{A.I.} Sneaking Around

Emily Woods was bored. Bored of Melbourne. Bored of being a single child. But things were about to get interesting. Her father's business was moving to Sydney. So,Mr.Woods and Emily moved in with Mr.Woods's secretary and girlfriend,Karen Clifford. Emily had met her a few times,but never her son. The same night Michael and Emily met,Mr.Woods proposed. And when Emily finally met Michael's friends,a crush developed.
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27. Chapter 26

I climb out of bed,sigh,and take a long steamy shower. I don't plan on going to prom tonight. I put on a flowy grey shirt and yoga pants. I lumber downstairs and grab a bowl of cereal. Karen and Dad are at work and I'm assuming Michael is out with the guys or something. I look out the window and see Michael's car still here. I take the bowl downstairs and watch tv while eating. After I finish,I go back upstairs and Michael makes me jump. "Don't do that,Michael." I say. He laughs as I wash my bowl. "You want me to drive you to prom?" He asks. I sigh and turn to face him. "Michael,I'm not going." He makes a confused face. "Ash didn't ask you?" "No,we broke up." I reply,drying off the bowl and spoon. "Why? You guys were so close and you never fought?" "He didn't ask me to prom,so I was going to go with someone else, he also snooped in my stuff. And he broke up with me. Then the other guy bailed on me." "Gosh. Well,you can't just miss your first prom." "Michael,I am and I will." I promise him.

The doorbell rings and I answer it. It's Allison. "Come on." She says,grabbing my hand. "I'll be back,Michael!" I yell and close the door. Allison drags me to her house. We go upstairs and into her room,where five dresses are laid out on her bed and another on her closet door handle. She picks one up and hands it to me. "Go into my bathroom and try this on," I do as she said after taking the dress. As I open the bathroom door,she says, "You're not staying home tonight." I close the door and try the dress on. It's short,red,and has sparkles on the skirt part. I step outside of the bathroom. She tilts her head. "It doesn't look good. Try this one," She hands me a different one. It's a turquoise one,and it's long and flowy. I put it on and step outside,again. "It looks great. Do you like it?" She asks and I nod. "Yeah. But shoes? And hair? And makeup?" "Don't worry. Here's the shoes," She gives me matching turquoise high heel stilettos. I put them on and walk around. "And sit down so I can do hair first." She does a perfect bun,but also puts a braid across the back of my head,where the neck begins. "Nice. I love it." I tell her and she smiles. "Thanks. Now makeup." She does my makeup,which has more of a blue-er eyeshadow than what I use,but it's cute. And she also gives me a light pink lipstick.

We wait in my bedroom and I put on contacts so I don't have to wear my glasses all night. We then go to the entrance and wait for Michael. "I'm gonna be lonely since you're gonna be with Michael." I say to her,just realizing that I'll be all alone. "Don't worry. Luke and Cal don't have dates. And Ash doesn't either." Michael comes down. "Hey,I thought you weren't going." "She is now." Allison says and we climb into Michael's car. We enter the school and go to the cafeteria,where the party is being held,for juniors anyway. Seniors get the gym. Anyway,I see Luke and Calum sitting with Ashton at a table and I sit down. "Hey." I say. "Where's Xavier?" Ashton asks. "He bailed on me when I answered him." I tell him. "Oh,that's too bad. Well,you have three dates now," Luke says,laughing. And no one else laughs. "Bad joke,sorry." "You can hang out with us." Calum tells me. I watch Allison and Michael out dancing and having fun. "So,when did you guys get here?" I ask. "Uh,maybe five minutes ago." Luke answers and I nod. "Yeah,about that long," Ashton agrees. He smiles at me. "Hey,Emily,can we talk over there for a sec?" Ash asks. I nod,getting up and he walks with me through the crowd. "What's up?" I ask. "Look,I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have looked through your stuff and not let you go with him as a friend." He apologizes. "And I'm sorry for wanting to go with someone other than you." I reply and we hug. "I still love you." He tells me. "I still love you too,Ash." We go back to the table. "So,you two dating again?" Calum asks. "I guess so," I say,looking at Ash. "But don't worry,we can all dance together." I say getting up and taking Ashton's hand,along with Calum's who takes Luke's. We walk over to where Allison and Michael are and they join us.

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