and laughing. "Michael wants another slice! Michael wants another slice! Michael wants another slice!" Michael says. "Pizza!" We all finish. "Never gets old." I smile. "We only said it,like,30 times." Allison says giggling. "Inseparable." Luke says. "What? What's inseparable?" Ashton asks. "Us!" Luke replies. "You're right." Calum says,grabbing another slice. It's pitch black outside so I flip the outdoor light switch. Light shines through some of the darkness outside the glass door. "Night comes by so fast." Michael says. "Yeah." I agree. We put away the leftovers and go into the great room again. Ashton and I are sitting at the bay window,Allison and Michael lying on the floor,holding hands,Luke on the couch,and Calum is sitting in a chair. Michael turned off the great room and entrance lights so it's kinda dark,but not as dark as outside. Karen and Dad come in and say goodnight. "What time is it?" I ask out to no particular person. "Uhhhhhhhh." Luke says. "It's 2:58 am." Michael answers. "Woah,we never stayed up this late in Melbourne." Allison says,in awe. "Yeah." I agree. We all soon fall asleep. And wait till morning for a new day.

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