{A.I.} Sneaking Around

Emily Woods was bored. Bored of Melbourne. Bored of being a single child. But things were about to get interesting. Her father's business was moving to Sydney. So,Mr.Woods and Emily moved in with Mr.Woods's secretary and girlfriend,Karen Clifford. Emily had met her a few times,but never her son. The same night Michael and Emily met,Mr.Woods proposed. And when Emily finally met Michael's friends,a crush developed.
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35. Chapter 34

We all squish in the car and Michael drives us to the beach. No one is there,I'm guessing since it's 12:30 in the morning. They let us in,surprisingly,and we hang out. Allison must be dying. Yeah,it's a little chilly,but she's sweating and we're not even running around yet. "I can't do this." She frowns and takes off two jackets. I smile. "So,the summer party is in a few days?" Luke asks. Michael and I nod. "Yeah,Mom and Dad won't be home. But they trust us." I tell him. I sit in the sand and watch as Allison tries to teach Luke how to do a cartwheel. Ashton lifts me up and I start giggling. He kisses my cheek. "Good thing you're wearing a bathing suit." He says and I immediately know what he's gonna do. He walks down the dock. "Wait,can I just jump in? Not have you throw me?" I ask,making puppy eyes. "Okay,cutie." He puts me down and I kiss him. I walk back,begin running,and jump into the warm water. I float back up to the surface. Ash jumps in and I laugh.

"So we're taking the long way home. Cause I don't wanna be wastin' my time alone." We all sing. We sing the entire song. "Alright,let's head home." Michael announces. I groan. "Whhyyyyyy?" "Cause." I roll my eyes and take Ashton's hand. I drag him to the car and we climb in. "So,Allison. Any word on the tour yet?" Michael asks. "Sadly,no. I hope I can go." She says,smiling a bit. We all stay silent for a while and I watch the buildings go by. We all go into my house and we all say goodnight. I lay on the floor,looking at the ceiling. I hug Ash and he hugs me. I fall asleep in his arms.

**Party day**

I look at myself in the mirror. I'm wearing a black crop top,black and white (stripes) shirt,and black heels. I smile and do a messy bun. I walk downstairs and find Michael. "Hey,where's Ash?" He asks. I shrug. "I was gonna ask you that." I lied. A girl,Cashmere,I think her name was, comes up to us. "Hey,people are saying there's beer here." She tells us. I rub my forehead. "We'll deal with it," Michael says and Cashmere walks off. "That's all we need." "What?" I ask,although I know what he's talking about. "Ashton missing and Beer here." Michael tells me. I nod. "Oh." I look around and try to find him. "I'll look over here. You go over there." Michael tells me and I do as he says. I go into the party room and Xavier spots me. "Hey,Emily." He says. "I'm busy." I tell him brushing past him. He grabs my arm. "Wait,I want to talk to you." I tube to face him. "Look,Xavier. I don't like you. You've changed. Just leave me alone." I say to him. "Hey,I know that's not true." He pulls me into a hug but I pull away. "Stop." He tries hug me again but I'm pulled back. It's Ash. "Don't fucking touch her ever again." He says,slurring his words. "What are you gonna do about it?" Xavier asks. "You want to-to find out?" Michael sees us when he walks in and walks over to us. "Sure,Irwin. I would like to find out." Xavier moves past Ash and takes my hand. I rip my hand away,but Xavier just puts his arm around me. Ashton pushes him away from me. "Don't fucking touch her!" Ashton says. More and more people turn to us. "Ash,calm down." Luke says,after walking up with Allison and Cal. "No,he touched my-my girlfriend. He can't fucking do that." Ashton tells us. "You think you're so scary,don't ya,Irwin?" Xavier says. Ashton puts his arms out. "I have other opinions of-of me." He replies. Xavier pushes him back. Ash comes back up to him and punches him. Luke and Michael try to pull Ashton away from Xavier and Calum takes me and Allison back a little further. "He just had to go and get drunk,didn't he?" Allison asks me. I nod. "Apparently. And if Karen and Dad find out about this,we're never gonna be trusted again.

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