My Brothers Best Friend

Layla Morris, a young girl who is the sister of Luke Hemmings.
Michael Clifford, a 20 year old who is Luke's best friend.

Will Luke let Layla and Michael, have a romance or will their lives be shattered?


1. 1

Layla's P.O.V

I woke up a Sunday morning in my home, Australia. Today was the day my brother comes home. I miss Luke so much, but not as much as Michael. I've had a crush on Michael since the bands first gig. I was there in the audience, watching him having fun on stage. He looked so cute. Luke figured it out that I liked him and stopped me from seeing him. Soon, they left on tour. Then, I never got to see my two favorite people. They have been on tour, about 3 times, and then Luke moved out. But now, Luke and his band are returning home for a few months and I am so happy to show him how much I've grown. Like Luke, I have always wanted to be in a band, but I could never work out the guitar. So I ended up with bass, but I enjoy it. 

I herd mum calling me from down stairs. Luke will be home soon. I got changed into some black ripped skinny jeans, a black and white checker shirt and my beanie. I put on some unicorn socks, because why the hell not! I ran down stairs, my hand sliding down the wooden banister. I walked into the living room and saw 5 people. Jack, Ben, Mum, Dad and.. Luke. I ran over to the couch, jumping on top of him giving him the biggest hug ever. He embraced me and started to rub my back. I felt me eyes tear up and as I pulled away, he wiped across my eye line. I sat curled up on his lap, as mum and dad interrogated him. I had to take a double glance at him. Luke looked different.

"You've got a beard?" I asked,

"Yeah. I'm thinking about shaving," he replied.

"And your lip ring, it's gone." He looked down. I stood up, and sat down next to him, in between him and Jack. There was a knock at the door and I was sent to open it. I thought in my mind, "please be Michael, please be Michael." But there was something at the back of my mind, that told me it wasn't. I opened the door and saw a teenaged girl, with blackish hair. She smiled and then barged past me into the house,

"Well come in then." I said sarcastically,

"Thanks, Who are you?" 

"Luke's little sister. And you are?"

"His girlfriend. Oh and he never told me he had a sister. Actually, I don't think he has mentioned it to anyone. Oh... someone isn't love," I went to smack her, but Luke came around the corner. She turned around and kissed him.

"Arazeylea, this is my little sister,"

"Yeah we met," I said sternly, but then ran upstairs. I can't believe he never even told his girlfriend about me, but she seems like a bitch anyway. i sat down on my laptop, scrolling through tumbler, when I got a text. I looked at my phone and it was from an unknown number. 

Unknown No'- Hey, are you at home?

Me- Who is this?

Unknown No'- It's Michael.

A smile spread across my face. I quickly added his contact.

Me- Hi. Yeah I'm at home.

Michael- Well I'm coming to get you. 

Me- Michael, Luke has just got home, I want to spend sometime with him.

Michael- Look, Arazyelea's there and.. Doesn't matter. Be ready in 10.

I quickly got my black vans on and then tried to make an excuse, so mum would let me go. 

"Mum, please. Look, Lizzie grandma has hurt herself and she is really upset. Her mums coming to pick me up now." Mum agreed and I gave my other siblings a hug. As I walked past Luke, Arazeylea gave me a forced smile. I wish I could just slap her. 

I walked outside and saw Michael's car. I hopped in to passenger seat and put my seat belt on. I looked at Michael, his hair was blonde and he has somewhat of a beard.

"You've changed a lot."

"So have you," Michael replied. I smiled and dipped my head. I bit my lip as I looked out of the window. The pictures of my familiar home flew past me. Michael pulled up at a big house and got out of the car, as did I. I was awe from the size of this house. 

"Layla? You coming?"

"Sure." I walked in and Michael gestured me to the couch. He handed me a PS4 controller. 

"CoD 3 or Fifa?"

"CoD, duh?" Michael chuckled as he put the game in. 


We played the game for at least 3 hours and then I realized I needed to get home. I wanted to see Luke and I was trying to hold all my feelings back. I put the controller on the floor and stood up.

"Michael, I think I'm going to go home now."


"Thoughts and I'm trying to stop my self from doing something and... Look, I'll walk."

"Wait, Lay are you cutting?" Lay, my heart melted.

"No. It's just.." I couldn't stop myself," Don't tell Luke." I walked slowly up to Michael, knowing if Luke found out about this, he will kill me. I softly placed my lips on top of Michael's. We stayed in that position for a few minuets and it got to the point were his hands found their way around my back and mine just held on to his shirt by his waist. The kiss came to a holt. I looked up at his blue/green eyes. He bit his lip and I fluttered my eyes, innocently. 

"Yeah. I'll walk." Michael grabbed my arm and shock his head.

"I'll drive you," he grabbed his car keys of the table and walked out the front door. There was a silence in the car, but it wasn't awkward, it felt comforting. 

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