The Savior

Ophelia Wilde is just an ordinary, unpopular and shy girl who daydreams about being famous for doing good and helping people. Everyone laughs at her and tells her to stop being immature. But when she makes a birthday wish to become a superhero, she wakes up in a whole other world where she has superpowers. She decides to use those powers for good and helping those in need. But her life is not quite as perfect as she imagined it to be and she realizes she should be careful what she wishes for.

Join Ophelia in her adventure and the danger that has yet to come.


2. Chapter 2- Ophelia

It was the day before Ophelia's 16th birthday. Ophelia didn't have friends to celebrate it with but that didn't stop her from being excited. The reason she liked her birthday so much was so she could wish for being a superhero. She had the same wish all her birthdays but nothing ever happened. Ophelia promised herself her 16th birthday would be the last one where she would wish for being a superhero. After that she would stop daydreaming and start living her life. Little did she know that was not possible. She tried before but she just couldn't stop daydreaming. It had become a part of her life. It was her life. 

         Ophelia woke up early in the morning even though she was a night owl. It was the day before her birthday, after all. She couldn't wake up late.  Ophelia got excited just thinking about all she had to do today. She loved planning and preparing things. Especially on her birthday. A day all about her. Ophelia got out of her thoughts and headed for the kitchen. She went there skipping.

"You're up early" Her mother said.

"Tomorrow's the day" Ophelia said, excitedly.

"Oh yeah, of course it is" Ophelia's mother said with a sigh. Ophelia's smile vanished when she heard her mother's sigh. While Ophelia loved her birthday, her mother hated it. Her mother was always busy and didn't even spend time with Ophelia, But on her birthday, she was forced to spend time with her and prepare everything.

"Here are your pancakes." Ophelia's mother told her.

"I'm not hungry anymore" Ophelia said as she headed to her room.



Three minutes. Three minutes to midnight. Three minutes to Ophelia's  16th birthday. Ophelia watched the clock tick. 11:58. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. 11:59. Tick-tock. 30 seconds. Ophelia closed her eyes and wished to be a superhero. She blew the candles just as the clock reached 12:00. As usual, nothing. Why did she think this would be different? It never is. Ophelia tried not to show her disappointment and began eating her cake. She then went to sleep



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