The Savior

Ophelia Wilde is just an ordinary, unpopular and shy girl who daydreams about being famous for doing good and helping people. Everyone laughs at her and tells her to stop being immature. But when she makes a birthday wish to become a superhero, she wakes up in a whole other world where she has superpowers. She decides to use those powers for good and helping those in need. But her life is not quite as perfect as she imagined it to be and she realizes she should be careful what she wishes for.

Join Ophelia in her adventure and the danger that has yet to come.


7. Author's note- New story

So I know no one's probably reading this note, but i felt like i had to say it. So I'm gonna post a new story (same story as this one, just edited.). I already posted it on my wattpad so I'll just copy and paste. I'm gonna post it soon, so please read that. It's much better than this one.



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