{A.I.} Sneaking Around

Emily Woods was bored. Bored of Melbourne. Bored of being a single child. But things were about to get interesting. Her father's business was moving to Sydney. So,Mr.Woods and Emily moved in with Mr.Woods's secretary and girlfriend,Karen Clifford. Emily had met her a few times,but never her son. The same night Michael and Emily met,Mr.Woods proposed. And when Emily finally met Michael's friends,a crush developed.
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12. Chapter 11

"Allison,come on. Wake up." I say,shaking her. "Come on,a few more minutes,please?" She mumbles. "No. Come on." I shake her again. "Fine." Allison sits up. "Now,let's go eat. I'm starving." I tell her and pull her out to the hallway. "Okay,okay." She says and walks downstairs with me. "Hey,girls." Karen says. "Hi,Karen." I say back. "I have toast for you. The vegemite is in the cabinet if you want it." I make a disgusted face. "Gross." We laugh. "Your father and I are going to be planning the wedding." Karen leaves and I slide a plate of toast over to Allison. "Where's Mikey?" She giggles. "I dunno. Maybe asleep,or downstairs?" I reply. We eat in silence. "Don't you think the HighSchool was amazing?" I ask her as she helps me wash the plates, even though it wasn't much. "Yeah,I can't wait to go to school there!" Michael groggily walks in. "Good morning,sleeping beauty." I say. "Ha ha." Michael says. Allison and I go upstairs and she takes a shower while I get dressed. I put on a teal tank top,ripped skinny jeans,and gold sandals. I put my hair up in another messy bun,because those are my favorite. Allison comes out in a checkered sky blue and white shirt with white skinny jeans. I do my makeup. "Did you put your contacts in yet?" She asks. "Not yet,why?" I say. "Why don't you wear your glasses today?" "I don't wear my glasses during the day,or at all in the summer." I tell her. "Do the guys even know you wear glasses?" I shake my head. "Show them." Allison says. "Why?" "Because you look fine in them." "Not really." "Uh,yeah you do." "No." I say and put in my contacts. "Why are you so stubborn?" Allison says,jokingly. I shrug and she pulls out her makeup. I look at the 5 Seconds of Summer channel. "They have about 2,500 subscribers." I say. "Who?" Allison asks. "The guys." I answer. "Really?" "Yeah." After Allison finishes her makeup,we take our laptops to the viewing room. Michael comes out of his room. "Michael,come here," I say. He sighs and walks over to us. "I didn't know you guys had a channel on YouTube." He shrugs. "We do." "Well,no shit Sherlock." Allison taps my shoulder and points to her screen. "Woah,you guys have over 4,000 views on your latest video." Michael looks at her screen. "Cool." He walks downstairs and we look at our laptops some more.

~one month later~

I look over at my clock. 11:35 pm. I sigh. School starts tomorrow and I'm picking out an outfit. I pick out a Black t-shirt,denim shorts,a black beanie,a red and black flannel,and black vans. I set it on my clean desk for tomorrow. I plug my phone and laptop in to charge and I make sure my alarm is set. I close my balcony door and turn off the lights. Climbing into bed,I send Ash a good night text and he replies with a you too. I smile and take off my glasses to sleep.

I wake up to my alarm. I freak out but then remember that it's the first day of school,and that was supposed to happen again. I take a shower and get dressed. I ponder on the fact of putting on my black glasses for today. "Hmm," I say to myself. "Would it hurt to?" I shake my head and do my usual makeup,then put on my glasses. I pick up my galaxy bag and put my laptop and binder in it. I grab my earbuds and phone and walk down stairs. "Hey. Happy first day of school here in Sydney." Dad says. I set my bag on the chair and grab a granola bar. "I'm so excited." I tell him,unwrapping the bar. Michael comes in wearing all black and I roll my eyes. His backpack is sling on one of his shoulders and is black and white. So original. He takes a granola bar and eats it. I finish mine and throw away the wrapper. I pick up my bag and phone and head outside,Michael trailing behind. "Are you walking?" I ask him. He nods,still behind me. "Okay,well,I'm going to wait for Ashton,so you could go if you want." "I'm waiting for Allison and the other guys." He tells me. "Whatever." I say and put my earbuds in my ears,walking toward Ashton's house. I turn off the music and shove the earbuds in my bag as Ash comes outside. "Hey,gorgeous." He says and kisses me. "Hey,cutie." I reply. "I still can't believe we have every class together," He tells me. I nod. "I'll keep you safe." He wraps his arms around me as we walk. "I know you will,babe." I smile. "I want you to be by me all the time," He smiles as I look up at him. "Hey,I didn't you wore glasses." I shrug. "I do,but usually it's at night when I'm studying or eating ice cream." I tell him. "You look adorable." He tells me and I kiss him. We walk some more and we end up at school. Michael,Allison,Luke,and Calum behind us. Calum runs up to us. "Hey." He says. "Hi." I reply. "Hiya." Ashton says. We walk inside and Ashton slips his hand into mine. We walk to our lockers,which are next to each other,kinda. Just there's one locker in between. And it's Michael's. Weird. I put my bag inside and take out my binder. I put a bunch of pictures of me and Ash up,as well as some of all of us,Ash,Cal,Luke,Allison,Michael,and me. I smile and close my locker door. I hold my binder in one hand as I put my other hand in Ashton's and head to the first class. Maths. Ugh. I'm terrible at all things math. Ashton sits beside me. Allison in front of me. The teacher,Mrs.Calson,explains the year and yada yada. Every one and awhile I look at the clock to see how much time we have left. Finally,the bell rings.

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