{A.I.} Sneaking Around

Emily Woods was bored. Bored of Melbourne. Bored of being a single child. But things were about to get interesting. Her father's business was moving to Sydney. So,Mr.Woods and Emily moved in with Mr.Woods's secretary and girlfriend,Karen Clifford. Emily had met her a few times,but never her son. The same night Michael and Emily met,Mr.Woods proposed. And when Emily finally met Michael's friends,a crush developed.
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11. Chapter 10

We all sit at the dining room table,eating chocolate chip pancakes that Karen made for us before she went outside to take pictures of the sunrise. "What are we doing today?" I ask. Allison shrugs,looking at Michael. Are they even dating,or are they waiting to find out if she's actually moving here? "I have an idea for the evening." Michael says,reaching for another pancake. "What is it?" Calum asks,sculpting with his pancake. "You'll see." Michael says. "Well,I have to take a shower." I tell them. "And?" Michael asks. "Just saying." I say putting my dishes in the sink. I climb up the stairs and go into my bedroom. I check my Twitter real quick and then pick out an outfit. A Coca Cola shirt with denim shorty shorts and Converse. I take a quick shower. I decide to do my usual makeup and I put my hair in another messy bun on top of my head. I go downstairs and find Ashton sitting on one of the couches upside down. I go up to him and kiss him. "Where's everyone else?" I ask as he sits up right. "Downstairs I think." He answers. "And you stayed here,waiting for me?" He nods. "You're so sweet." "I only take kisses as compliments." Ash says and smiles. "Fine." I say and kiss him again. "Thank you,cutie." I smile. "No problem,adorable." I take his hand and we go downstairs. "Party isn't started if we ain't here!" Ashton says. "Shut up!" Michael yells. "Be quiet guys. I'm trying to listen." Luke says. "We would be able to hear if you weren't talking." Calum nudges Luke. I look at Ashton. "Look what you started."I tell him. He smiles. "I was just doing my job." I laugh. "Hey,why don't we have a band practice today?" Ashton suggests. "I guess. Let's go now." Michael says,getting up. We walk outside. "Who's house are we going to?" I ask Ashton. "Mine,silly." We giggle. I kiss his cheek as we walk down to his house. He thumbs in a code to open the garage from the outside. "Ash,it's empty." I say,gesturing to the empty garage. "Oh! Right," Ashton says. "The stuff is at your house,Michael." Michael sighs and we walk back down the road. "It's okay,Ashton." I tell him. "I know." Luke runs into the front yard. "Weirdo!" Calum yells to Luke. Allison giggles.

"We can't all fit inside my car." Michael says. "Can we walk there?" Luke asks. "I guess." Michael says. "I hope this isn't gonna take awhile." Calum complains. We follow Michael and I slip my hand into Ashton's. It takes a few minutes and we are at the HighSchool. "Really? The HighSchool?" Luke asks. "Yeah,no ones here. We can still go inside and hang out. Or we could stay outside." Michael says. "I'm okay with it." I tell them. We walk to the door. Michael buzzes the doorbell looking thing. "It's Michael and my friends," Michael says. The door opens and a lady appears. "Can we hang out here? My step sister and her friend are going here and we would like to show them around,too." The lady smiles and nods. "Thanks,Gladys." Michael says. We walk inside and it's way bigger than my old school.

"This is the main hallway. That's the Office and the Nurse." Michael says. "That's the library." Luke says,pointing to the glass room. "Over here is a bunch of classrooms and lockers," Calum says. "And past here is the cafeteria." "Bathrooms are scattered around the school." Luke says. We see a bunch more lockers and classrooms. "Back here is the music room. And through those doors is the gym." Ashton tells us. "Oh,and past this door is the swimming pool." Michael mentions. We go back to the main hallway. "Now this way," Luke says. "Is more classrooms and lockers,and crap." "Also they have a bunch of study rooms,and research rooms down here too." Ash adds. "Up the stairs,more classrooms and lockers." Calum tells us. "Okay." Allison says. We go outside to a field. We hang out for a while. When it starts to get dark,Michael walks us back home. "There they are." Dad says as we all go inside. "Allison,you live in Sydney now." Karen says. "Really?" Allison's eyes widen. "Yeah."

Soon,Ashton,Luke,and Calum left and Allison and I sit on my balcony. "Karen said it's just down there." Allison says pointing to a house. I nod. "Cool." "Yup." "So,are you and Mikey,new nickname btw, dating?" I ask her. "No,but it sure seems like it." She answers. "Maybe he'll ask you out on a date." I say. "Maybe,Emily. Maybe." We go inside and watch a YouTube videos on my laptop. I search up 5 Seconds of Summer and a bunch of cover videos come up. "Woah." Allison says. "Yeah,they have a bunch." I reply,scrolling through they guys' videos. We watch a few then fall asleep on my floor.

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