{A.I.} Sneaking Around

Emily Woods was bored. Bored of Melbourne. Bored of being a single child. But things were about to get interesting. Her father's business was moving to Sydney. So,Mr.Woods and Emily moved in with Mr.Woods's secretary and girlfriend,Karen Clifford. Emily had met her a few times,but never her son. The same night Michael and Emily met,Mr.Woods proposed. And when Emily finally met Michael's friends,a crush developed.
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39. Chapter 38

"Yes! I win!" Luke says. I laugh. "And I lost." Calum says,smiling. "Calum has to buy us pizza!" Michael yells. I smile,but it fades when I think of Allison in the hospital. "Maybe,we shouldn't have pizza. You know,cause Allison isn't here to share it." I suggest. "Right." Michael says. "Calum,you're off the hook for now." Ashton tells Cal,laughing. I smile. I go to the backyard and pull up my sleeves,wincing. It's fucking hot here. My white bandage shows and I sigh at the sight of them. The door opens behind me. "Hey,We want to know if you want to com-" Calum pauses,when he sees my bandage. I sigh. He puts my wrist on his palm and stares at it. "Why,Emily?" He asks. "Cal,it's the fans,they just don't want to listen and I agree with them. I'm ugly and I don't deserve Ashton or to be friends with any of you guys at all." I tell him. The door opens again. Great,more people. "What's going on?" Ashton asks. He walks into sight and sees the bandage. He comes up and opens the bandage. He's silent. He moves the bracelets on his wrist. Scars. I gasp. Tears roll down my cheeks. "Ashton." "You'll get through this,babe. I did. And I know it's the fans." He tells me. We go inside. The blood is all dried up so I throw the bandage away. Ashton asks for a sharpie and Michael gives him one. Ash takes my wrist and draws a butterfly and heart next to the cuts. I smile. He puts the marker down and I hug him. And wince. We walk down to Ashton's garage and they play some songs. I smile and hum along to the ones I know. "I'm gonna take this one home." Michael says,gesturing to me after a song. Luke nods. I kiss Ash goodbye and Michael and I walk home.

Allison and I laugh. Her laugh is the best thing ever to me right now. I smile. "Hey,what's that?" She points to part of the black drawing on my wrist. "Oh this?" I pull up the sleeve,wincing a bit,and show her the drawing and cuts. She closes her eyes. "Ashton drew that." I tell her. "And you cut those." We laugh. "But I regret doing that. And I won't do it,hopefully." I smile. "Good," she squeezes my hand. "Speaking of good,they are letting me go home,as long as I'm careful." I nod. "That's great." "Yeah." My phone buzzes. "Oh,it's Karen. She's here to pick me up. It's a shame she's super busy. Bye." I say,hugging Allison. "Bye." I leave the room and walk down the hall. "See you soon,Tamie." I say to the receptionist. She nods and I walk out to the parking lot and climb into Mom's car. "Hey. How's she doing?" "She's going home soon." She smiles. "That's great." We talk for awhile and she drops me off at the house. She then goes and runs errands. I walk inside. I wander about,looking for Michael. "Michael." I say. "What?" He asks,coming from upstairs. "Allison's coming home soon." I tell him. "Really?" He asks,getting excited. "Yeah."

**1 week later**

I sigh as I look at the stars. I go inside and sit on my bed. I stare at the clock. 11:59 pm. One more minute until my birthday. I lay down for a few more minutes,taking in being 17 years old. I smile. I remember the past year. Michael teaching me to drive,school,all that stuff. I go into Twitter and find tons and tons for birthday messages. I smile. 'Thanks so much for the birthday wishes already! love you all!' I tweet out. A few minutes later,Ashton knocks on my balcony door. "Happy 17th girly." He tells me. I smile and kiss him. "Thank you,cutie."

We chat for awhile and then he leaves me to sleep. I lay there in the dark,planning my day. If nothing goes wrong,or there's a surprise. I've always despised surprises. No matter what they are,unless it's food or presents.

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