{A.I.} Sneaking Around

Emily Woods was bored. Bored of Melbourne. Bored of being a single child. But things were about to get interesting. Her father's business was moving to Sydney. So,Mr.Woods and Emily moved in with Mr.Woods's secretary and girlfriend,Karen Clifford. Emily had met her a few times,but never her son. The same night Michael and Emily met,Mr.Woods proposed. And when Emily finally met Michael's friends,a crush developed.
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22. Chapter 21

(A/N: I realized that in Australia it's summer when they have Christmas,but I'm leaving my mistake where it is. :/)

Christmas Day,a day full of joy. If you weren't running late,that is. We're supposed to be at Calum's house,but where are we? Next door. At my house. Still. "Michael! Hurry up!" I yell up the stairs. I was still in my pajamas,which were footie pajamas,because who cares? I put on my coat,and boots and yelled for Michael again. Dad and Karen were waiting as well. Michael comes running down the stairs and puts on his coat quickly. "Finally." I say and we walk next door. "Hey." Calum says and let's us in. I take off my coat and boots and sit next to Ashton on the couch. "Why are you late? You live next door." Ashton whispers. "Michael." I mumble and he nods. Calum takes us to his bedroom. "Guys." Michael says. "Yeah?" Luke asks. "I know we said we'd forget that night but,Terrance is still coming to school after break." Michael tell us. "Right." Allison sighs. "What are we gonna do about it? I mean,we have to ignore him. If we make a big deal about it,we're just gonna get in more drama." I tell them. "But he already is gonna be out for us." Calum argues. "He's gotta have some cops by him,right Michael?" I ask. He shrugs. "Just keep your distance,okay? We'll figure everything out after we see if something happens." Ash tells us. I nod.

---New Year's Eve---

My phone buzzes in my hand. I look away from the sky and read the Twitter DM. I sigh as I see the handle. Terrance. I block the account and watch as people walk up the sidewalk to my front door. I see Ashton and I climb down the tree. "Hey." I say. "Hiya." He replies and his phone buzzes. He looks down at it for a while. "What's up?" I ask. I already know though. Terrance. "It's nothing." He assures me. "Ashton,I know it's Terrance." He looks at me. "How?" He asks. I show him my DM from him and he sighs. "We can't keep doing this." He tells me. "Doing what?" "Ignoring him." "Ashton,school hasn't even started." "I'm going to set him straight." "Ash,don't." "Emily,I have to." I grab his hand. "I don't want you to get hurt." I look into his eyes. "I know,but,it's better me than you." I text Michael and he comes outside. "Ashton,don't do it." He tells Ash. "Why? Someone has to. We can't just hide like little kids forever." "Look,Ash,I know you really want to stop him,but there's nothing we can do right now." I tell him. He sighs. "I'm still going." "Then I'm coming with you." Michael says. "Me too." I say. "No." Ashton argues. "Yes." I answer.

I follow Michael and Ashton,smiling,glad I got my way. Even if I had to have Luke and Calum beside me the entire time. Then again,that kinda is weird. But who cares? And of course,Allison came. She's beside me as well. We walk down to wherever this stupid place is. Luke and Cal keep us away from where Michael and Ash are walking toward. "This sucks." Allison mumbles. "I know." I murmur. A few minutes later,Ashton's phone buzzes in my hand. "It's Lauren." I whisper to Luke. "Leave it." He instructs. I nod. We wait for what feels like forever,and then Ashton and Michael just start booking it. "Go,Go,Go!" Michael yells to us. We run,following Ashton and Michael. "What happened?" Allison yells. "We went to where he said and he just started chasing us and we made it to you guys as fast as we could." Michael answers. "Let's go to my house. It's safe there." Luke says and we run to Luke's house instead of mine.

An hour later we arrive at my house. Party is still going strong. We hang out for a bit and have fun. I try to get an image out of my head,but it keeps appearing again. "I'm gonna go sit down for a second." I tell them. I climb up the stairs to the viewing room,where no one can be found. I sit there,keep trying to destroy the image but I can't. "Ah,just the girl I was looking for." I jump and turn around. This can't be good.

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